For a long time, information has periodically slipped that Xiaomi is preparing to release its new Mi Pad 5 tablet. And now, some information about the new product has already appeared.

MySmartprice was able to retrieve pictures of tablet accessories from the CNIPA (National Intellectual Property Administration) database. Namely, the photos show a keyboard case similar to that of the iPad Pro. The case received a cutout for a square-shaped camera block and contacts are visible from below. It is possible to change the angle of inclination as needed. In addition to the case, the new tablet will also have a stylus.

According to previously known information, Mi Pad 5 will have a display with a diagonal of 10-11″, an IPS matrix with support for a refresh rate of 120Hz. At the back, there will be a camera in the style of the company’s flagship smartphone Mi11. The processor will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, and the battery will please the user with a “capacity” in the region of 9000 mAh. According to insider information, the release of the gadget should be expected in August.


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