The Xigmer Lunar X01 smart watch promised to be an interesting device, because for a very modest price we are offered a nice gadget with fitness functions, good autonomy and IP68 water protection. At a minimum, Lunar X01 competes with Mi Band bracelets, offering similar functions, but at the same time it has the form factor of a classic round watch with a 1.3″ screen and a resolution of 360×360. When I first met, I was pleased with their appearance, but the more time I spent with them and got acquainted with the functions, the more disappointed I became.

find out the cost of Xigmer Lunar X01

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The watch comes in a compact package with high-quality printing, on the front side there is an image of the model. As I found out a little later, the watch is a fake on the Haylou Solar LS05. Outwardly, they completely copy them, and the name Lunar is a kind of antonym for Solar.

Specifications on the back:

  • Screen: 1.3″ TFT with 360×360 resolution
  • Sensors: G-sensor, heart rate sensor
  • Battery: 250 mAh (from 14 to 30 days of work)
  • Bluetooth:4.0
  • Functions: 5 sports programs, pedometer, heart rate monitor, pressure measurement, sleep monitoring, screen notifications
  • Dimensions: 45.3mm x 11.4mm
  • IP68 water resistant

Included: watch, cable with magnetic contacts for recharging, instructions and warranty card.

The instructions have a section with the Russian language, but from the useful one, I will highlight only the qr code with a link to the application.

The watch looks nice and looks equally good on both women’s and men’s hands. Classic shape, round screen and small thickness.

Of course, round classic dials will look best on the clock.

The watch case is metal and painted in dark grey, graphite color.

The only physical button is located on the right side.

On the reverse side is a plethysmographic sensor and contacts for recharging.

The strap is interchangeable.

Strap width 22mm, various options of leather, fabric, silicone or metal on sale mass.

The included strap is pretty good. Soft and pleasant to the skin, moderately stretches. The range of sizes allows any adult to use, for a child they can be too big.

The screen has good detail, especially considering the cost of the watch.

The brightness is enough for comfortable use indoors and outdoors in the shade.

But under direct sunlight, the screen fades, it lacks brightness and it becomes more difficult to make out the time.

In general, for the design, I would rate the watch excellent, but since this is a borrowed design, we will just move on to the next item.

Let’s move on to the capabilities of the watch and perhaps I’ll start with the dials. In total, 5 watch faces are preinstalled, you can change them if you hold your finger on the current watch face for a few seconds. I won’t say that the variety is great, but in principle there is plenty to choose from. And through the application, you can download a dozen more good watchfaces. There are analog, digital, with additional information and minimalistic ones.

Swiping from top to bottom you will be taken to a screen with quick access to the main functions: do not disturb mode, bluetooth connection, brightness adjustment and go to the settings section.

The settings section is nothing interesting. There is information about the watch and firmware, searching for a smartphone, resetting to factory settings and a qr code for downloading the application.

The main section will open if you swipe up and down. There is a measurement of heart rate, blood pressure, information about notifications (translated as news), a pedometer, a stopwatch, sleep monitoring, sports programs and weather.

Everything is very, very simple. So simple that after the first visit to the sections, you will never want to re-enter them. That is, if this is the weather, then only for the current moment. If a pedometer, then how many have passed right now. And if sleep monitoring, then only for the last night. Only current indicators, no statistics for the previous period.

Pulse — yes, they measure. And surprisingly quite accurately, the readings coincide with the Mi Band 4.

But pressure is just an indicator and several consecutive measurements show completely different results.

Maybe something interesting came up with sports programs? No, like everything else here, it’s empty. There are 5 programs available in total, but they actually do not differ in any way. Climbing, running and walking show steps, distance, heart rate and time. Swimming and cycling — heart rate and calories burned. Training is not saved anywhere, no statistics are kept.

Moreover, they think very inaccurately. I ran 1 km on the treadmill, the clock counted 850 meters. The pulse is generally measured once every few minutes and is greatly underestimated, so it is impossible to focus on it. There are answers to popular questions in the FAQ, and they even consecrated this moment, they say the clock counts the pulse accurately only if you are at rest. What for then is he generally needed in sports programs?

What else? Well, the watch notifies about calls, but the vibration is weak and it is easy to miss it in clothes.

Messages from the specified applications are displayed on the screen. The Russian font is supported, but in the tradition of the best cellars, each letter goes through a space.

At this stage, I decided to disassemble the watch, because there was no longer any confidence in it and I was afraid to check the water resistance in the pool. And as it turned out for good reason, the back cover on 4 screws is simply attracted to the case through the ring gasket. It will protect from the rain, but it’s worth diving into the pool and I think the fenders will come for hours immediately. The battery inside seems to be honest, at least it is marked as 250 mAh.

There is nothing interesting under the battery, on the right you can see a vibration motor.

Gutted them as much as possible to get to the components.

Flash memory is the same as the original XT25F128BWOIG, but the Realtek RTL 8762CK processor, which noname manufacturers like to use. The processor, by the way, is so-so, even scrolling through the menu is not smooth, it clearly lacks power.

And here is such a marking on the screen.

In general, everything is relatively good, but with IP68 the guys obviously got excited, you definitely can’t swim in this watch. Interestingly, while studying the instructions, I found this note: the warranty does not cover the following conditions: damage caused by improper use of the product, for example immersion in water. Well, what, okay? IP68 watch with swimming sport mode, which can not be submerged in water.

Well, to finally finish you off, I’ll show you an application called TFit and is available in the Play Market. On the First tab, you can see daily indicators for steps and heart rate measurements, as well as statistics for the elapsed time. My sleep monitor refused to work normally showing zeros and only recently I found out that it automatically turns on from 22.00 to 8.00 and to see the result, you need to go to the application in the morning after 8.00 and synchronize the clock. If you do not synchronize, then the data will be overwritten the next day and will not be included in the statistics. Sleep time cannot be changed.

The second tab is sports. It has nothing to do with watches at all. The application takes information from the GPS of the smartphone, showing the track on the map and simply counts the time and calories.

3 tab refers to the clock settings. Here you can sync your watch with the app, turn on some useful features, such as low activity reminder or automatically turn on the screen when you raise your hand. There is a remote control of the camera with a shake, but only the rear camera worked for me (the selfie did not start).

Now about notifications. They only come from the list of apps in the app. There is no viber, cart and skype, only vatsap and calls are useful. And there is also a super alarm clock that will vibrate 3 times at the appointed time, and if you don’t wake up, it’s your problem. Like a spoon of honey in a barrel of tar — a few interchangeable dials, but they do not save the situation.

The last tab deals with personal data and device information. You can update the firmware, but for now the application says that the current version is up to date.

In general, a very good watch in appearance, was completely killed by disgusting software. Perhaps over time, the firmware will be finalized, and the application will be made more functional, but I have very little faith in this. With the current possibilities, I strongly do not recommend this model for purchase and recommend taking the original Haylou Solar LS05 from which this craft was molded. You can also look at something from Amazfit, most recently I made a selection of current models.

find out the cost of Xigmer Lunar X01


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