The Cubot P40 smartphone is a gadget with a 6.2″ display with HD resolution, 4/128GB of memory and a 4200mah battery. The processor is Mediatek MT6761 (Helio A22), the main camera unit consists of 4 modules (the main Sony IMX486 at 12MP), the front camera is 20MP.


Three colors are available for purchase: black, blue and green. I liked the classic black the most, although I also like the blue color.

Specifications can be found on the official website:


The Cubot P40 smartphone comes in a black box with the model name

On the reverse side you can find information about the main performance characteristics

Included in the kit:

— power supply (5V / 2A)
— type-c cable
— Silicone Case
— user’s manual

The instructions have a section for Russian-speaking people


The Cubot P40 smartphone received a case with sharp corners, which some users may not like. I am also used to more streamlined forms, the smartphone in this case fits better in the hand.

But the corners of the display, on the contrary, are rounded, which is not combined with the sharp corners of the device, in my opinion. All of this is, of course, a matter of taste. The bezels around the display are not the smallest, but for a budget smartphone, this is normal.

I liked the back cover, it is covered with soft-touch material. Something similar to the covers of HTC and THL smartphones in the old days. To be honest, I even missed this one. But the camera block looks modern, as many as 4 «eyes»

The cover is removed, as in the good old days, and under it is a removable battery and a tray for SIM cards / memory cards

The edging of the body is made of plastic, but painted to look like metal. The left side is empty, and on the right side there are volume rockers and a power button

On the bottom are the main speaker, microphone, and type-c port. Speaker of mediocre quality, tweeter in fact. The volume is average, and the playback quality is solid.

Top left — 3.5mm jack, lovers of wired ears to the delight

Maybe the lovers of wired headphones have not yet died out, but I switched to tws a long time ago.

Smartphone dimensions: 155 x 73 x 10 mm, weight 184g


The Cubot P40 smartphone has a 6.2″ display with HD+ resolution (1520*720). The display occupies 85% of the front panel of the device, and the pixel density is 271ppi.

The picture is pleasing to the eye, the contrast is at an average level, the low resolution of the display does not bother me — individual pixels are invisible

Viewing angles are good, color distortion when tilted is almost imperceptible

Touch supports up to 10 simultaneous touches


The Cubot P40 smartphone runs on Android 10 OS. There are no adware, as well as unnecessary pre-installed applications.

The translation of the settings menu into Russian is done at a good level. The speed of the operating system is normal, but it could be faster. There is some slowness when opening applications (if you find fault)

Updates arrive by air, two new things have already arrived during the testing of the device. After the last one, the speed of work became a little better.


The MediaTek MT6761D (Helio A20) smartphone processor is not the most powerful. This is a 4-core processor with a core frequency of 1.8GHz, manufactured using a 12nm process technology. Video accelerator — PowerVR GE8300.


The gadget received 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. When first turned on, the user has ~116Gb ROM and 2.2Gb RAM.

Despite the weak processor, you can even play demanding games on such a device. Of course, the graphics settings will have to be set to a minimum or slightly higher so that there are no slowdowns. In general, you can play, while heating the device is small.

In the Antutu v 8.4.3 P40 test, I scored 80523 points

Device Info HW

Geekbench 5

A1 SD Bench

Sensor presence test


Things are going well with the search and connection to satellites, the smartphone sees 24-28 satellites in the region and connects quite quickly to 13-15 of them. I am satisfied with this work.

Yandex navigator works correctly, there were no failures in determining the location. I’ve used it at least three times already.

The smartphone supports Bands: 1,3,5,7,8,19,20,38,40,41

With Bluetooth, there are no problems both when synchronizing with the clock and with audio devices

Cubot P40 has an NFC module that can be used for contactless payments and more. I live in Belarus, Google Pay doesn’t work here, so I can’t fully check the work. According to reviews on the forums, there are no problems with payment in Russia.


The Cubot P40 smartphone received the main camera module of 4 sensors: 12+5+2+0.3MP. The main sensor is the Sony IMX486 with f/2.2 aperture. The 5MP sensor is for macro photography, the 2MP is for the depth sensor, apparently. And 0.3Mp — just to be, they put it for beauty.

The camera app is very weak: there is no HDR mode, no night mode and a lot of settings

In good light, the camera is able to produce images of average quality, but the potential of the module is higher than the results obtained. There is only one reason — raw software, which does not allow the camera to open up fully. But in general, the color reproduction is close to reality, the detailing is sufficient for a smartphone for ~$100.

Evening shots are not so bad, but there are slight noises and overexposures.

Video recording is possible with a maximum resolution of FullHD and a frequency of 30 fps. Of course, there is no question of any stabilization — the picture twitches. There are also periodic problems with focusing, you have to focus manually, which once again speaks of weak software.

The 20MP front camera with f/2.0 aperture is capable of taking selfies of quite decent quality. It can be used both for video communication and for «selfies». It is also used to unlock the device and this function works stably, everything is also not bad in terms of response speed. There is a portrait mode for selfies.

A macro lens can do something, it focuses from 2-3cm. Thank you dead fly for the photo shoot


Responsible for autonomy is a 4200mah lithium-polymer battery. However, the most interesting thing is that it is removable, as in smartphones 5-7 years ago. In which case, you can easily replace it yourself.

Charging comes with a complete 10W power supply (5V / 2A). A full charge cycle takes almost 3 hours.

In terms of autonomy: in the active mode of use with games — 1 light day, with moderate it is quite possible to stretch up to 2 days.


Smartphone Cubot P40 reminded of the old days with a removable battery, 3.5mm jack and soft-touch coating on the back cover. And in general, I like these moments. The rounded edges of the display on a rectangular case do not look very good, but this is a matter of taste. The display of the gadget is quite normal, although the resolution is low, the cameras are of acceptable quality, there is an NFC module. The performance is “not wow”, but at the minimum wage you can play even the most productive game. Sometimes there are micro-lags during the operation of the operating system, but this is not critical. The amount of memory 4/128GB is very good for a device for $100. The autonomy of work is average, enough for a day of active use without problems. Of the shortcomings, I would also note the lack of a fingerprint scanner. And to buy this device or pay attention to something else for this money, everyone decides for himself. I would certainly consider more famous brands to purchase.

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