In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine any construction or production without the use of electric welding technology. Now such a tool has become available literally for everyone. Therefore, in this publication you can find welding machines for home and semi-professional use. I also draw your attention to the fact that below you can find devices in different price segments.


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And one of the most inexpensive models of welding machines on this list begins the selection. A kind of this model is designed for home use. The device has compact dimensions, which are only 200 * 85 * 120 mm, which makes it easy to use at height or in other difficult situations. The working output current of the inverter can be adjusted from 20A to 250A. Moreover, it is worth noting that, despite its compact size, the device can really work with two and three electrodes. Another plus of this option is fast delivery from a local warehouse located in the Russian Federation.

Deko DKA-200Y

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The next model of the device from Deko can be an excellent compromise between features and price. In addition, Deko has an honestly deserved reputation and many years of experience in the manufacture of various tools. This model is sold in three versions with different maximum output current up to 250A. The seller can arrange fast delivery from many countries, including Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Andeli MIG-250E

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This is another good model of a welding machine from Andeli. The device has dimensions of 410 * 300 * 320 millimeters, while its weight is 7.8 kilograms. The maximum operating current of the device is 120A. The advantage of this model is the ability to carry out welding work in semi-automatic mode, using a special wire. Semi-automatic mode is used without the formation of a protective gas environment.

Pracmanu ARC-225

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And this is another relatively budget model of a classic welding machine from Pracmanu. This device for residents of the Russian Federation can be delivered from a local warehouse. The device is capable of delivering from 40 to 225A current in operating mode. This is a compact model with dimensions of 250 * 100 * 150 mm and weighs only 2.5 kilograms. The device is simple and reliable, and, in my opinion, is perfect for home use.

Resanta SAI190K

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And this is another simple and reliable model manufactured under the Resant brand. The device supports adjustment of welding current from 10 to 190A. It is compact and lightweight and also has excellent value for money. In the production of the welding machine, attention was paid to electronics and other fillings, but they simplified the appearance and various additional functions that you can do without. However, the only disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that the device can only be delivered to residents of the Russian Federation.


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The following is a welding machine model for more advanced users, which supports five welding modes, namely MIG, MAG, TIG, FLUX, MMA. This device has earned great recognition among buyers for its great functionality and reasonable price. To fine-tune each of the modes, there are special convenient controls and digital displays. The delivery set includes everything necessary for welding in all listed modes.

Hitbox MIG200

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This is another semi-professional welding machine model from Hitbox, which is capable of welding in the following modes: MIG, ARC, TIG, MIG200. In MIG mode, this model of welding machine supports the use of wire from 0.6 to 1 mm. It should also be noted that coils from 1 to 5 kg can be installed in the wire feeder, and the feed speed is 3-18 meters per minute. For welding in the classical mode, electrodes with diameters up to 4 mm can be used. The device can be ordered with delivery from many countries, including Russia.

Keyue MIG-120

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The following is a model of welding machine from Keyue, the machine can work in semi-automatic or manual mode. At your request, the kit may include interchangeable welding heads, as well as consumable wire. The device is capable of operating with a maximum output current of 120A. To work in semi-automatic mode, the device supports wire with a thickness of 0.8 to 3 mm, when working in manual mode, you can confidently work with electrodes with a diameter of 3-4 mm. This option can also be ordered with delivery from Russia.


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This device is balanced in terms of features and price. There is a possibility of fast delivery for residents of the Russian Federation. The output working current of the device is 135A, which allows welding mild steel up to 4 mm. The device is equipped with a high-precision output current ammeter, as well as reliable protection against overheating. The overall dimensions of the device are 390 * 165 * 295 mm, while its weight is 6.9 kilograms. When working in semi-automatic mode, you can use a wire with a diameter of up to 1 millimeter.


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And the last device in the publication is represented by a model from Hzxvogen. The device supports three basic welding modes: MIG, TIG and MMA. In this case, the maximum possible arcing current is 160A. To control the welding modes, there is a convenient and informative digital display. The power of the device allows the use of wire with a diameter of up to 1 mm and electrodes with a diameter of up to 3.2 mm.

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