Review of the portable percussion massager Yunmai Extra Mini from Xiaomi. The main feature is its compact size and light weight, which allows you to take it with you to training in the gym or outdoors. The principle of action is based on the massage of muscle fibers by simulating a blow. The impact amplitude in this model is only 7 mm, but four modes of impact are provided at once, differing in the frequency of oscillations.

Percussion Massager Xiaomi Yunmai Extra Mini

Not so long ago, a series of impact-type massagers under the Yunmai brand was launched on the Xiaomi site, differing in size. For example, the Yunmai Pro Basic model is a large pistol-type massager with a fairly serious force and amplitude of impact. And the review will present the compact model Yunmai Extra Mini, which is made at the level of the older model, but noticeably lighter in weight and more compact in size, which allows you to take this device with you to training.


Brand: Xiaomi Yunmai
Model: Extra Mini
Type: Pistol Type Percussion Massager
Article: MVFG-M281
Power supply: built-in battery 3.7V / 1300 mAh
Charging: 5V/2A USB-C
Operating time: 48 days with 10 minutes of massage per day or 8 hours of work in total from one charge
Noise level: about 47 dB
Nozzles: 4 pcs. silicone massage heads
Operating modes: 650 bpm, 1600 bpm, 2400 bpm, 3200 bpm
Impact force: up to 6 kg
Impact amplitude: 7mm
Size: 88 x 35 x 126mm
Weight: 240 g

The package includes: a case, silicone nozzles, instructions, a charging cable and the massager itself.

A separate plus deserves the presence of a convenient soft case for storing and carrying the kit. There is enough space with a margin for all nozzles and a charging cable. All together it weighs about 250 g, and it is quite possible to take it with you to the gym, relax your muscles after a workout.

The body of the massager is made of aluminum alloy with a wear-resistant coating, high enough quality to the touch. The impact amplitude in this model is only 7 mm, but four modes of impact are provided at once, differing in the frequency of oscillations.

It is charged from USB, one charge is enough for 8 hours of continuous work or for a month and a half at the rate of a 10-minute massage session per day.

As an indication, color signals are provided on the handle of the massager:
1st mode (yellow) is a sparing mode, only 650 beats per minute;
2nd mode (blue) universal, 1500 bpm. Enabled by default.
3rd mode (green) -2400 bpm;
4th mode (red) -3200 beats / min.

The case is marked with the Yunmai brand, the article number and characteristics of the charger. There are no backlashes in the articulation of the body parts, it sits solidly in the hand.

The photo clearly shows the piston, which is driven by a cam mechanism hidden inside the handle. Nozzles are replaceable.

In total, the kit includes four different silicone massage heads. They are installed quite simply and without effort, they sit firmly and do not jump off during a massage session.

The simplest nozzle is a universal smooth massage head for all types of muscles.

Another simple attachment is the fluffy massage head, which provides maximum comfort and a gentle, relaxing massage. Suitable for delicate massage or massage of sensitive parts of the body.

There is also a power nozzle — an arrow-shaped head for deep muscle massage. Especially after exercise.

The fourth massage head from the set is a fork attachment. Designed to massage areas located in the spine, joints, tendons, etc.

A small video review to demonstrate the operation of this massager model.

Percussion massager Xiaomi Yunmai Extra Mini can be taken with you to the gym, relieve muscle tension after a hard workout. And in general, this is an interesting option for a relaxing evening massage. Take it or not — you decide. In principle, the gadget does its job quite well, and the cost is low. Additional discount can be obtained with promo code: MINI6666 or EM0705 ($5 off). Dear friends, do not overdo it with massage, be sure to read the instructions — there are contraindications, and exposure to a number of areas is also prohibited.

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