Review of the BQ 6430L Aurora smartphone: a worthy budget employee with NFC payment, FHD screen and Quad camera

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Compact, convenient, affordable smartphone BQ 6430L AURORA is the most affordable contactless payment (NFC) smartphone with a FullHD+ display. The 20 MP front camera allows you to take good selfies, and the rear Quad-camera can boast of other budget models. For its cost (about 9-10 tr) — this is one of the most profitable smartphones, taking into account the «stuffing». See the review for details.

Smartphone BQ 6430L AURORA NFC

Article on the choice of current models

We tested a fresh model of an inexpensive smartphone with contactless payment — an interesting BQ 6430L AURORA in a black stylish case, with an impressive rear camera for 4 sensors. A detailed description can be found on the official BQ website, the smartphone is sold in Ozon, Citylink and other stores. You can also view the product card on Yandex.Market.


Brand: BQ
Model: 6430L AURORA
Type: budget smartphone
Processor: MTK Helio P60
Video subsystem: Mali-G72 MP3
Screen: 6.4″ (16.5cm) IPS FHD+ 2310×1080 pixels
Memory: 4/64GB
Camera: triple rear camera 16 MP F/1.80, 2 MP F/2.40, 0.3 + 0.3 MP F/2.40, autofocus
Front camera: 20 MP (cut-out at the top of the screen, left in the corner)
Charging: USB-C
Battery: 4000 mA
Slot: Two nano SIM slots, MicroSD combo slot (up to 128GB)
Wireless interfaces: 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, GLONASS/GPS.
Fingerprint Scanner: Yes
Face Recognition: Yes
Headphone Jack: No
Features: NFC contactless payment module
Apt-X Support: No
Operating time: in standby mode up to 720 hours, in talk mode up to 21 hours, in active (games, video) mode up to 11-12 hours
OS: Android 10 Global Version Support OTA Update
Dimensions: 76 x 157 x 8.9 mm
Weight: 179 g.

Supplied smartphone BQ 6430L AURORA branded packaging in a simple design. The main functions and characteristics are listed, as well as information about the manufacturer.

The package includes: smartphone BQ 6430L AURORA directly, warranty card and instruction manual, USB charger and cable for recharging and synchronization (USB-C), a tool for removing the SIM card. The electronic version of the manual for this smartphone.

The warranty for the device is 1 year from the date of purchase. An interesting point, the guarantee is electronic and is issued through the EGuarantee application. See the warranty card for details. Instruction manual in Russian, with a detailed description of the smartphone, its functions, characteristics and examples of basic troubleshooting. Charging cable type USB-C, suitable for connecting to a computer (the smartphone is seen as a drive). The mains charger is simple, 5V/2A, with USB output.

The smartphone looks quite in line with modern trends: narrow bezels around the screen, a neat front camera cutout in the corner. The system has already pre-installed the necessary and required applications for the region (Government services, Mir Pay payment, etc.), as well as a number of services.

On the back of the smartphone there is a large logo of the manufacturer «BQ» in the center. Below is the inscription «Aurora». The size of the smartphone is about 157 mm by 76 mm, with a thickness of almost 9 mm. Average weight — about 180 g. Felt in the hand, but not heavy.

One of the strongest advantages of this model is the presence of a contactless payment module. It is enough to link a real or virtual payment card, and with the help of this smartphone it will be fashionable to pay for purchases in stores. Very, very convenient.

The body of the smartphone is plastic, with rounded edges. Pleasant enough to the touch, but the glossy finish noticeably loses in the fight against fingerprints. The best solution would be to dress up this smartphone in a protective case.

The block camera is shifted to the side, and is a combination of four photo sensors, a flash and a fingerprint sensor. This is a fairly fresh design, in the spirit of the flagship Galaxy. Yes, and it looks good.

In the BQ 6430L model, the manufacturer decided to move away from the usual 3.5 mm output for wired headphones. You can use a headset with a USB-C connector or bluetooth headphones. The smartphone is charged via USB-C, the cable is included.

On the right side there is a power button, as well as a dual volume button.

On the left side there is a single slot for sim cards. Protection against dust and moisture is not declared.

Using the tool, extract the sim tray. The tray is a dual holder for two Nano-sized SIM cards, or for one SIM card and a MicroSD memory card. Please note that cards up to 128 GB are officially supported.

When turned on, the BQ start logo is striking, as well as the red and black theme of the main screen. There are already pre-installed mandatory applications, services.

There are no add-ons or shells, we have a “bare” Android 10 in front of us. The familiar curtain makes it possible to call the desired setting or activate a function. I am also attaching a screenshot of the «About phone» menu.

The smartphone turns on immediately with the Russian language in the menu, which is very convenient. Also, during the initial setup, it is proposed to transfer data from the old device. The smartphone works with OTG drives without any problems.

To activate contactless payment, select «NFC» in the connection menu, then check the correctness of the selected application: G-Pay, SberPay, YuMoney, Mir Pay, etc.

Screenshots of CPU-Z.

Screenshots of AIDA64.

Screenshots of Device Info HW.

Reports of test packages and benchmarks.
The result Antutu produced a modest 168979 units. Quite expected from a state employee on the MTK Helio P60.
PC Mark Benchmark result 6572 units.
Geekbench result: 297/1243 units.
3DMark result (WL) 601, (SSE) 1145.

There are no problems with satellites — it catches a lot and quickly. It will perfectly cope with the function of the navigator in the car. Multitouch for honest 10 touches. The smartphone is equipped with a built-in 4000 mAh battery, which provides about a day of work in mixed mode. With active use, recharging may be needed after 9-10 hours.

But the front camera is quite good. A high-quality 20 MP sensor from Samsung (S5K3t1sp f/2.4) is used. With the help of this sensor, the function of unlocking the smartphone by FaceID is implemented. Various photo enhancement algorithms (HDR, AI) are also available.

With the rear camera, not everything is so simple. Collected sensors in a single unit. The main camera sensor is the Omnivision OV16880 — a 16-megapixel camera with a resolution of 4672 × 3504 pixels (f / 1.6). Additionally, GalaxyCore GC8034 (8 MP) and GalaxyCore GC2385 2.0 MP sensors are installed as a scene depth sensor and a macro camera.

The camera app is simple at first glance, but quite a lot of settings are hidden in the «More» and «Options» menus.

I will select the “Pro” mode, a separate “Macro” mode. The «Macro» mode allows you to take photos with a large increase, but the camera must be as close as possible to the subject (2-3 cm). The «Pro» mode allows you to «play» with the manual settings of the shooting process. Various filters are also available.

Removes smartphone BQ on the «four plus». For a budget employee, it’s fine. You can compare with similar photos of an inexpensive smartphone Realme C3 or Xiaomi Redmi 9A. And draw your own conclusions.

BQ has a camera with an honest resolution of 16 megapixels, without interpolation. The picture is transmitted clearly, the color reproduction is natural.

In daylight, the smartphone performs pretty well. In low light or when shooting at night, photos will be noisy and you are unlikely to be satisfied with the quality of the pictures.

However, in cloudy weather, the result will be good.

One of the art objects of the Tula Kremlin Square.

An example of a snapshot from the front camera. In my opinion, the front camera does a much better job, even compared to the rear camera. Here is the account.

Here are the properties of the photo files.
Photo file properties.
From the main camera 4640 x 3472 pixels (16 MP).
In selfie mode — 5184 x 3888 pixels (20 MP).

The smartphone proved to be quite good as a daily dialer. Video content on a high resolution screen is a pleasure to watch. The smartphone proved to be excellent as a Yotube video player.
Well, let’s try it in games. The general impression is that the smartphone pulls, but there are not enough stars from the sky.
An example is the game Asphalt.
Playable, the sensor is responsive, in principle, suitable to kill extra time.

WoT Blitz game. It is also quite playable, but I do not recommend setting the maximum settings, you should also disable additional effects — they will only interfere.

The smartphone also supports OTG devices and drives. As a matter of fact, all materials for the review were copied using the active hub from Ugreen. The copying speed is high, it turned out quickly enough. Don’t forget to safely eject devices when you’re done (via the menu).

As usual, for the purpose of visual comparison with other models, I attach smartphones available from previous reviews. Let me start with the latest POCO F3. Xiaomi, like its sister company POCO, is gradually moving away from the use of a Galaxy-style square camera design, and is using a new option for placing cameras and additional sensors in the form of large lenses.

But BQ has an interesting «chip» — the placement of a fingerprint scanner right in a single unit with a camera. It looks very futuristic, and quite a convenient solution. In general, the IPS screen of the BQ looks good, the resolution is acceptable FHD + 2310 × 1080 pixels.

Another popular model, this time a budget employee from Xiaomi, is the Redmi Note 10. The smartphone continues the design of the previous model (POCO), but is made of cheaper materials (plastic back cover).

Xiaomi traditionally uses the MIUI shell, which still needs to get used to. And BQ has Android 10 without add-ons. I will also note the pre-installed and localized programs in the system. Another qualitative difference: Redmi Note 10 lacks NFC, while BQ has an NFC contactless payment module. And this is already a tangible criterion when choosing.

This model looks good paired with the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 smart bracelet. The only thing I note is the presence of the Bluetooth 4.2 module, and not the usual 5.0, which can potentially impose restrictions on compatible gadgets.

There is simply nowhere to connect wired headphones with 3.5 mm to a smartphone. But you can use a special USB-DAC adapter, which at the same time improves the sound quality. In any case, you can pick up comfortable wireless headphones. I note that the FM radio only works when a headset is connected, because the wire is used as a receiving antenna.

So, the BQ 6430L AURORA model is decent, but ambiguous.
Strengths of this smartphone:
+ low price;
+ excellent FHD + screen;
+ cameras 16 MP rear and 20 MP front;
+ the presence of the NFC module;
+ well catches 4G network;
+ bare android without add-ons.

I note that state employees are extremely rarely equipped with an NFC contactless payment module, and smartphones with good cameras are practically not found in this price category. And the BQ 6430L can boast a good 20 MP front camera from Samsung, as well as a decent 16 MP rear camera from Omnivision. The screen in this model has a resolution of 2310 × 1080 FHD + pixels, which makes watching videos very, very comfortable. If you do not need more, then this model may well be a good choice. Also with NFC!

You can find other reviews and tests of smartphones, tools and gadgets in my profile and on the links below.
Thank you for your attention!


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