Review of Aimoto IQ 4G smart watch for children with GPS and voice assistant Marusya

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Review of Aimoto IQ smart watch for children with the ability to quickly communicate (messages, voice calls), track the child’s movements using GPS, a remote camera, and also with the built-in Marusya assistant. The application for managing from a smartphone is Aimoto Smart, there is a “family” access, trusted numbers, searching for a watch and a child with an address accuracy, as well as setting an allowed movement radius. Unlike a smartphone, a watch on your wrist is harder to forget. But it is more convenient to use the clock. It is possible to make a call from the watch itself, including a video call. A voice assistant and built-in games will not let your child get bored.


  • Watch Specifications
  • Equipment and appearance
  • OSD menus
  • Smartphone connection
  • Aimoto Smart app
  • Smart watch impressions
  • Conclusion and Conclusions

I am sure that many have heard about such smart watches with the ability to make a call to a child. Similar models have been sold for a long time, the principle of their operation is based on data transfer via a SIM card and Internet access. The application collects data on the location, statistics of the child’s movements, allows you to call him, and the child himself has the opportunity to call one of the trusted numbers. So, the Aimoto IQ smart watch for children is one of the most advanced models, equipped not only with 4G/LTE support, a camera, GPS, but also with a built-in Marusya voice assistant.

Watch Specifications

The characteristics of the model are presented below.

  • Model: Aimoto IQ
  • Type: children’s watch with GPS
  • Processor: Spreadtrum SC8541E
  • Memory: 1/8 GB
  • Display: 1.4″, IPS matrix, resolution 240 x 240 pixels
  • Interfaces: GPS, LTE/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Camera: Yes, with remote control
  • Battery: built-in 750mAh (3-4 days of battery life in normal mode)
  • Protection: IP65 (dust and splash proof)
  • Additional functions: flashlight, voice recording, masks, schedule, alarm clock, pedometer, camera, callback, SOS call, geo-fencing, video calls, voice messaging
  • Dimensions: 48 x 40 x 16 mm

Equipment and appearance

The watch is delivered in bright Aimoto branded packaging. This model will be a great gift for your own child, and the child of a loved one, colleague or friend. Unlike previous Aimoto models, the new product supports video calls, 4G / LTE access, and also has a built-in voice assistant.

The watch comes with everything you need to work — tweezers for installing a SIM card, a detailed user manual, and a magnetic cable for charging. The choice of SIM card and tariff remains with the user.

For watches, you can also use a regular SIM card (old, unnecessary), you just need to connect the appropriate tariff or select the option with a package for Internet access. Especially given the voice assistant, which requires constant online access. The assistant «Marusya» is emphasized both in the design of the package design and on the protective sticker of the display.

As for the display, the device uses a fairly large (especially compared to other models) 1.4″ IPS color screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The frames around the display are quite wide — on the bottom there is a large Aimoto logo, and on the top there is a modest camera eye for pictures and video calls.

The camera, by the way, has a resolution of only 0.3 megapixels. This is primarily due to the utilitarian purpose of the device — to quickly transfer a picture to determine the situation with the child. And also as a video call, so the HD format will be redundant here. On the side of the clock there is a flashlight that can be used to illuminate, for example, in the entrance, a large hardware button for navigation and a microphone.

Due to the fact that the SIM card tray is accessible from the outside, the watch does not have a high degree of protection against water or dirt. The IP65 level specification is declared, which actually protects against dust and splashes when washing hands.

The type of SIM card used is Nano-SIM. It is better to immediately choose a tariff with the appropriate option («children’s watch») or with an Internet package. It is convenient to install using the tweezers that comes with the watch.

The watch is neither big nor small. They will look good on a child’s hand. The body is rectangular, slightly elongated vertically. Case size is 48 x 40 mm with a thickness of 16 mm. The strap is soft, silicone, with a double clamp.

There are many holes on the strap, suitable for almost any size (children’s) hand. The buckle is metal chrome-plated, it will be convenient for the child to fasten the strap on their own.

For recharging, a magnetic USB charger is used. Magnets hold the connector firmly on the contacts. Full charge time is about 1.5 hours. As you can see, there are 5 pads for connecting to a computer at once, but the standard cable only allows you to charge.

Before turning on the watch for the first time, it is better to recharge, at least up to 70%. We turn on the clock and check the work. To access all functions, you will need to install and configure the appropriate application on your smartphone.

OSD menus

The Aimoto IQ 4G watch is really smart. There are many functions, ranging from the usual (daily planner and lesson schedule, alarm clock, etc.), communication functions (contact list, receiving and transmitting a voice call, video call, voice chat), ending with quite interesting (the ability to praise a child, educational and entertaining applications). The built-in assistant from Mail.Ru «Marusya» will help the child find out the answers to questions, entertain or reproduce poems / fairy tales. The voice assistant is called directly from the main screen and works through 3G / 4G access, which is very convenient.

Smartphone connection

Before starting work, it makes sense to study the user manual. The instruction is in Russian, the information is given in an accessible language, there are necessary links.

In the application, we go through registration, scan the QR code on the back of the watch or enter the code manually. The clock is connected and the main functions for remote control become available.

Aimoto Smart app

A few words about the application itself. To work with the watch, you will need to download Aimoto Smart from the App Store or Play Market. The Aimoto Smart app works with both iOS and Android smartphones.

As I said above, to connect the watch to the application, it is enough to scan the QR code on the back of the watch. Different watches have different numbers and codes. The main menu of the Aimoto Smart application is an easy-to-organize structure of tile buttons. At the bottom are auxiliary functions (find the clock, view events, alarm clock, activity monitoring). The video function is available separately, and an hour is also provided for exchanging voice messages. The largest button is a request for the location of a child with a watch.

Notebook allows you to save up to 100 numbers from which you can call the phone (trusted numbers). Before using the pedometer, you should enter the child’s parameters (for example, the average step length) for the correct collection of statistics.

The clock provides an organizer: a schedule of classes for the week, an alarm clock. It is possible to encourage the child — you send him «likes», which are counted and displayed on the watch display.

The images sent to the application upon request have a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. You need to understand that the child is not aware of the shooting, the watch is on his arm, the camera can be turned in any direction. The quality of the photos is average, but it allows you to roughly assess the situation (where and with whom the child is), as well as clarify some details (for example, numbers of cars, houses, etc.). After downloading, the photos become available in the corresponding section «Gallery» in the application.

In the geolocation menu, navigation is available on the map in map / satellite mode, indicating the hour mark and the user mark of the parent smartphone. The full address is indicated (town, street, house number, postal code), as well as the charge level of the watch. The history of clock movements is also available. It is possible to set geo-zones, upon exiting which you will receive an alert.

The most interesting thing is that the application allows you to connect and configure not only Aimoto watches, but also similar ones. All my Chinese watches from Aliexpress were connected and tracked in the application. If several watches are connected to the application at the same time, you can set different “names” for them.

Smart watch impressions

With such a watch, you can always remotely track whether the child has come home from school. Or promptly call him from friends home for dinner. Unlike a smartphone, which is easy to forget or lose, smart watches are always on hand. Even the charge level of the gadget and the current state of the child (sleeping / walking, how many steps have been taken, etc.) are transmitted to the application.

The built-in 750mAh battery provides a full 3-4 days of battery life (in normal mode). The operating time is highly dependent on the intensity of use of the voice assistant, video calls, etc.

On the watch itself, you can view pictures and photos, listen to audio, even have the ability to connect to Bluetooth devices, such as an external speaker.

There is also a built-in flashlight. Quite simple — an LED with a lens. But such a flashlight can come in handy.

Conclusion and Conclusions

Children’s smart watches with GPS are designed to communicate with the child in cases where it is not possible to give him or take a smartphone with him. While the child is in kindergarten, school or just walking on the street, you can call him, send a message or see what’s going on. The Aimoto app shows your location up to the address. It is convenient for a child to use the watch itself — you can configure the location of the menus themselves, enter trusted numbers and show how to independently make voice or video calls if necessary. Aimoto IQ 4G children’s smart watch can be purchased at Svyaznoy, OZON, DNS and other stores. The Aimoto Smart app is quite convenient and functional for a watch of this kind. This model will be really convenient for both parents and children themselves. The watch is available in two colors (black/pink). Take it or not — you decide. Personally, I found the watch to be comfortable.

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