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Today I present to your attention a review of the smart bracelet Teclast H30. The model has a screen for displaying basic information, a touch button for working with a bracelet without a smartphone, and is also equipped with a heart rate sensor.

The bracelet has the following characteristics:
CPU: yes 14580
Bluetooth: V4.0
Display: 0.86 inch OLED 96*32 pixels
Battery: 55 mAh Li-ion polymer
Working time: about 7 days
Supported OS: Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 and above

— Activate the screen when lifting / turning the wrist
— notification of a call, SMS, QQ, Wechat messages
— time display and alarm clock
— pedometer, distance traveled and calories burned
— sleep monitoring
— heart rate check
— a reminder to warm up during long work in a sitting position

The bracelet arrived in a small black box:

The set is minimal: capsule, strap, instructions.

The main module is shaped like a capsule with a glossy black surface on the front that covers the screen. There is also one touch button to work with the bracelet.

The back side is made of matte plastic. Here we see the heart rate sensor and the name of the model.

On one of the ends there is a microUSB port for charging the bracelet.

And in the strap on both sides there are special recesses into which this port “sits down”.

This is how the bracelet and clasp are arranged.

By the way, the bracelet does not have a waterproof standard, but the manufacturer defines the level as “Life waterproof”, that is, when the capsule is in the bracelet, you can wash your hands or are in a little rain.

Module dimensions: 44*16*12 mm.
Bracelet: 226*14mm.
Weight: 17 g.

This is what the module looks like in the bracelet.

And a photo on my arm.

The circumference of the wrist is about 15 cm, the bracelet fastens with the third hole. There are still 5 holes left. So the bracelet will fit both a smaller child’s and a woman’s or average man’s hand, but it may be small for large people.

Display and information display.
The device, like many others like it, has a rectangular OLED display with information displayed in blue. Due to the peculiarities of the technology, there may be problems reading information from such a display in direct sunlight, but this is a “disease” of all OLED displays.
When you turn on the device, the first screen displays the time, charge level, and icons for whether or not a Bluetooth connection is connected.
A short press on the touch button switches “screens” in the following order: date and day of the week, number of steps taken per day, calories burned, distance traveled, total sleep time for the past day, activation of smartphone search, display of information about the bracelet and measurement of heart rate.

A long press on the touch button does nothing. To reset or turn on the bracelet when the battery is completely dead, you need to connect it to a power source, and you can turn it off through the application.
Such a decision may not always seem convenient. But, for example, I came across models of bracelets, in which a long press on the touch button entered the menu from which it was possible to turn off the bracelet with one more press. That is, the bracelet could turn off during sleep, when you pressed your hand against your body. This won’t happen here.

When a call arrives on the smartphone, the module vibrates and displays the name of the contact, if the subscriber is in your phone book, and below the number. If an SMS or, for example, Skype message arrives on the smartphone, the module also vibrates, displays the letter icon, contact name and text. But, unfortunately, the bracelet does not currently support Cyrillic, which may be added in future firmware.

Smartphone application.
First of all, you need to scan the QR code from the instructions and install the Tsports application from the link. It is not yet available on the Play Store. Application interface in English.

To send notifications, the application remains running in the background. If you turn off the application, the bracelet will be able to record your data in this mode, but you will not receive notifications from your smartphone.
In the application, you can log in or skip this step, going directly to work.

You can establish a connection with the bracelet from the “Binding equipment” menu.

The home screen briefly displays all the collected information.

On the next screen, you can view sleep data.

You can start the heart rate measurement process from the application and monitor the current value in the application.

And you can start the heart rate measurement manually directly from the bracelet by simply scrolling through the “screens” to the corresponding one with a heart icon.

You can also set automatic heart rate measurement every hour and then view the data in the table through the application.

In the settings, you can set the threshold value, above which the bracelet will notify you with vibration.

On the last screen, you can change the settings of the application and the bracelet.
You can change your personal details, set a daily step goal, choose which apps to receive message notifications from, turn off vibration or turn on the screen when you turn your hand manually, or set a preset “silent” time when the bracelet will not send notifications, vibrate and respond to hand movements.

Here you can also enter your parameters, set a warm-up reminder and alarm clocks, check and install the application and firmware updates for the module.

Working hours.
The module is charged using a conventional microUSB cable from the memory or USB port of the computer. Charging takes about an hour.
The manufacturer promises up to 30 days of standby time, but this is without Bluetooth enabled and without heart rate measurement. In the mode of receiving infrequent notifications with automatic hourly heart rate measurement set, my bracelet worked for a little more than 4 days. Everything will depend on your activity and the frequency of notifications and heart rate measurements coming from your smartphone.

In general, the bracelet proved to be quite good at work and can be useful both for people who, like me, for the most part, only need the functionality of notifications about calls and messages (well, maybe even an alarm clock), and for people who monitor their health, keep track of calories, and also want to monitor their heart rate.

You can find out the current price and buy a bracelet in the store www.geekbuying.com.

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