Agree, each family member should have individual personal hygiene items. In our family, everyone has their own personal nail care equipment. There was an idea to buy beautiful sets of tools in a special case for all household members. I’ve looked at these kits.

Manicure set MR.GREEN in a case of 8 items


The constant leader in the sale of manicure accessories on Aliexpress is the manufacturer MR.GREEN. The set of tools presented in the selection consists of 8 items: scissors — 2 types, 2nd nipper, glass nail file, tweezers, pimple removal needle, ear cleaning stick. The set is sold in a branded eco-leather zippered case. The case can be selected either green or grey. Buyers write: great set.

Delivery from Russia. There is a 50% discount and a coupon of 215 rubles

Vchoce 8-Piece Manicure Set


Speaking for myself, sets of the nth number of devices are not for me. I know exactly which tool I use, and I consider the rest superfluous and see no reason to overpay. Therefore, at the beginning of the collection, I will add compact, but with all the necessary tools, kits for home nail care. Here is another cool manufacturer whose products are recognized by buyers. The Vchoce 8-piece manicure set is made of stainless steel and comes in a branded case made of durable fabric.

Now on sale at a big discount. Will be in time for the New Year

Ouriner 9-Piece Manicure Set


Another set of tools, similar in configuration and style. This 9-piece Ouriner manicure set comes in a signature zipped leather case. The manufacturer specifies that the set is suitable for face care, hands and feet. Buyers write about him: instant delivery, soundly, decently.

There is a big discount and coupon 215 r

Xiaomi 5 Piece Manicure Tool Set


Such versatile and compact sets are perfect for travel. And also for the use of tools by children of independent age. This is the set I ordered for my son. Both he and I were satisfied. Miniature Xiaomi tool kit. It includes 5 manicure items and a cool plastic case. Manicure set includes clipper, ear stick, nail scissors, nail file and tweezers. All accessories included in the set are made of high quality stainless steel and packed in a shockproof ABS case.

Feedback from other users: Great! Great for a gift!

Manicure set with 9-piece magnetic case


A great gift for any occasion: a bright case, a complete kit for caring for your nails. This compact case houses 2 panels with 9 stackable tools. The lid, like the plates, are held by strong magnets. All appliances are made of stainless steel.

Seller’s coupon applies.

Manicure set MR.GREEN 3/4 pieces


It is possible to complete the set yourself to choose from, 3 or 4 tools. The set comes in a leather case with a magnetic closure. This is a quality tool, judging by the reviews, and well designed. Buyers write about the product: super. Agree, such a set, weighing no more than 115 grams, can be taken on business trips or travel.

There is a 40% discount and a coupon of 215 rubles

Ouriner 4-Piece Manicure Set


This compact Ouriner signature set consists of just 4 pieces: wire cutters and a nail file. It will be appreciated by users who travel a lot. The set does not take up much space in the bag and is suitable for nail care for both women and men. Stainless steel, good workmanship, branded plastic case and good product reviews.

Now 53% discount

Manicure set MR.GREEN of 9 items


Manicure set MR.GREEN 9 in 1. Looks very stylish. The kit includes 9 personal care items, all made of stainless steel. This set of tools is sold in a branded leather case. Buyers are happy to leave real photos and share their emotions after use.

Coupon 215 rub

Manicure set Abdo 9-piece


Inexpensive 9-piece manicure set. The set of tools contains everything you need to care for nails of hands and feet, is sold in a stylish black plastic case, has an effective combination of colors in the design: black and red. The metal of each item is black coated. You can choose a different color scheme in which the case is made.

Very cheap.

Xiaomi 6-Piece Manicure Set


I think many have recognized the brevity of the design of one of the Xiaomi sub-brands. Unusual presentation — a hard plastic case with a sliding base that holds 6 items. The tools are all made of stainless steel, all useful, there are the most basic nail care tools: scissors, wire cutters and a nail file. Choose from 1 of 4 color schemes.

There is a good discount

All the sets presented in the selection of manufacturers popular on Aliexpress have all received good reviews from buyers. I think you liked the selection, and you have already easily chosen a gift for yourself or your loved ones.


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