I learned about the benefits of such heaters a few years ago during winter fishing, and since then several pieces have appeared in my house, of which one is the “correct” catalytic and two “hipster” rechargeable ones, today I’ll tell you about the cutest of them

Almost all the inscriptions on the box are in Chinese, but you can make out the characteristics. Declared capacity 10000mAh, USB output 5A 2A, heating power 10W, case size 102x71x33mm, timer from 2 to 6 hours, as well as device compliance with GB 4706.99-2009 and GB / T 35590-72-2017 standards

Inside was another case, the two halves of which are fastened with a rubber loop

The heating pad is placed in a plastic podium, under which a storage and carrying bag, a charging cable and instructions were hidden. The heating pad itself looks like a film camera, it looks nice, connoisseurs of photographic equipment should like it

With the design of the latter, they got confused and placed the drawing on the entire reverse side

The body of the heater with a soft touch coating, in the upper part, under the plug, there is a micro USB connector for charging and a USB output for charging other gadgets. Characteristics applied on the back

The control button, display and decorative elements are located on the front side. To check the remaining battery level, just press the button once

To start heating, you need to hold the button until the current temperature setting is displayed on the screen, which is changed by a short press of the button, there are three values ​​in total: 37, 45 or 52℃. In the first seconds, the thermal spot of the rear is uneven, but levels out fairly quickly

It is also possible to set the timer by long pressing the button, to choose from 2, 4 or 6 hours. For the test, I chose the maximum possible value of 52 ℃, the internal sensor notified about its achievement after 5 minutes

According to the thermal imager, I was one minute late, but this is normal, because the outside is plastic, and its thermal conductivity is not the best. Thermal stabilization worked at 54℃, so there should be no overheating both outside and inside

The decorative lens warms up worse than the body around it, but over time the temperature rose to 45 degrees. After turning off the heating at room temperature, the case cooled down in 6 minutes

I also checked the USB output, it can deliver up to 2.5A without a critical drawdown, at 2.8A the protection is triggered

I figured that with a power of 10W, a 37Wh battery should last for 5-6 hours, but in 11 hours it did not sit down. It turned out that maintaining the set temperature in room conditions does not require much energy; outdoors at sub-zero temperatures, autonomy will noticeably decrease. On the other hand, heating pads are usually hidden under clothing, so 10 hours at 45℃ can be expected.

The charge goes with a current of 1.5A, so the process is also not fast, as a result, about 8500mAh was flooded at a voltage of 5V or 43Wh, which is slightly more than stated, but the excess can be attributed to conversion losses

I didn’t pick the case, but on the store page there is a render with the insides, it looks plausible. The frame is double, the electronics with the battery are sealed in the center, and the heating elements are located on the outer plates


I think many people used catalytic gasoline heaters, they are quite popular with fishermen, hunters and tourists. The electric one has a maximum temperature of about 10 degrees lower for safety reasons, but it does not smell of gasoline, there are no problems with ignition in the cold and it is possible to charge other devices that are equally important in field conditions, such as a mobile phone, flashlight, etc.

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