Many men shave with modern multi-blade razors. There are many adherents of electric shavers. But the ranks of fans of conventional safety razors, replaceable blades for them and shaving brushes have recently begun to replenish. Someone thinks that this is the cleanest shave possible. It seems to some that the blades come out much cheaper than modern cartridges. And someone just likes the meditative process of classic shaving.

Razor Wilkinson Sword Classic

I use this machine myself. I bought on Ali in a Turkish store. Wilkinson Sword is a well-known English brand, currently related to the Schick trademark.

Therefore, everything is done smoothly, neatly, no surprises. The machine itself is plastic, but a metal rod is hidden in the handle for proper balance. Plastic has never let me down. The thread that secures the head to the handle looks like new. Excellent machine as the only one. Suitable as a first for beginners to master the classic shave.

In the same store you can buy blades for machine tools.

Customizable machine QSHAVE RD728

In 2017, the Chinese came up with the idea of ​​making a copy of the Merkur Futur. Ali has since filled hundreds of lots. I chose the link to the most popular one from QSHAVE with 5k orders. Another machine is sold under the name Ming-Shi 2000s, and most often simply with the name «adjustable razor». The handle has a 6 position knob. This does not change the angle of attack of the blade, as some people think. And the distance between the blade and the bottom plate. With the knob set to position 1, you get a gentle shave. At position 6 you get the most aggressive. So you can adjust the razor for yourself.

In the same lot the machine with a support is on sale.

Customizable Ming-Shi Unscrew 3000s

Under this name, the machine appeared three years ago on TaoBao. Now sold on Ali, but without a trademark.

This razor has 9 adjustment positions. Corrugated grip handle. It’s also a butterfly razor. That is, the top cover is decomposed into two halves, if you turn the top of the handle. Made from zinc alloy.

Includes a carrying case.

QShave Parthenon V2.0 Custom Shaver RD761

The characteristics are similar to the previous one. Also 9 steps of adjustment and this is also a butterfly machine. Made from bronze. The center of gravity is specially visited at the place of the grip, for the convenience of managing the shaving process. A magnet is mounted at the tip of the handle, which can solve problems with a lack of space for a razor on a shelf. It is enough to screw in a convenient place a screw with a large head.

Adjustable shaver YINTAL 9306X

Another adjustable butterfly razor. Made from bronze. You can choose different types of head coating: black, silver, golden, and bronze))). I have a similar black butterfly from YINTAL, only without adjustment. I can say that the coating keeps perfectly, and the knurling helps to confidently hold the machine even in a wet hand.

Razor Yaqi RAB1702

Let’s move on to conventional machines. An authoritative manufacturer of shaving brushes, slowly produces its own machines. This is the most popular model in their store. The handle is made of bronze, the head is made of zinc alloy. Everything is covered with a durable PVD coating. Reviews under the lot are purely positive.

Razor Qshave RD729

A very popular inexpensive razor. Made from zinc alloy. Chrome plated. Because of this, the knurling on the handle may not be very tenacious.

Judging by the reviews, the razor is made neatly, quite weighty. It is better not to rely on complete blades, just buy normal ones.

Razor HAWARD D653

Another popular budget machine. Made from aluminum and zinc alloy.

The lot has black machines, as well as «pink gold» for lovers and lovers of glamor. In the lot there are options with a stand and a brush for cleaning the head from bristles.

Dscosmetic DS-T7 stainless steel razor

On Ali, not only the most budgetary machines made of non-ferrous metals are blown, but you can find both entire machines and separately stainless steel handles and heads. There are many such razors in the Dscosmetic store. This lot is one of the most popular. There are 10 combinations of different heads and handles in the lot. Everything is made of 316L stainless steel. Details are processed on CNC machines.

Titanium alloy razor Dscosmetic DS-D8-T

Well, the most chic, the eternal machine made of titanium alloy. Hypoallergenic and not afraid of corrosion. There are two machine designs in the lot. Everything is made from Gr5 alloy. Details are processed on CNC machines. Each razor is individually numbered and proudly marked «Made in China».

Thus, on Ali you can buy T-shaped machines for every taste and budget. I am personally satisfied with the plastic Wilkinson Sword Classic when used with good blades. A lot of people really like the Merkur Futur replicas. And if, finances do not sing romances, you can buy a high-quality machine made of steel or titanium alloy.


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