The novelty of the company is presented in several tablets of various diagonals. And despite this, each drawing tablet received an interactive stylus with an intelligent X3 chip, specially adapted for beginner artists. In addition, the new ruler will be an excellent material for students of art schools.

The advanced X3 chip developed for the manufacturer’s new graphic tablets is able to recognize the signals taken from the stylus pen smoothly and quickly. At the same time, thanks to digital transmission signals, an increased sensitivity of the IAF is achieved with a pressure of only 3 grams. The redesigned stylus spring design has now received a new intelligent mode of operation. As a result of which, the pull-off distance was significantly reduced and is no more than 0.6 mm. At the same time, the rebound is almost not felt, and the stylus itself feels no different from a pencil or pen.

Each model of the updated tablet received its own screen size. At the same time, the characteristics of these screens are the same. They are united by high contrast and color reproduction of IPS-ADS technology. Wide viewing angles of at least 178 degrees.

Connection to various devices is carried out via a wired USB Type-C interface. And in addition, each tablet has an HDMI port, mini jack 3.5 for connecting headphones and a slot for connecting external power. The older Artist models come with a convenient folding stand that provides the best tilt during operation.

Each model has a marking showing the diagonal of the installed screen. And since it’s a tablet, you can use it to watch movies, play games, or read documentation. In this case, the image can be duplicated or output to other devices.

Tablets are presented in four colors: black, green, blue and pink. That will allow each artist to show their individuality and choose their optimal color for creativity.

On sale 11.11, the entire line of XPPen Artist 10 (2nd), XPPen Artist 12 (2nd), Artist 13 (2nd), Artist 16 (2nd) from the manufacturer is presented at an attractive price.


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