Headphones are a very convenient thing, wireless or wired, everyone chooses their favorite model for themselves, but no matter which one you choose, after a certain time of using them, the question arises of how to clean them.

With constant use of headphones, there is a large production of earwax. In addition, dust, bacteria and viruses get on the ear pads, and if they penetrate the ear canal, they can cause inflammation. To avoid health problems, you need to clean your headphones regularly, at least once a week, following a number of simple rules and using the right tool for this.

If you use headphones whose ear pads are made of silicone, then they can be easily washed with plain water, after removing them from the case and then drying them. For disinfection, you can use hydrogen peroxide, which will easily remove sulfur residues.

But if you are an Airpods or Earpods owner, then cleaning the mesh that protects the driver will not be so easy. No matter how trite it may sound, in no case should such headphones be washed with water, since moisture can get inside the electrical circuit, the device will simply close and the headset will fail. A much more effective and safer method is to use a special brush.

I found this model on aliexpress.


  • Name: Baseus cleaning brush

  • Model: CL01

  • Material: ABS

  • Product size: 115×12 mm

  • Weight: 9.5 grams

It looks like a small pencil, on which two brushes and a cleaning sponge nozzle are placed. The brush unscrews, one easy movement is enough to extract the contents.
The bristles are made of soft nylon, thickness 0.08 and 0.15 mm, perfectly cope with dirt, due to the fact that they are very thin, they penetrate even into hard-to-reach places.

The brush is securely “hidden” inside

There are a lot of headphones in our family, for testing I took those that no one used for a long time, they just lay in the closet, the brush even coped with dried sulfur. The round nozzle has an electrostatic effect, easily penetrates into the grooves of the box, where the headphones are stored and charged, the dust is literally “magnetized” to it.

The brush has a protective cap at the round nozzle, and the bristles fold into the handle, thereby the device itself is also reliably protected from dust and dirt.
The most important advantage is not only its compact size, but also the fact that the brush can be washed.

In addition to headphones, it is convenient to clean the keyboard, phone speaker, mouse and other objects with such a brush.

The brush is packed in a cardboard box, on which the company logo, serial number and quality certificate are pasted. Inside the box was a warranty card and cool stickers.
It copes with its task 100%, I did not find any cons, only pluses: compact, inexpensive, easy to use.

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