It is quite difficult to meet a person who does not use at least an ordinary watch. But gadgets with smart functions have become widespread. The only thing that repelled was the quality of the screen, since it is of poor quality on the bulk. Mibro Lite from the Xiaomi ecosystem received a high-quality Amoled screen and a stylish round body of small thickness, so the gadget will be relevant for both men and women.


  • Specifications
  • Packaging and equipment
  • Appearance
  • Software
  • Impression
  • Model: mibro lite (XPAW004);
  • moisture protection: IP68;
  • Dimensions: 43/9.8 mm (diameter/thickness);
  • Strap dimensions: 20/245 mm (width/length);
  • Weight: 48g (with strap);
  • Materials: Metal + Plastic + Silicone;
  • Screen: 1.3 inch Amoled;
  • Duration of work: 8 days with active use, 10 days with daily use;
  • Bluetooth: V5.0;
  • Application: Mibro Fit;
  • Support: Android 5.0 and above, IOS 10.0 and above.
Packaging and equipment

A box in white tones with a glossy image of the device and a mention of the characteristics and main features. The box has always been the face of the product and here it really attracts attention and encourages you to see what’s inside.

For safety from damage during transportation, they are additionally laid in a foam retaining material.

The package includes the watch itself, a magnetic platform with a wire for charging, the required number of instructions. In the instructions, you should use the QR code to install software for more in-depth settings of the gadget.

Magnetic platform with fairly good holding properties, so even when suspended, the watch is held with straps. When connecting, it will not work to reverse the polarity, they simply will not catch on the case. The contacts on the magnetic pad are quite widely spaced apart, as I have always had concerns about accidental magnetization of metal objects and a short circuit. In this case, it’s almost impossible here. On the back side of the charger is the manufacturer’s logo.


Mibro lite is a classic among watches, characterized by a round case and a standard strap, including the width. The variety of straps is worth mentioning right away, since you can buy additional ones or replace them with those that you like, since the strap width is again standard and is 20 mm. In this case, hypoallergenic silicone straps with a large range of adjustment are installed. The metal buckle is painted in black matte color and almost does not stand out from the general contrast, and on the case there is a marking of the Mibro manufacturer.

The watch case is quite thin, less than 10 mm, and for the most part it is a protruding base that houses the sensors and is a platform for the charging cradle. Inside there are 3 windows with installed sensors, which are highlighted in green during measurements.

On the right side is the only physical control button responsible for returning home or activating the screen. In addition, through the same button, you can access sports functions and view fitness workouts. The button protrudes slightly from the case, but despite this, it performs its functions perfectly. The amoled screen covers glass with an oleophobic coating and rounded edges. Looks pretty cool and is less prone to snags on clothing.

The starting dial contains as much as possible up-to-date information and is not very blurry. There are initially 5 sewn into the watch, but they can be increased through the proprietary software installed on the smartphone. And there are a huge number of them by the standards of other manufacturers.

The main control is carried out through the screen swipes in various directions. But there are also the main ones that are found in previous models of the manufacturer. For example, from the bottom up, it opens access to notifications that are configured in depth in a proprietary application.

Quick and more advanced settings can be accessed by sliding the screen from top to bottom. Here you can configure to make standard settings for the screen, brightness and night mode, but also access a more in-depth settings menu or even lock the screen from accidental actions. I have not seen this menu item before, and only now it becomes clear about the importance of this blocking.

Swipe from left to right will open the readings of the sensors recorded for the whole day. Everything is located on one page for clarity and in addition, again, a link to the settings.

A swipe to the left gives you access to heart rate, weather and other features that can be added or swapped depending on the importance of their use, or simply hidden from view. A necessary feature that I have not seen before in watches.

Change of skins is carried out by a long hold on the desktop. There are many skins, including on various topics.


The software is installed using the QR code from the instructions from the play store. After the standard registration and activation of the account, 3 windows are available: a quick view of the readings taken from the sensors, connecting and configuring the clock and setting up the application and entering user data.

A quick view means evaluating all the readings and those displayed on the screen in separate tiles for a better understanding of the results. An unusual decision, given that you can additionally go into each and view hourly and daily measurements.

In the second window, in addition to connecting the clock itself, in-depth settings are made. In addition, after identifying the device, an updated firmware appeared. In the settings, you can set notifications, alarms, work time and lock screens, and much more. The only thing that was disappointing was the grammatical errors that came across in the localization as in the application, but not significant ones.

In the third window, you will have to enter your data: height, weight and age. This is the standard data for smart watches. In addition, for a better understanding of the watch itself or the settings, you can open the online version of the instructions, including in Russian.


Smart watch Mibro Lite is a good solution for lovers of the classics among watches, but with the addition of a high-quality Amoled display and functions available on fitness bracelets. A large number of desktop windows, including those with the ability to create your own skin, diversify the gadget. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has made its main direction towards the Amoled screen with high-quality display of bright saturated colors and clear blacks. This is what sets them apart from other gadgets in this price range.


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