Any constructor is good for non-boring self-development, and a constructor with a lot of details is even better. I think I won’t be mistaken if I say that every kid (under 40 and older) will be happy to assemble a car, tractor or tank with his own hands, and if after assembly it is still controlled from a remote control, then you can experience real delight. In the selection, I collected just such block designers, the assembly of which will take a lot of time, but the result will cause a feeling of joy and satisfaction from the work done. Such a designer will always be a welcome gift.

Sports coupe with motion programming

I’ll start with compact, but technologically advanced models. On the product page, there are two options for sports cars for 289 and 325 parts. The set of the designer includes an engine and a control unit installed in the car. The finished machine is controlled from a complete 2.4GHz control panel (works at a distance of up to 25 meters) or from a smartphone. Moreover, with the help of a simple block programming language Scratch, elementary in mastering, you can make your own scheme for the movement of cars (turns, stops, etc.).

Formula 1 big racing car

The coolest prefabricated Formula 1 car model with more than 1100 parts. The scale is 1:14, so the length of the finished model is as much as 50cm. There are six colors to choose from. In the red version, you can choose a kit with an engine, a control unit and a remote control. The car has a lot of moving parts, as well as an excellent «combat» coloring in the form of emblems and inscriptions.

Mobile command center

Large constructor of a mobile police command center. Number of parts 715 or 508pcs. The main large car can be built in three different modifications. Plus, 27 different types of wheeled, water and flying equipment, as well as a robot, are available for assembly from the set.

The legendary SUV UAZ 3151

The SUV is a legend of the domestic auto industry — UAZ 3151. A relatively expensive designer contains as many as 2968 parts, so it will take more than one day to assemble it slowly. The assembled model measures: 16.5x38x18.5cm. The design has a large number of moving elements, including suspension elements. The wheels are made of rubber. You can choose a regular kit or an advanced one with an engine.

Construction wheeled caterpillar equipment

On the product page, you will find a wide range of wheeled and caterpillar construction equipment. The choice includes: excavator, grader, tractor, crane, roller and other models. Models differ in the complexity of assembly and the number of parts: from 288 to 841 blocks. All models are mobile with a large number of moving parts.

Constructor for assembling a car with unusual wheels

A constructor from which you can assemble a car with a brutal appearance and completely unusual wheels. Each of them has nine movable cylinders, which provide the car with sideways movement and rotation around the axle without turning the wheels. The model consists of 491 parts, including control modules, motor, battery and remote control. The car can also be controlled from a smartphone, including for the possibility of step-by-step motion programming.

RC racing hypercar

High-quality prefabricated model of a racing hypercar with 1254 parts. The constructor comes in two versions with and without an engine and a remote control. The assembled car has amazing detail work, there is even a dashboard. The engine version is additionally equipped with headlight illumination. Model size: 165x355x90mm.

Crawler robot with manipulators

Also, to some extent, automotive equipment … of the distant future, in the form of an unusual caterpillar robot with a wireless remote control. The robot consists of 408 parts. It has a large number of moving parts and the ability to move in any direction. Eye lenses glow, manipulators rotate. Can be controlled from a smartphone.

Ghostbusters buildable car

I think this car needs no introduction. When you look at him, the characteristic sound of an unforgettable horn and the screech of tires of this hero from the movie «Ghostbusters» immediately sound in your head. The car in the film was called ECTO-1 and was built on the basis of a 1959 Cadillac in the back of a Miller-Meteor. The constructor from which you can assemble a replica of this car contains 1126 parts, so that long-term assembly pleasure is guaranteed. Lots of moving parts, opening doors.

Motorcycle from 986 parts

In conclusion, I will dilute the selection with a designer to assemble a cool bike for 986 parts. The model has a large number of moving parts, and their main volume falls on the engine and drive system — a bunch of rotating gears. The motorcycle is equipped with a special rear wheel stand so that it can be rotated in place.

I hope that the variants of block designers of wheeled and caterpillar vehicles collected in the selection were interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular collections of goods and reviews on interesting things a little lower in the author’s profile. Thank you for your attention. Happy and profitable shopping!


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