I have been using various fitness trackers for a long time: there were all versions of Xiaomi mi band except for the last two, smart watches Honor and at the moment I actively use Amazfit GTS watches. I decided to try out the new Honor Band 6 smart bracelet, which is somewhere between a watch and a bracelet in terms of display size. Either «under-hours», or «overshoot».


  • Characteristics
  • Equipment and design
  • Exploitation
  • Outcome
    • pros
    • Minuses


  • Display: 1.47″
  • Resolution: 194 x 368 pixels
  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Battery: 180mah
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM

Available colors: meteorite black, coral pink and sand grey. In fact, only the color of the strap is different.

Equipment and design

The packaging of the Honor Band 6 is small and looks nice. On the front we see a color image of the gadget and the main technical characteristics

On the side is information about the device model, serial number and color. Model: ARG-B39, color: Meteorite Black. The functions of the gadget and the main advantages are painted on the back: heart rate monitoring, 5ATM water protection, fast charging, 1.47 ″ display, etc.

Inside the package we have:

  • Bracelet Honor Band 6
  • Charging cable
  • Operation manual (there is a Russian language)
  • Warranty card

The instruction is in Russian, but who will read it. Well, only if the bracelet refuses to turn on or something like that

The bracelet is made of plastic and has a silicone strap. The shape of the tracker is rectangular with slightly beveled edges.

Amoled display with a diagonal of 1.47″ (17*33mm) has a resolution of 194 x 368 pixels. It is covered with a film from the box, I decided not to take it off for the first time from the experience of using glass / plastic bracelets, they are usually not the most protected from scratches

On the left side of the case we have the letters HONOR embossed: it looks good. The only physical control button with a red mark is located on the right side of the case

The silicone strap is of medium hardness, in Amazfit GTS, for example, it is softer. Length 21cm, width 16cm

Metal clasp, painted in the color of the strap

Bottom sensors (heartbeat and saturation) and contacts for charging. To replace the strap, you need to remove the end caps.

Model ARG-B39, serial number and manufacturer’s address

The thickness, of course, could be smaller, but the dimensions are generally small, given the size of the display. Bracelet weight 30 grams


To sync with your smartphone, you need to install the Huawei Health app. I already know him, because. used Huawei Watch GT before: quite easy to use and works without glitches. Well, the rating on Google play is 4.3, i.e. users do not complain much about it. On the tabs of the application, you can get statistics regarding the steps taken, heartbeat, percentage of oxygen in the blood, etc. Even medals are given for completing certain tasks.

If you go to the connected device tab, you can check the battery percentage, download watch faces, set app notifications, set alarm times, and more.

The bracelet sits comfortably on the hand and does not cause problems when performing household needs. The display sensor is quite responsive, but there is a slight slowdown of the system itself; the bracelet is a little late for my actions. The physical button has a pleasant move and does not play

For even a short period of operation, the material did not cause irritation on the skin of the hand. Although the bracelet sticks out, it does not cling to anything and does not cause problems

There are many dials for every taste, but I also like the standard one. It is quite informative: time / date, steps, pulse …

And then I noticed a high pulse. It doesn’t happen so low for me, in a calm state it’s 80-90, but not 117 for sure. It turned out that the accuracy of determining the heart rate during movement is clearly not the best. Now, if you calmly hold your hand and do not move, then the readings are close to my Amazfit GTS.

The xiaomi rabbit also has a heart. However, measuring the heartbeat of inanimate objects is normal for such devices.

The readability of information in the sun is good. I would even say that it is no worse than the GTS

By counting the number of steps taken, the results are more or less similar, but Band 6 usually shows more numbers

You can also measure the level of oxygen in the blood. I consider this function more like pampering, it shows either 91% or 98% after a few seconds, but maybe someone will need it due to the epidemic.

During measurements, a green glow is observed

From the bracelet, you can control the volume of music on your smartphone, switch tracks — it will be useful for those who do not have the ability to configure these actions with gestures on the headphones themselves

You can find out about the weather, forecasts are pulled from the server based on your geolocation. In the settings, you can set the brightness of the display or set auto brightness, turn on the alarm / stopwatch or auto-light the display when you raise your wrist

By the way, the vibration is average in power: I set it to the maximum — it’s enough for me to wake up

There are many different modes for playing sports. I, apart from jogging, do not use others.

There are no problems with receiving and reading messages from the display, only the gadget does not display the VK icons. Naturally, you cannot answer them, only view or delete them.

But with Telegram and Whatsapp there are no problems

The bracelet has a 180mah battery, the manufacturer claims to work up to 14 days. Under real operating conditions, the battery is discharged in 7-8 days with a constant connection to a smartphone and maximum display brightness. Charged with a magnetic cable: 15 minutes to 50%, 30 minutes to 90%. A full cycle takes about 1 hour.


  • Large Amoled Display
  • fast charging
  • Interface slowdown
  • autonomy
  • No Always on Display

The Honor Band 6 smart bracelet has a pleasant appearance and did not turn out to be very bulky: in my opinion, both men and representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can use it. The Honor gadget is a cross between an ordinary smart bracelet and a watch-shaped bracelet. The display with Amoled-matrix has good readability in the sun and responsiveness to touch.

Of course, I would like to see a more nimble work of the software, but it is difficult to demand something from the device for such money. The device performs all its main functions more or less adequately and can compete with other similar devices. The autonomy of work after my Amazfit GTS also did not seem good, but is still within reasonable limits. On the one hand, it’s bad that there is no Always on mode, but on the other hand, how much battery would be enough then!? At least you can recharge the Band 6 quickly.

In my opinion, Honor Band 6 is worth the money. If you need a smaller display, then pay attention to Mi Band 6. Well, if you like the full-fledged look of the watch, then you may like some Amazfit model, although they cost quite different money.

Now with a $1 seller coupon and promo code Y7HTPXX5ER39, the device can be purchased for $37.99.



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