I have tried many smartphone cases over the years. And there are always some shortcomings that I would like to correct. I would like protection, but protected cases are uncomfortable and almost always lack ergonomics. There are options with convex corners, which are made of silicone, but they change color very quickly and lose their appearance. I generally dismiss options with protected glass at the back now as impractical. Ordinary TPU cases are completely devoid of hope for the safety of the phone. And so, after many years and many attempts, I found a case that satisfied all my preferences in terms of ergonomics, quality, and protected properties.

In general, I didn’t plan to write a review, but the cover surprised me, and I decided to share my opinion, suddenly someone will help in choosing.

In general, this manufacturer has an official store, it has many models of cases for the following companies: Xiaomi (Redmi), Huawei (Honor), Ipnone, Samsung, Realme, Oppo, Vivo and others

Here is the link to the official store

Also, many options are searched for on request «XUNDD case»

The main selection criteria was a certificate of crash testing of phones in these cases, and YouTube videos looked very natural.

Here is the certificate

The case comes in a box with the brand logo on the front side and the smartphone model is written on the bottom left
Manufacturer information on the back
Here gratitude and information on patenting.
Packed inside with plastic blister
The case itself stands out for its raised rubber corners, but it’s not thick.
The camera is fully protected, all lenses are separate and there is a side
There are no complaints about the processing of holes, no casting flaws and curvature are visible

On the side there is a hole for a fingerprint sensor, as well as a lanyard mount,
volume rocker and XUNDD logo on the other side

Let’s see how the case looks on the phone.

There are no complaints about the slots for the connectors, they converge identically.
The camera is protected at its best
The finger on the sensor sits comfortably, there are no barriers
Also the volume buttons work great
View from above
Bottom view. There is a protective glass on the bottom, it has not been scratched for 3 months, we will observe. There was no metal mug, this is my revision for a magnetic holder
It lies just fine in the hand.

I would like to note the ergonomics of this case. Thanks to the convex elements, it sits in the hand like a glove. There is no way to drop it. And most importantly, the sides of the cover themselves are thin enough not to reduce convenience. It does not feel bulky, on the contrary, the sensations from the complete silicone case are as if it is thicker than the subject. Also, the phone in this case has already jumped from the table to the floor a couple of times, but it’s intact. Without a case, it would definitely be time to say goodbye to the display glass. In general, the review is prepared in order to acquaint readers with this brand. You just need to clarify whether your smartphone model is from this manufacturer. Well, the presence of a crash test certificate warms the soul a little, instilling hope in the quality of the protective properties of the cover. That’s all I have, I hope the article was useful.


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