Cleaning the litter box is not the most pleasant procedure for caring for a fluffy pet. Many cat owners dreamed of shifting this procedure to robotic assistants. And yes, there is now such an opportunity. On the indiegogo crowdfunding platform, he raised the necessary funds for the production of the FURBULOUS BOX automated cat litter box.

The device is a closed plastic box with an opening for a pet. In a place closed from prying eyes, cats feel safer. Furbulous measures 70x60x51 cm, there was even a place for a small display. Inside there are seven sensors to determine the movement and weighing of the animal.

The main design feature: the toilet filler is automatically sorted, and the waste is collected in a bag, which, after filling, is hermetically sealed. The volume of the package is 6 liters. This solution guarantees the absence of an unpleasant odor.

The plastic parts of the toilet are easy to wash, and a special fragrance is installed inside, which does not irritate the cat.

The moment of filling the waste bag and other parameters (including the weight of the pet) are displayed in the proprietary mobile application.

The Furbulous smart gadget for your beloved pets starts at $349. Sales will start at the end of the year.


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