We will talk about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness tracker. Let’s take a closer look at the accessory and note what has improved in the bracelet since the previous version.


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  • Characteristics
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  • Appearance
  • Connecting a fitness tracker to a smartphone
  • Fitness tracker features and capabilities
    • More about the bracelet
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Where could I buy?

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Buy a stylish strap for Mi Band 5

Buy glass for Mi Band 5 – Buy charger for Mi Band 5

Compatible with
Android devices 5.0 and above, iOS devices 10 and above
Dial type
LCD display
LCD Manufacturing Technology
1.1 inch
126×294 pixels
Housing material
aluminium, plastic
up to 50 meters
Degree of protection
Strap material
512 KB
Built-in memory
16 MB
accelerometer, heart rate, gyroscope
Wireless connection
Bluetooth with version 5
Power type
Battery capacity
125 mAh
Working hours
336 h
Complete set

The tracker also comes with a strap and a charger. The charger from the previous generation will not fit the Mi Band 5. But now you do not need to remove the tracker from the strap. Owners of the previous version will definitely appreciate this innovation.


Outwardly, Mi Bend 5 is similar to Mi Bend 4, but the dimensions have slightly increased. Although the size has become larger, the weight has halved, now the tracker weighs 12 grams. Due to its air weight, the bracelet is not felt on the hand. The capsule is removed from the strap in the same way as in the previous version, that is, with ease.

On the bottom of the tracker are power contacts and sensors. During the measurement of the pulse, the sensors turn on, which are lit in green. Let’s look at the capsule from different angles:

The diagonal of the Mi Band 5 has become larger when compared with the previous version, that is, 1.1 inches versus 0.95. The resolution of the new tracker is 126×294, while the Mi Band 4 has 120×240. Because of what, more information now fits on the dial. Mi Band 5 now has the ability to put your photo on the splash screen. In addition, you can always change to any other watch face in the Mi Fit application. They are there for every color and taste. As in the previous version, the display is made using AMOLED technology, but the brightness has already been increased to 450 nits. Turned off fitness tracker on my arm:

Connecting a fitness tracker to a smartphone

To connect, you need to download the Mi Fit application.

On the iPhone, the connection is the same as on Android. The schema looks like this:

  1. First you need to turn on Bluetooth
  2. Open the Mi Fit app itself
  3. Create/login account
  4. Go to «Profile» > «Add device»
  5. Tap «Bracelet» > «Agree»
  6. Confirm in the Mi Band 5 bracelet.

Additional information: In order to increase the number of monitored indicators, you can download Google Fit. Russian language in the fitness tracker is supported.

Fitness tracker features and capabilities

Mi Fit app home screen and Screen unlock settings

The watch faces are located in the «Shop» section. To put it simply, the options are endless. If you wish, you can create your own watch face, then upload it to the application.

Incoming calls can be customized, that is, turn off vibration, name display, etc. (see screenshot). It is possible to add a reminder to events.

The alarm clock is added in the «Alarm clock» section. And in the notification settings, you can select any application for notifications. There are other settings, see screenshots:

Heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring settings. Here you can set the frequency of detection and notify you of the pulse when the amount you have set is reached. The order of sections in the bracelet can always be changed, for example, I removed PAI, since I don’t need it.

The main window of the application, where you can see:

  • State
  • Walking
  • Run
  • Cycling
  • PAI (zero because I don’t use it)
  • stress level
  • Sleep data (no, as I don’t use it)

It is possible to track the level of stress for today. The second screenshot shows the heart rate graph. In the third screenshot, we can observe the number of calories burned. You can also remove unnecessary types of workouts in the bracelet.

More about the bracelet

When there is an incoming call, the bracelet displays the name of the caller and two buttons: 1) reject the call 2) do not answer the caller, but remove the vibration of the tracker. It is possible to read messages through the tracker, there are no restrictions on the number of displayed characters. An incoming call and message is accompanied by vibration.

The fitness tracker has four watch faces. But, they can always be replaced with any others through the Mi Fit application. By clicking on the main screen — we can see additional statistics. Let’s show a couple of dials:

With a swipe, you can open applications that have been configured in the application. By default, swipe left to view notifications. If several notifications have been received from one application, then their number is displayed first, and then you can view them individually.

I will run through all sections of the fitness tracker:

Workouts, the screen of a running workout, scrolling down the screen — the heart rate level is shown there.

In the «Advanced» section, some lines contain a lot of characters, so they automatically float from right to left.

  • Do not disturb
  • Alarm
  • Camera
  • Music
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Find device
  • Without sound
  • Alipay
  • world clock
  • Display
  • Settings

In «Settings»: you can set the screen lock time, change the brightness, reset the settings and view the details.

Through the fitness tracker, you can control music, or rather:

  • increase sound volume
  • reproduce
  • pause
  • switch track

To work with the camera through a fitness tracker, you must first go to the application> settings> section «Lab» and there already enable pairing with the camera.

Fitness tracker autonomy

Without using the “heart rate measurement and notifications” function, the fitness tracker can live for about 14 days without recharging. If you use it to the maximum, but without training, then it will last for about 10 days. It turns out that 10 percent of the charge is consumed every day. When the balance is 10 percent, a notification will come in the form of a vibration. The same will happen at 5%. And before turning off the tracker will show its dissatisfaction with a long vibration. Using training, the bracelet will definitely discharge faster. The tracker charges in about 90 minutes.

Frequently asked Questions
  • Got a stopwatch? -Yes
  • Is there NFC? -Not
  • Is Russian language supported? -Yes
  • Can I put a stopwatch on the main screen? -Yes, you can.
  • Does the device have SpO2? -Not
  • Do I need to take my smartphone for a run? -Yes
  • Can I connect to a phone with Bluetooth version 4.2? -Yes
  • Is there a voice recorder? -Not
  • Is the strap removable? -Yes
  • Will the straps from the 4th version fit? -Not
  • Is the box in English or Chinese? -Global version in English
  • How objective are the heart rate readings? -Indications are close to the truth
  • Is it possible to switch tracks on the watch? -Yes
  • Ability to take pictures remotely
  • Track switching
  • More training modes
  • Convenient charging
  • Weather display (from Mi Fit app)
  • Display, informative dials
  • iOS Compatibility
  • Suitable as a gift
  • Increased display size (became more convenient and informative)
  • The presence of built-in memory (I work noticeably faster than Band 4)
  • Battery drains faster than previous version
  • Can count wrong steps
  • The strap that many people don’t like
  • No option to turn off unnecessary features
  • No WiFi

To date, the Mi Band 5 costs about $330 in stores. And in Aliexpress can be purchased for $ 230.


Compared to the previous version, the Mi Band 5 has clearly become lighter, more convenient to use and more functional. And the set prices from manufacturers are still encouraging. If you want one of the best fitness trackers among inexpensive ones, then I will definitely advise you Mi Band 5. It is worth noting that with new firmware updates, the list of tracker features will only grow.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Buy a stylish strap for Mi Band 5

Buy glass for Mi Band 5 – Buy charger for Mi Band 5

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