A brief review of the ultrasonic dog repeller (and other animals, but the emphasis is on dogs) — Tsattine N10. The device has an ultrasonic emitter, a speaker for sound alerts and a flashlight. The ultrasonic wave type is configurable.

The manufacturer company appeared on the market quite recently and at the moment produces only devices for training dogs and also this device, which can also be used for training, but its main feature is to scare away aggressive dogs. Does it work? We’ll find out later.

The set includes instructions with a description of the purpose, the repeller itself and a charging cable.

You can buy here: Tsattine N10

  • Tsattine N10
  • LED power: 3W
  • Battery: 1200mAh
  • Ultrasound: 23kHz — 27kHz
  • Flashlight modes: SOS, Strobe, Normal
Description of functions

Everything is clear with the flashlight, there are 3 standard modes, there is not much brightness, but it will work like a pocket one. By the way, there is a light sensor, but it’s like a dead poultice here (what’s the point of adjusting the 3W diode? As they say, we did it, but we don’t know why). There is a sound signal (in the video below you can hear how it works) — it works quietly, even in the room it is quiet, the microwave oven sounds even louder when it is finished. Serves to attract the attention of animals, but in practice the thing is useless — very quiet. Ultrasound is the main feature of the device. Serves to scare away dogs / cats, etc. The main bet on dogs. According to the manufacturer, dogs hear sound from 15Hz to 120kHz. This unit generates 23-27kHz. There is a switching of sound modes: constant frequency, undulating frequency, random frequency.

Control panel from left to right: 3 charge indicators, light sensor, flashlight button, horn button, ultrasound button, ultrasound indicator. On the side of the device, there is a slider for changing the frequency of ultrasound: fixed, wave-like and random.

The flashlight is bright enough for everyday use. It seems even the Cree XPE diode is worth it. There is a light sensor, but as he wrote, it is useless at such a low power.

Video by operating modes

Ultrasound is almost inaudible, but the camera microphone will hear it.

Conclusion and revocation after use

Purely my personal experience. It acts instantly on stray dogs, both on singles and on packs — they scatter in all directions (somewhere in 7 out of 10 cases, in the rest they freeze in anticipation of something), but the fact is that stray dogs in their mass do not aggressive and they themselves are afraid of you without any scarers. Wild cats also shied away in all directions, but what’s the point of chasing cats? But it doesn’t work on pets at all, at most they lazily look at you in bewilderment. Trained dogs (such as German Shepherds) are not affected, and they seem to become even more angry, as this sound annoys them. Do not overdo it, as the repeller can turn into an attractor of angry dogs. Tried with birds, but no effect. By the way, the domestic parrot actively starts to chirp something, which was strange (probably something like “turn this crap down, otherwise I’ll peck”). In short, a thing of dubious benefit. It may only be needed by those who are afraid of street dogs to the point of goosebumps, but they almost always bypass you for a kilometer.

As for the sound signal — a useless function. The sound is quiet, it is not realistic to attract someone’s attention. Only the flashlight lived up to expectations, but why the light sensor is not clear to him. Can’t recommend, useless gadget.


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