Today we will look at a massive smart watch from the manufacturer Cubot — N1.



Despite the fact that the watch is large, it is quite light.

The case is plastic, due to which the watch is light in weight.

The thickness of the case is 14mm, the diameter of the watch is slightly less than 5cm.

The thickness of the strap at the junction with the watch is 2.4cm.

On the right are two physical buttons: the first is responsible for turning on / off the screen and clock and returning to the dial, and the second activates the display, opens the menu with sports modes (if pressed from the dial) and returns to the previous menu.

The watch is 5ATM protected (you can wash, swim and dive in it).

There are 4 levels of brightness, the maximum brightness is enough even in direct sunlight.

Comparison with Xiaomi Mi Band 6 in direct sunlight:

When idle, the screen remains active for 5, 10 or 15 seconds (configurable in the application).

The speed of display activation when raising your hand is relatively fast (comparison with Xiaomi Mi Band 6 can be seen in the video review, starting at 2:40).

You can choose the language of the menu on the watch at your discretion (there is English, Russian and many others, Ukrainian is missing).

The clock control is simple and almost identical to similar models from other manufacturers.

Swipe down to open the main menu:
— «no notification» mode;
— opening settings;
— smartphone search function (when searching for a smartphone, a ringtone plays on it for 20 seconds or until something is pressed);
— information about the clock;
— backlight adjustment.

It also displays the battery level in a graphical ratio, the date, month and day of the week, as well as the connection status to the smartphone. Unfortunately, the battery charge is not displayed as a percentage.

Swipe up opens access to notifications from your smartphone. The watch stores the last 8 notifications.

Swipes left and right scroll through the following menus (from right to left):
— physical activity data (steps, mileage and calories burned);
— measurement of the pulse;
— measuring the level of oxygen in the blood;
— information about sleep;
— weather;
— music management;
— menu (list) with all the above items + stopwatch, access to sports modes, settings and notifications.

The watch has 13 sports modes. It is also possible to start the sport mode in the application on a smartphone with a recording of the GPS trajectory of walking / driving (using the GPS of the smartphone).

Photo of watch menus:

You can control music from the watch: switch tracks, pause / continue playback. You can not control the volume, the name of the tracks on the clock is not displayed.

During a call, the watch displays the name / number of the caller and emits 10 long vibrations. You can either reject the call or remove the notification and vibration of the clock.

During a notification, the watch vibrates once and displays the beginning of the notification text (emoticons are not displayed).

The watch can store 5 watch faces in memory, at the moment there are 59 watch faces to choose from in the application.

When the alarm goes off, the watch vibrates 10 times. You can set up to three alarms in the app.

The pedometer works quite accurately, on average, the error is about 3 steps out of 100.

Judge for yourself the accuracy of the remaining sensors — I just give a comparison with other devices:


The application language depends on which one is set as the system language on the smartphone (but if the system language is Ukrainian, the application will be in English).

Synchronization with the clock is instantaneous.

In the application, you can view detailed statistics of measurements (pulse, SpO2) and sports activity.

It is possible to start a sport mode with a record of the GPS trajectory of walking / driving.

When searching for the watch through the app, it vibrates twice.

It is possible to enable regular automatic monitoring of heart rate and SpO2.

Application screenshots:


One battery charge lasts up to 25 days with normal use. If you turn off all measurements and synchronization with a smartphone (that is, use it purely as a watch with a pedometer), the watch can work up to 60 days.

You cannot use the watch while charging.

It keeps well on charging, if you don’t get too scared, they won’t fall off.

Here’s how the watch looks on the hand:

Video review:


• high-quality display;
• great autonomy;
• many dials;
• large, but light;

! battery level is not displayed as a percentage.

You can buy here:

• AliExpress
• Official website of the manufacturer


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