Today we will look at the latest fitness bracelet from Xiaomi — Mi Band 6.



The instructions are short and in Chinese.

The watch came on and everything was in Chinese, but as soon as I connected it to my smartphone through the Mi Fit application, the language immediately became Russian.

The watch menu can be in one of the following languages ​​(can be selected in the application):

The capsule body is plastic.

Silicone strap, pleasant to the touch.

The watch is water resistant to 5ATM (GB/T 30106-2013 standard), you can shower and swim in the watch, but you can’t be in the sauna and dive.

The clock is controlled using the touchscreen. The sensor is sensitive and responsive.

The display has five levels of brightness, viewing angles are large, the maximum brightness is excellent, you can see well even in bright direct sunlight.

Comparison with Cubot W03:

Despite the compact size of the display and its not the best form factor for reading, everything is easy to read, there is a lot of text on the screen and, importantly, it is displayed in a pleasant font.

When idle, the screen remains active by default for 5 seconds. You can choose to turn off after 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 seconds.

It is possible to enable automatic screen lock after turning it off (to unlock you will need to swipe up).

The display can be activated by choice either by single clicking on it or by swiping up.

The speed of display activation when raising your hand is instant (in the application you can choose between normal and fast activation speed), you can see it in the video review starting at 2:49.

It is possible to configure at what time the activation of the display when raising your hand will be disabled (for example, so that during sleep the display is not activated when you move your hands).

You can also set the time when the display will not wake up when receiving notifications.

The application also has the ability to activate the night mode, when the brightness of the watch display will automatically (or at a specified time) be reduced.

The clock is managed as follows:
Swipe up to scroll through the following menu items:
— status (information about physical activity: steps, mileage, calories burned, the number of reminders of too long inactivity and the number of steps in the last 7 days);
— PAI index (the watch monitors the pulse once a minute and assesses the physical condition of a person);
— measurement of the pulse;
— measuring the level of oxygen in the blood;
— the last notification from the smartphone;
— sports modes;
— training history;
— stress level (analyzed on the basis of the pulse);
— breathing exercise;
— events (configured in the application, the name of the event must be contained in 16 characters; at the specified time, the clock will vibrate 3 times and the text of the event will be displayed on the screen until you click the checkmark; you can add more than 10 events);
— alarm clock (when the alarm goes off, the watch emits 5 vibrations one after another three times; you can set up to 10 alarms; I liked the ability to set the alarm right on the clock);
— weather;
— Alipay;
— music control (you can pause / continue playback, switch tracks and control the volume; the watch displays the name of the track and its duration, you can see it in the video review, starting at 2:15);
— world time;
— settings;
— optional (smartphone camera control; stopwatch; timer; search for a smartphone and enable / disable the silent mode on a smartphone).
If you swipe from top to bottom, the same menu will be scrolled, only from the end.

I note the moment that the smartphone camera control function works with a normal smartphone camera (and not like in other watches, when you need to go to the watch application and launch a cut-down camera from it). Works for both photos and videos (you can see it in the video review starting at 2:29).

When you turn on the smartphone search function, it will beep at maximum volume for 30 seconds (even if the silent mode is on). In the application, you can change the squeaker to a standard ringtone.

Swipes to the left switch the following menus: weather — music control — Alipay.

If you swipe to the right, the same menu will be scrolled, only from the back.

Photo menus:

When a call comes in, the watch displays the name/number of the caller and vibrates throughout the call. You can reject the call or put it on silent. In the second case, the notification from the watch will disappear and it will stop vibrating, but the call on the smartphone will continue only in silent mode (with vibration, if it is enabled).

When a notification is received from a smartphone, the watch vibrates twice and displays text. The display of emoticons is also supported, but not all. I liked the fact that the watch shows a large amount of message text (542 characters), that is, you can read the message or part of it without opening it on your smartphone (and it will not be displayed as “read”).

Vibration is great, feels very good.

The pedometer works quite clearly, on average it counts 103 steps out of 100.

Judge for yourself the accuracy of the remaining sensors — I just give a comparison with other devices:

The watch has 30 sports modes in which the corresponding indicators are measured. For example, in the «pool» mode, in addition to calories burned, distance and time, pace, strokes, rowing pace and number of times are also measured. In addition, during this mode, the screen is automatically locked (to unlock you need to swipe up and down the screen) to protect against accidental touch.

The watch automatically recognizes the absence of physical activity and, depending on this, pause / resume the mode. Also, the watch can constantly track and recognize one of the selected types of physical activity (walking, running, cycling, elliptical or rowing machine).

It is possible to launch a sport mode with a recording of the walking / driving GPS trajectory (in conjunction with a smartphone, the smartphone’s GPS is activated).


The watch is set up and managed in the Mi Fit app.

The language of the application depends on which one is set as the system language on the smartphone. Russian and Ukrainian translations are of high quality, there is nothing to complain about.

In the application, you can view detailed statistics of physical activity and sensor measurements.

You can also change watch faces, customize them and create your own. You can save up to six watch faces (3 standard and 3 downloaded) on your watch. In standard dials, you can choose what exactly, besides the time, they will show.

You can choose notifications from which applications will be displayed on the watch, as well as adjust the vibration rhythm.

It is possible to configure which menu items will be displayed on the watch (both when swiping up and down, and right and left), as well as their sequence (what happens after that). The same can be done for sports modes.

You can set up a six-digit password that will be activated every time the watch is out of hand.

There is also a function to unlock the smartphone if the smartphone is in the selected range (that is, to unlock, you just need to activate the smartphone screen).

If you are left-handed — no problem, in the bracelet you can choose on which hand it will be worn.

When searching for a bracelet through the application, it just activates the screen and vibrates 3 times (if necessary, vibration can be adjusted).

You can enable automatic heart rate measurement every 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes.

The application also allows you to update the firmware of the watch.

Application screenshots:


With active-moderate use, the battery will last for about 10 days (maximum display brightness, frequent activation of the display, constant connection with a smartphone and displaying notifications / calls, using a stopwatch twice a day for 7-8 minutes, once monitoring physical activity on for an hour, regular change of dials).

During the night in standby mode, the clock did not sit down by one percent.

It takes 1 hour 35 minutes to fully charge.

Charging is magnetic, the watch stays on it perfectly, does not fall off even if you are too scared.

You can’t use them while charging (but if they are connected to a smartphone, they will vibrate and display notifications).

Here’s how the bracelet looks on the hand:

Video review:


Summing up, I can say that this is one of the best smartwatches that I have used. Everything is thought out and optimized for the convenience of the user, you can customize literally everything. Everything works quickly and conveniently, as it should, so I can safely recommend this bracelet for purchase.

+ high-quality, bright display;
+ excellent optimization and thoughtfulness of everything;
+ a huge number of settings and the ability to customize «for yourself»;
+ display of emoticons;
+ good autonomy;

— the packaging is not presentable;
— instructions in Chinese;
— not all emoticons are displayed.

You can buy here:
• Banggood
• AliExpress


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