Today in the selection I have collected 10 nozzles for a drill / screwdriver, which will almost certainly be useful for home repairs in an apartment or house for every master. They are inexpensive, but sometimes indispensable: for example, when you need to drill / screw something in a hard-to-reach place, remove a broken screw, carry out dust-free work, quickly clean the tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen, etc.

Magnetic screw holder

Cheap, but, at the same time, a very useful contraption.

It will quickly solve the problem of slipping and falling screws when screwing in fasteners.

Nozzle dimensions: length — 23 mm, diameter — 15 mm.

The nozzle can be purchased as one, or in a set of three (in the latter case, oddly enough, more expensive and paid delivery).

There is a demo video on the product page.

Magnetic holder with swivel mechanism

This is a great option for screwdriving/screwdriving jobs where a slight slope is required.

The total length of the nozzle is 90 mm, the diameter is -15 mm, the angle of inclination of the hinge is up to 20 degrees.

Of course, it is not suitable for all hard-to-reach places, but in most cases it will come in handy.

Angle bits for screwdriver

And these are options for more inaccessible places.

Here you can buy a nozzle with a rotation angle of 105 degrees (its dimensions are 59×30 mm), or similar to it, but elongated (dimensions 140x32mm).

Or a flexible shaft with a total length of 200 mm. It is more difficult to work with them, but it is more versatile.

Nozzle for quick change of drill bit

A handy device if you need to constantly alternate drilling and screwing. Here you do not have to spend time replacing the drill with a bit, it will be enough just to turn the nozzle.

The nozzle is sold only in a set, which, in addition to itself, includes a 4mm, 5mm drill, a set of bits and a hex screwdriver.

The length of the nozzle is 142 mm.

Screw extractor set

Here you can choose from sets with 4, 5 or six extractors.

The length of one is 51 mm, the material of manufacture is tungsten carbide.

The extractors are double-sided, occupy a minimum of space and are stored in a plastic case.

They perfectly remove damaged bolts with stripped threads, which can no longer be unscrewed with a screwdriver.

Simply indispensable for home and garden.

Angle drill attachment with and without chuck

Before screwing screws in hard-to-reach places, sometimes you need to somehow get there with a drill.

In such situations, this adapter will come in handy: it has a hex shank on one side (inserted into a keyless chuck), a handle is located further, and a keyless chuck for a drill is located at an angle of 90 degrees (for standard diameters from 1 to 10 mm).

This attachment withstands torque up to 25Nm and maximum speed up to 1500 rpm.

Keyless and mini drill chucks

There are several keyless cartridges of different sizes at the link.

They are easy to use if you need to change drills or bits frequently.

These cartridges are usually mounted on hammerless drills / screwdrivers and are used for drilling wood blanks or thin metal, plastic, small diameter drills; they can’t handle heavy loads.

Very tiny cartridges are used to perform point work — if you need to drill some little thing.

Nozzles dust collectors

So that when drilling the walls in the apartment there is no dust, you can use these dust collectors.

After all, dust is not only the need for cleaning, but also the rapid wear of the tool itself and its aggregate parts (hammer drill, drill or screwdriver).

Of the three proposed options, the “accordion” nozzle is the most effective — it is made of dense rubber with seals in the kit; it is fixed on the drill (with a drill diameter of 6-14 mm) and in the process of work it gradually folds like an accordion following the progress of the drill.

The result — all the dust is «sucked» inside, and does not scatter around the room.

Step drill set

Such drills will go for drilling tin, aluminum, wood and plastic, they will not take serious metal.

It is better to order them from China (from the Russian Federation it turns out more expensive), there are options to purchase both one at a time and in a set of 3 pieces, with or without a case.

For convenience, these drills are marked on the edges.

Set of nozzles for cleaning (quick cleaning of surfaces)

Excellent nozzles for cleaning almost any surface: be it a bathroom or kitchen, tiles, plumbing, glass, floors, carpets, dishes and more. Also suitable for car cleaning.

At the link you will find 17 options: these are brushes, brushes of various diameters, polishing nozzles, extension cords, cleaning products.

The nozzles have a hex shank, suitable for any screwdrivers, there is also an option for a grinder.

This concludes the selection, I hope you have found screwdriver bits that are useful in the household.

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