Panic has prepared an interesting portable console for gamers called Playdate. One of the key control parts of the console is the crank. The device is very small and can even fit in your pocket. The first batch of such unusual consoles sold out in just twenty minutes.

The company previously revealed that it would be accepting pre-orders for the console starting July 29. In turn, the production and transportation of consoles will take place on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, it is worth placing an order as soon as possible. The first batch of devices amounted to 20,000 units, the owners will receive their consoles by the end of 2021. Well, for those who did not manage to get into the first batch with a pre-order, the next mailings are planned in 2022.

How console games will be sold is not entirely clear yet, but Playdate owners will receive two free games per week. In total, 24 such free games are planned.

The creators of the console were very surprised by such a hype, because such a device is not for everyone, and a circulation of 20,000 pieces was considered quite large. But there were so many applicants that the page with pre-orders gave various errors during registration.

The price of the Playdate console is now $179, there is no direct delivery to Russia yet.


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