Review of an interesting gadget from Xiaomi Youpin: a fresh model of a Wi-Fi endoscope for a smartphone. Youpin Bebird X17 Pro is a specialized device for monitoring hard-to-reach places, which allows you not only to assess the condition or save a photo-video image, but also to carry out cleaning manipulations.

Endoscope for smartphone Youpin Bebird X17 Pro

Examples of other endoscopes, including for households. activities and repairs can be viewed in a separate article. I also recommend looking through the review of the Andonstar AD206S digital microscope for soldering and repair, which also comes with an endoscope.
So, the hero of today’s review is a modern Wi-Fi endoscope Youpin Bebird X17 Pro from the Youpin site, designed to work with a smartphone. This interesting gadget works with the Bebird application and allows you to inspect the parts of interest, including a number of manipulations, such as cleaning. The function of creating photo and video files allows you to save information for the future for analysis.

Brand: Bebird
Model: X17 Pro
Type: Smartphone endoscope
Power supply: Built-in battery 350 mAh, USB-C
Interface: Wi-Fi (hotspot)
Video stream output support: 30fps
Working time: about 90 minutes per charge
Features: built-in accelerometer, accessories included
Optical parameters: lens diameter 3.5mm, focal length 15mm (15-25mm DOF), field of view 55° FOV

Endoscope for smartphone Youpin Bebird X17 Pro comes in branded packaging, with instructions and a rich set of consumables.

The quick start guide contains links to the Bebird App, as well as basic instructions for using the X17 Pro endoscope.

The appearance of the gadget is shown in the images below.

There is a stylized «Bebird» logo on the body of the handle and stand.

The endoscope consists of a handle with a built-in camera and control module, and a heavy metal stand.

The stand simultaneously functions as an organizer and charger. In the pen itself, a metal contact is installed for these purposes.

The pen has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for approximately 90 minutes of operation. To recharge, simply place the gadget on the stand and connect the USB-C cable. Charging time is about 2 hours.

As for the organizer function, Bebird comes with a range of cleaning and inspection tools.

Part is directly in the stand, and part is in the box, for replenishment.

Also included with the Bebird X17 Pro are disposable cleaning tools, tips, and a USB-C charging cable.

The metal cap protects the working body — a holder with a camera and a nozzle, and also acts as an activator. A magnetic sensor is hidden in the case, which turns on the gadget itself and raises a Wi-Fi access point to connect a smartphone.

The camera sensor is a small dot in the center of the attachment. The focus is short — about 15 mm. There is very little in the field of view, in close proximity to the nozzle. Please note that there are no protective lenses, try to keep the camera clean.

In fact, using the gadget is extremely simple. Remove the cap — the device is activated and connected to the smartphone. Next, we send to the desired place, carefully and slowly inspect. Of course, you must first charge the endoscope, as well as bind the device in the application.

With the help of such a gadget, you can inspect the condition, control the cleaning, detect foreign objects (if any). Before use, study the instructions, and do not climb where you should not.

The Bebird application can be downloaded from the Market and the App Store. The application supports several models at once.

We add Bebird X17 Pro, for this you need to find and connect to the access point «Bebird-xxxx» in the search for Wi-Fi networks.

With a live image on your smartphone, you can see the available places. Please note that the application has a software function for selecting the focus mode — wide or narrow field of view. The functions of flipping, saving photo-video files, and viewing them are also available.

An example of a saved snapshot.

Snapshot file properties.
As you can see, the resolution is only 720 x 930 pixels, which corresponds to about 0.7 megapixels. Not enough, of course. I would like more (2 … 5 megapixels). On the other hand, such a picture is transmitted quickly and without delay over Wi-Fi, which is more important.

Use such gadgets at your own risk. The use of such a device does not replace a visit to a specialist.

In general, a useful thing. And not only for their intended purpose — such endoscopes with the ability to save can be used for educational projects and other purposes. At one time, I evaluated a contract engine with a simple endoscope. So, the endoscope for Youpin Bebird X17 Pro smartphone is an inexpensive model of a useful gadget that can help in difficult times. Take it or not — it’s up to you, perhaps in the future there will be models that provide a higher level of resolution.

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