Review of the new Xiaomi MiBand 6 fitness bracelet: amazing screen and amazing functionality


Finally, Xiaomi and Huami have done what they could not for many years. The new generation of Xiaomi MiBand is already the sixth (6) in a row. A high-quality oval-shaped AMOLED screen with narrow fields was installed in the MiBand 6 smart bracelet. There are no physical buttons, which has a positive effect on water protection. The sports activity sensor has been “pumped” – Xiaomi MiBand 6 can track the level of oxygen in the blood SpO2, monitor sleep and stress, activity parameters with high accuracy. There are more training modes, assistants appeared, for example, breathing exercises with tips. Attention, the reviewed model does not have an NFC module. But there was an automatic recognition of 6 types of activity. The Russian language has already been added out of the box.

Xiaomi MiBand 6 Smart Bracelet (Goldway Official Store)

Xiaomi MiBand 6 smart bracelet (Official store on Tmall)

smart bracelet Xiaomi MiBand 5

The new long-awaited Xiaomi model was developed, like all previous popular fitness bracelets, in collaboration with Huami. The Xiaomi MiBand 6 fitness bracelet has been updated with modern features and positive developments from other models. And in connection with the release of a new model, the previous MiBand 5 is now sold almost twice as cheap as the new one.

The Xiaomi MiBand 6 fitness bracelet is supplied in a branded black package with a concise design. The red «MI» logo flaunts in the corner. So that buyers do not confuse with the previous version, the box has a large number «6» indicating the next generation of popular bracelets. The specific article can be specified in the list on the reverse side: XMSH15HM.

Watch features:
Brand: Xiaomi/Huami
Model: MiBand (sixth generation)
Article: XMSH15HM
Case material: impact-resistant plastic
Water resistance: 5ATM / 50 meters, you can swim in the pool
Display: 1.56″ AMOLED high resolution 326PPI (348×442 pixels)
Glass protection: Tempered Corning Gorilla Glass 3 + anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating
Sensors: New generation optical sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, Geomagnetic sensor.
Interfaces: Bluetooth 5.0 LE, magnetic charging (pogo)
Autonomy: 14 days in mixed mode, 20 days in economy mode.
Functions: heart rate monitor, pedometer, compass, chronograph, notifications, music playback control, sleep duration and quality, blood oxygen level, stress level and recovery, heart rate monitoring, inactivity reminder, watch face changer, PAI personal activity metric, indicator weather forecast, timer, stopwatch, alarm clock.
Sports: 30 programs
Weight: 25 gr (with strap)
Compatibility: Android 5.0 and above, iOS 10.0 and above
Built-in battery capacity: 125 mAh

The bracelet comes with a branded USB charger with a magnetic mount, as well as basic instructions. The entire delivery set is packed in individual packages.

Unlike the previous version, where a rectangular screen is installed in an elongated case, the new model uses an oval-shaped display module. The usable area for displaying information has actually increased by 50%.

The novelty was equipped with a fairly advanced physical activity sensor. Now you can track SpO2 (blood oxygen level), as well as monitor your heart rate around the clock. With the help of this sensor, the quality of sleep is monitored, as well as the level of stress.

The user manual describes in detail and in pictures about the basic use, about removing the capsule for cleaning or changing the bracelet. There is information about the placement relative to the wrist, for a qualitative measurement of activity. Links (QR-code) to the application are also provided.

As in previous models, the bracelet can be separated from the capsule. Compared to the old models of Bands (2-3-4 generation), the capsule has become larger. Contacts for recharging are shifted down and are in the recess.

The MI logo is located at the top of the capsule body. In the center is an optical sensor. On the side, in the recess, there is a barcode and information about the serial number of the device. Additional information can be found in the settings menu — «Details».

As a strap, the package includes a simple black silicone bracelet with a branded clasp. When ordering, you can choose additional straps of various colors.

View of the bottom of the case. Please note that not every magnetic charger is suitable for recessed contacts.

The kit comes with a branded charger with a magnetic mount. The contacts are spring-loaded and have a protective coating against corrosion.

The mount is held firmly enough. Charging time is about two hours.

During charging, there is an original animation that clearly shows the percentage of charge. We recommend that you perform the full charge procedure before connecting the device to your smartphone.

The new bracelet in the box is on, waiting for connection.

Download the Mi Fit application, install. We add a new device and wait for the connection. On the bracelet itself, you will need to confirm the synchronization.

That’s what I was talking about. Immediately «out of the box» it was necessary to install a rather «heavy» update. It is better to keep the bracelet charged, as it is undesirable to interrupt the update procedure.

I give examples of screen forms of the bracelet. The main screen contains a fairly large amount of information. It is possible to customize the theme. Management is carried out by movements left-right and up-down («swipe»).

A menu of settings and applications is available, in the training menu there are more than 30 options for sports modes.

There are also additional functions (weather, timer, music control).

For a more detailed list of available sports training modes, see the image below. I remind you that the bracelet automatically recognizes 6 types of activity: walking, running, treadmill, cycling, rowing, elliptical trainer.

A few words about the smartphone application — Mi Fit. A fairly popular application, but there are alternative options.

The device settings menu contains basic information, bracelet status, charge level, information about the software version. There is a tutorial section with general information on functions. You can also download more home screen themes from the store.

There is a detailed setting of notifications, reminders, function cards. Please note that it is possible to change the language of the bracelet. By default, the language of the smartphone is selected.

The main screen with activity summary values. Each of the subsections can be viewed separately. Monitoring of both night and daytime sleep with detailed analysis is available.

There is no built-in GPS module in the device; the bracelet takes all the information from the smartphone when connected. However, track information is stored both in the device itself and on the smartphone.

The Xiaomi MiBand 6 fitness bracelet looks very, very good on the arm. The bright Amoled display is clearly visible on the street.

Literally in 2-3 movements, you can activate the sports training mode. Also, the bracelet can automatically recognize some types. The track record of the workout is stored on the device itself, you can view the statistics directly on the band screen.

Three kinds of theme are preinstalled for the main screen. You can replace it from the corresponding menu in the display settings, or with a long tap in the center of the screen. You can select new ones or download them using the app from the Store menu.

In order to assess the size and appearance of the monitored device, I traditionally apply various smart watches from the available ones.
I’ll start with Amazfit BIP U, a popular smart bracelet with modern features. A detailed review of the Amazfit BIP U smartwatch is at the link.

Unlike narrow MiBands, BIPs have a wide rectangular body. The heart rate sensor is modular, charging is also magnetic, it differs in the arrangement of contacts. The BIP U/U Pro has unified charging with the entire second generation of Amazfit smartwatches.

The elegant Amazfit GTS 2e smartwatch is one of the best smartwatch models in general. A detailed review of the Amazfit GTS 2e can be found here.

Like BIP U, Amazfit GTS 2e also has a rectangular body, a similar situation with the heart rate sensor and magnetic charging. A similar quality of screen manufacturing (oleophobic, protective coating) and rounded edges are striking.

Another popular smart watch is Amazfit GTR 2. Amazfit GTR2 smart watch review.
Unlike the MiBand6 fitness bracelet, the Amazfit GTR 2 watch is already a full-fledged model with built-in GPS and the ability to answer a call.

As I said above, charging is unified with the entire second generation of Amazfit smartwatches. But for MiBand6, charging is not suitable for other devices, so it’s better to take a kit with charging and an additional bracelet right from the link.

Another brutal smart watch is the Amazfit T-Rex PRO protected smart watch. A detailed review of the previous model can be found at the link — Amazfit T-Rex Review.

Due to the massive body, Amazfit T-Rex PRO is not as comfortable as the compact and narrow MiBand6, although, in fact, the basic set of functions is the same.

But the most difficult comparison is in almost the same “weight category”. The following fitness bracelets are presented, from left to right: Amazfit Band 5, Xiaomi MiBand 6, Xiaomi MiBand 5.

The difference in screen sizes is immediately striking. Xiaomi MiBand 6 has more information. Xiaomi MiBand 5 has an older type of heart rate sensor, while Amazfit Band 5 and Xiaomi MiBand 6 have similar ones. The type of charging is the same, magnetic, but from Amazfit Band 5, the mount is not suitable for Xiaomi MiBand due to the shape of the case.

The menu, the principle of placing sections, the fonts on all the presented bracelets are similar, I note the more readable menu of Xiaomi MiBand 6.

Otherwise, the functionality is similar, Xiaomi MiBand 6 is the most modern fitness bracelet at the moment.

The bracelet was tested together with the POCO F3 5G smartphone. The connection is stable, GPS information is transmitted, the track record of training in the application and on the bracelet is saved.

The new Xiaomi MiBand 6 fitness bracelet is a great option, especially as a replacement for the old model. One of the best smart bracelets to date, it completely replaces smart watches. In terms of size, it almost repeats the previous generation MiBand 5. Of the closest models in terms of level, I will note Amazfit Band 5. The lot already has more than 8 thousand sales, generally positive reviews. You can get a discount using promo codes for a discount:

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