Today we will look at smart watches from the manufacturer Cubot — W03 and in some aspects compare them with Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

This brand specializes in the production of smartphones and smart watches.



The watch is available in three colors:

The instruction is multilingual, but the Russian language is «clumsy».

The body is made of aluminum alloy, the back is made of plastic.

Case thickness — 11 mm.

On the right is the only physical button that is responsible for turning the screen and clock on / off, as well as returning to the previous menu (this can also be done using the touchscreen).

Silicone strap, soft and pleasant to the touch. Its width is 20 mm and, if necessary, it can be easily replaced.

The watch is IP68 water-resistant (full protection against dust, protection when completely immersed in water to a depth of more than 1 m).

The screen is good, the sensor is sensitive. There are 4 brightness modes, the maximum brightness is medium.

Comparison with Mi Band 6 in direct sunlight:

When idle, the screen remains active for 5, 10, or 15 seconds (selected in the application).

It is possible to configure at what time the activation of the display when raising your hand will be disabled (for example, so that during sleep the display is not activated when you move your hands).

The menu language on the watch depends on which language is set as the system language on the smartphone (but if the system language is Ukrainian, the watch menu will be in English). In general, the Russian translation is understandable, only in some places it is “crooked”.

The clock control is simple and almost identical to similar models from other manufacturers.

  • Swipe down to open the main menu:
    — enable / disable the «no notifications» mode;
    — access to settings;
    — “smartphone search” function (smartphone continuously vibrates and plays a melody for 20 seconds);
    — device info;
    — Adjust the brightness of the display.
    It also displays the battery level in a graphical ratio, the status of the connection to the smartphone and the time.
  • Swipe up opens access to notifications from a smartphone (the last 8 notifications are displayed).
  • Swipe to the right opens access to the menu, which contains the following items:
    — physical activity data (steps, mileage and calories burned);
    — physical activity modes (walking, running, cycling, climbing, yoga, treadmill, basketball, football, ping-pong and badminton), these modes monitor activity time, calories burned, heart rate, steps or mileage (what exactly is monitored depends on the type of physical activity).
    — recent notifications from your smartphone;
    — measurement of the pulse;
    — pressure measurement;
    — measuring the level of oxygen in the blood;
    — sleep data
    — music control (switching tracks, pause / resume playback; track names are not displayed, — you can see how this function works in the video review, starting at 1:37);
    — weather;
    — information about alarm clocks;
    — stopwatch;
    — timer;
    — Smartphone search function;
    — settings.
  • Swipes to the left scroll through the following items:
    — data on physical activity;
    — measurement of the pulse;
    — sleep data
    — the weather.

During an incoming call, the watch vibrates 10 times. When you press the red button on the screen, the clock stops vibrating, but the call does not drop off. When you press the physical button, the call notification on the watch disappears, but the call on the smartphone does not stop. That is, you can neither reject the call nor answer (although the application has the function of rejecting a call by pressing a button).

The watch can display notification text/messages from any apps on the smartphone. When a notification is received, the watch vibrates once.

Vibration is normal and feels good.

The accuracy of the pedometer is average, I took measurements 9 times, on average I got 108 steps out of 100.

Judge for yourself the accuracy of the remaining sensors — I just give a comparison with other devices:

Comparison with OMRON M8 RC blood pressure monitor:

Comparison with Xiaomi Mi Band 6:

Comparison with Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and 2:

The speed of display activation when raising your hand is far from the fastest. Comparison with Mi Band 2 and 6, see the video review, starting at 2:21.


The watch is set up and controlled in the GloryFit app. The application language depends on the system language of the smartphone (but if the system language is Ukrainian, the application language will be English).

Synchronization with the clock is instantaneous.

The application has 18 watch faces with the ability to edit and create your own.

You can set up to three alarms. When the alarm goes off, the watch vibrates 10 times for a long time (if you do not turn it off yourself) and shows the time.

Also in the application, you can view detailed statistics of measurements (pressure, pulse, etc.) and sports activity.

It is possible to start a sport mode with a record of the GPS trajectory of walking / driving.

When searching for the watch through the app, it vibrates five times.

It is possible to enable regular automatic heart rate monitoring.

Application screenshots:


The watch lasts about 5 days in active use (with constant connection to a smartphone, maximum brightness, frequent screen activation and notifications) and up to 15 days in standby mode. With active regular automatic heart rate measurement and active use of the watch, the battery lasts for 3-4 days.

It takes 1 hour 40 minutes to fully charge. The watch keeps well on charging, but if you shake it, it will fall off.

The watch sits comfortably on the hand and is almost not felt.

Video review:


+ nice design;
+ light weight and comfortable fit on the hand;
+ many dials and the possibility of their customization;

— average autonomy;
— you can not reject / receive incoming calls.

Watches can be purchased here:
• Official website of the manufacturer
• AliExpress


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