Lenovo, as part of the Mobile World Congress, introduced the new Yoga Tab 13 and Yoga Tab 11 tablets with 13″ and 11″ displays, respectively, and the older model in its design has an unusual element that has not previously been seen in other similar devices. The Yoga Tab 13 is equipped with a special metal arc that allows you to hang it, for example, on a kitchen hook when cooking, which on the one hand frees your hands, and on the other hand minimizes the risk of accidentally brushing off the table or flooding the device. Also, this thing will be quite convenient when using the tablet in cramped conditions, simply hanging it by a suitable hook. The arc can also be used as a stand when the tablet is on the table.

As for filling, the model is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, 2K display (60Hz and Vision HDR support), 8GB memory (LPDDR5), WiFi 6 module, two microphones, and four JBL speakers (two in the form of a soundbar cylinder) with Dolby Atmos support. When using a micro-HDMI to USB cable, the tablet can be used as a second PC display. The weight of the device is 830 grams. Listed price $680


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