Finow X5 Android Smart Watch, a watch that allows you to receive 3G SIM, make calls, send SMS and access the Internet independently of the phone. For just $126, we’ll see if this cheap Smart Watch can compete with other Android watches from manufacturers like Motorola, LG and Sony.

Finow X5 is more ‘smartphone watch’ than ‘smartwatch’

Finow X5 can be used independently of the phone to access the Internet and send text messages, receive calls, albeit using a very small and awkward keypad or audio instructions. This is made possible by adding a Nano-SIM card. The X5 also has a Wi-Fi connection that you can use to browse the web.

Finow X5

Before you can start using X5 Finow, you must download the free Watch Helper application, which is installed on your smartphone. With this application, you can configure the delivery of notifications from any application installed on your phone. The function of viewing photos, music and other files is also available as a phone from Smart Watch, and vice versa. By default, you’ll see notifications for calls and texts, and we’ve also managed to set up Watch Helper to deliver Gmail and Facebook notifications.

To get more functionality, what you really need to install is a SIM in Finow X5. The SIM slot is accessible by unscrewing the back cover (a screwdriver is supplied in the box), but this means that the device does not have a waterproof seal and precludes its use in water sports. The presence of built-in heartbeat monitoring and a pedometer allows you to use it in other different sports (of which there are many).

In the settings you will find things like connecting your phone via bluetooth, turning on WI-FI and GPS, changing the watch face (54 available or you can add your own background image, but before that you will have to crop to fit the watch screen), adjust the display, adjust the volume , turn on energy-saving options, and uninstall programs.

So, you get pre-installed applications: Health, which includes a heart rate monitor and a pedometer; Music, which can play music stored on the watch itself and not on the phone; Weather; Voice recorder; Barometer; and browser. You’ll also find an alarm clock, a calendar, a file manager, and a list of recently opened apps.

Finow X5

In general, X5 Finow as a Smart Watch is a pretty good purchase to pair with a smartphone. But like the Smartphone Watch, it lets you leave your phone at home. If all you need is calls and text messages, then this watch is made for you.


In the review, the sample had a black stainless steel case and a leather strap that is easy to replace. The watch is quite large (50x48x13mm) but you could say that about most Smart Watches.

Crown is used as buttons. The button in the middle will take you back to the desktop, the button above will take you back one step, and the bottom button will be used as a menu.

At this price, Smart Watch has a color AMOLED screen with a size of 1.4 (400×400). The screen is responsive and bright enough. Using the screen at full brightness will drain the device quickly as it has a 450 mAh battery. Given that they charge from a docking station and not Micro-USB, it’s best not to use the screen at full brightness, otherwise you will have to go home to recharge the device.

The rear-mounted heart rate monitor, as well as the pedometer, work quite well.

Finow X5


The Smart Watch runs on Android 4.4 KitKat with a 1.2GHz MediaTek MTK6572 dual-core processor and a Mali-400 MP GPU. So, it has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory.

They accept Nano-SIM but only work with 3G. Connectivity GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz and 2100MHz WCDMA bands. Wi-Fi support covers 802.11b/g/n, and there’s also Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS.


  • 1.4 (400×400) color AMOLED screen, round, touch, capacitive.
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 1.2GHz MediaTek MTK6572 dual-core
  • Mali-400MP GPU
  • 512GB RAM
  • 4GB built-in memory
  • 3G (Nano-SIM GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 2100MHz)
  • 802.11b/g/n WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • GPS
  • Heart rate scanner
  • Pedometer
  • 450 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • 50x48x13mm
  • 80 g

At $126, the Finow X5 looks like a solid, expensive Smart Watch. Unfortunately, the lack of moisture protection will not allow you to walk in the rain. In all other respects, I have no complaints. Feel free to take. This watch will delight you every day of its use. The current price is $126. You can buy them by clicking on the link.


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