After a hard day at work, or on weekends, many of us like to play our favorite games, relax and unwind a bit. In this publication, you can read a short review on the iPega gamepad I liked, which I purchased on the Aliexpress website. I’ll tell you about its features and technical characteristics.

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Brief specifications

  • Platform Support: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Connection type: Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4G radio
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging time: up to 2 hours
  • Operating time on one charge: up to 20 hours

When ordering a device, you can choose the type of packaging — the seller offers to deliver the gamepad in a branded box or in any packaging. I chose the second option because it was cheaper. Despite this, the product arrived, in my opinion, in a more secure package than the standard box.

In turn, the standard branded packaging is as follows.

The package includes: the gamepad itself, a good quality charging cable, instructions in Chinese and English, as well as a small plastic pad on the cross.

The device is made of fairly good matte plastic with glossy blue inserts. On the back side of the gamepad there are special recesses under the arm, thanks to which the device sits well and comfortably in the hands.

As for the main cross, in this model it is four-directional, but with the help of a plastic lining that comes with the kit, the cross can be made conditionally eight-directional.

The sticks are made in a symmetrical pattern, they are smooth and really very comfortable, they also have a pressing function. The upper part of the stick is equipped with a rubber pad with a recess for the finger, which also adds comfort when using the gamepad.

Conventionally, on the handles of the gamepad on the left and on the right there are two small buttons. On the right, the manufacturer placed the buttons «START» and «MENU»

And on the left handle there are buttons «SELECT» and «TURBO», the last button is responsible for increasing the response from the main buttons and four triggers on the front of the device.

The top two triggers are made in the form of buttons, they are easy and smooth to press and have a small stroke. And the bottom two triggers are made in the form of triggers, they have a fairly large and smooth stroke. It can be seen that the manufacturer paid attention to them and did not save on them. In the game, the lower triggers work excellently and, along with the sticks, make a very good impression of the device as a whole.

The main four buttons are made with a kind of transparent 3D effect. The buttons are pressed quite firmly, which eliminates accidental pressing. In the game, hard pressing, in my opinion, does not cause inconvenience.

Also, on the front there is another button with a home icon — it is responsible for turning the device on and off. Also, using button combinations, you can change the type of connection of the gamepad to the desired device. The corresponding light indicator signals the choice of a certain type of connection. Also, these indicators are responsible for displaying the remaining charge level.

As for the connection types, the device supports two options: one via bluetooth, the second with a dongle via 2.4G radio. Both options work flawlessly over long distances, even through a single concrete wall. Haven’t checked further, I don’t think it’s necessary. There is a special slot in the gamepad for the dongle, in which it is securely fixed and cannot fall out arbitrarily.

As for using the gamepad with smartphones, it has a special clip for this, despite the rather unreliable appearance of the clip, it can easily withstand the weight of most smartphones, but with my POCO X3, I need to remove the case because the clip flies off it. I note that POCO X3 has a width of 76.8 mm and, perhaps, this is the maximum possible width for this clip. Below are some photos of using the gamepad with a smartphone.

The above smartphones had the following weight.

I also note that the weight of the gamepad is 196 grams.

The charging port was placed under the clamping bracket, until the device is fully charged, it takes about two hours. I can’t afford to play games often, and with my usage rate, I charge the device about once a month, but according to the manufacturer, the built-in battery lasts for 20 hours of operation. I haven’t checked exactly, but I assure you that these figures are close to the truth.

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Summing up, I want to say that the device was tested in various games and on different platforms, everything works well almost everywhere, in some games you need to manually assign the buttons, but this, in my opinion, is a small problem. In games, I really liked the triggers and sticks of this gamepad. In general, I can recommend the device for purchase, since I did not find any obvious disadvantages in this gamepad from iPega. And that’s all, thanks for your attention.


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