Today there will be a review of watches that have been used for about six months. I have already talked about the budget watch Blitzwolf, which can be bought as a budget analogue of the famous watch Honor GS pro. Let’s consider another analogue, with the difference that they, like GS pro, can receive a call via Bluetooth. Smawatch M5 watches have a similar appearance, similar functionality, but obviously lower cost and there are certain disadvantages. From the title photo of the review, you can immediately understand which minus is the most impressive)

The only significant advantage of this watch is the presence of a dialer and the price, which can be seen below.

Get to know the price


  • Body material: PC, fiberglass and alloy
  • Band material: liquid silicone
  • Screen size: 1.3 inch IPS full touch screen
  • Resolution: 240*240dpi
  • Built-in battery: Li-ion polymer 360 mAh
  • Working time: 2-3 days
  • Chipset: MTK2503A-ARM7
  • Memory (ROM + Flash): 128MB + 64MB
  • Waterproof: IP67


  1. Built-in GPS for sports training. You need a smartphone to view the track
  2. Bluetooth Call
  3. Several types of workouts
  4. Continuous heart rate monitoring
  5. Fake blood pressure monitoring
  6. Notifications for incoming calls and messages in apps
  7. Built-in breathing trainer
  8. Automatic sleep monitoring.
  9. Waterproof IP67
  10. 10 built-in watch faces + 35 downloadable from the application
  11. Gesture activation

Packaging and equipment

The watch comes in a bright box with a color print, where the watch itself is drawn.
Benefits are painted on the sides of the box
At the back, the characteristics of the watch are painted in stages
Inside the black package there is also a white cardboard box with color prints.

Includes instruction manual and charging cable. The clock itself sits tightly in cardboard niches.


The design of the watch is not original. Round black metal bezel with painted white numerals around the perimeter.
Plastic strap mounts accept standard 22mm straps
Included is a silicone strap, signed as a premium design, has studs with locks for quick replacement. There is also a metal watch buckle and two fixing silicone rings.
At the back, the watch has a group of sensors and contacts for charging. The rear plastic cover is held on by screws.
there are two microphone holes on the back side of the buttons
The buttons are plastic, slightly protected by plastic protrusions
From this angle you can see the actual diameter of the display


The watch out of the box has 10 dials. They are all good and different in their own way. Plus 35 more pieces can be downloaded from the application. But after Honor this, of course, is not enough. Swipe from top to bottom, as expected, a menu appears with quick access to important functions. Here you can adjust the brightness, turn off-turn on vibration, see alarms, adjust the volume, turn on the do not disturb mode.

By swiping from left to right, a menu opens that can be scrolled through with finger movements across the screen.

The settings are Russified, in general, the translation is not bad. Blitzwolf had a much clumsier translation.

From the additional functionality, we can use heart rate monitoring, compass, altitude meter and barometer

Another very nice moment that was borrowed from Honor GS pro is breathing exercises. We select the timer as far as classes, wait for the countdown 3-2-1 and inhale at the inscription «breathing» and exhale at the command «Expiration»

The main feature of this watch is making calls from the watch via Bluettoth. Of course, you need a connection with a smartphone. Many will say why this is a function, but when the hands are constantly busy with some business (especially if it is dirty), and a person does not accept headsets, the watch helps out a lot in this matter. There are no special complaints on the caller. It is possible to view the list of calls, call a person from the contact list from a smartphone, dial a number from memory. The speaker and microphone are quite good.

Well, they look normal on the hand, they are thicker than the usual fitness bracelets, for example, next to Honor 5

Of the additional functions, there is also a smartphone player control, and sports modes.

Still interesting are the weather modes and an adequate calendar.

The watch works with the GloryFit app. The application does not stand out in general, with the exception that in it you can select specifically those applications from the list of all installed ones that will send notifications to the watch.

Consider the features of operation.

The watch has a normal display in terms of brightness, it, of course, goes out in the sun, but in general it does not bother you at this moment.

It is very annoying that the display is not on the entire dial, but has a frame, which gives out a rootless Chinese.

Sensor response is good, no complaints

Vibration is a bit weak, and it is not customizable, as it was done in Amazfit

There were no disconnections, but they do not have a signal about the loss of communication with the smart.

In terms of dialing, there are no complaints. The function is performed.

For half a year, the watch was tested by shower. This did not affect their health, moisture protection is available. Haven’t been to the pool.

Battery well … no. Barely enough for 3 days. And then, if full days, then for 2.

Therefore, you will often see such a picture, so I decided that this photo is worthy of the title place of the review)

In general, the conclusions about the watch are not the most positive, it seems that there are no special jambs, but they do not cause joy. Crooked fonts, not very good software, weak battery, budget display… All this is not encouraging. Steps and heart rate are measured similarly to GS pro. Sleep tracking is conditional, Honor has an order of magnitude better. I can’t recommend buying it, but you’ll have to add a lot to the cost to buy a GS pro, so you can buy it as a budget option, but you don’t need to.


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