Having a set of keys and heads at home makes our men’s lives much easier. This is especially noticeable with small repairs of equipment. And what to do when the sets are expensive, it is not convenient to store them, and they are not needed so often. A universal wrench will come to the rescue. It does not take up much space, is easy to maintain and, most importantly, its price is several times cheaper than tool kits. Let’s understand a wide variety of universal wrenches.

Universal Tiger Wrench

The Universal Tiger Wrench is a treasure trove of possibilities, with up to 48 wrenches in one. This diversity is achieved by the special structure of the key head. And thanks to such a large set, you can carry out simple repairs to a car, motorcycle, bicycle or assemble furniture. Head sizes are indicated from the ends of the nozzles. The heads are conveniently angled for access to hard-to-reach places. Heads are designed for nuts, torx or star profile. Anti-corrosion coating will increase tool life.

Adjustable wrench Snap N Grip

Universal wrench from 9 to 32 number. Therefore covers almost the entire range of nuts and bolts in the household. You should not keep a whole set of keys and sockets at home, now Snap N Grip will handle everything. Most likely, you should not count on power work, but this gadget will cope with most of the work.

Universal key head Towayer

A truly versatile tool for nuts and bolts. Sizes 7 to 19 (1/4′ to 3/4′) are supported. The tool has a convenient adapter for a different size, it also serves as a small extension cord. It is based on movable elements that are automatically fixed on the nut without participation and selection of the desired size. For not very precise and power work.

Supower pocket key

Outwardly, the key resembles a sliding one, as it has similar elements, but still it is a slightly different device. Firstly, the structure of the key itself is slightly different, and secondly, it is really miniature. Titanium material/alloy 6AL4V is used. Supports up to 25 metric and inch wrenches.

Sliding spanner LIGLORYPEAK

Some analogue of a sliding wrench, but of a different shape and capabilities. The adjustment range of the nut size selection is from 7 to 23, so it is quite versatile. A covering from environment-resistant chromium-vanadium alloy. During operation, up to 3 active hook points are involved, so you should not worry about eaten edges. Key in effect to replace a whole set of tools.

TAITU Torx ring wrench

Universal wrench from 8 to 22 number. It is made of high-quality steel using chrome-vanadium alloys, therefore it is not prone to rust and has high hardness. Allows you to unscrew any nut from size 8 to 22. Divided into 2 work surfaces with a range of keys 8-13 and 14-22.

Cross combination wrench

The universal key is presented in several variations and it is worth considering this when choosing. Since there are different nozzles at the ends. Basically, the tool is provided for access to technological boxes, switchgears and old-style railway doors. Additionally, the set includes nozzle bits for unscrewing self-tapping screws and screws.

Ratchet wrench mixxar ZK30

Allen wrench with ratchet. At the same time, it can be used as an extension for a more comfortable grip and unscrewing of outdated fasteners. Inside the gadget there is a chain, thanks to which the parts are unscrewed or twisted at a distance without the use of special extension nozzles. The squares used are 3/8″. Lever length 38 cm.


Hex key with adjustable torque. Universal tool for nuts from 10 to 19 number. The square used is 3/8″. It looks like a rather impressive tool that allows you to abandon a large number of heads or keys. It is based on chrome vanadium steel with a special coating.

Clamping wrench TUNDRA

The key works on the basis of a 6-piece clamping mechanism, with all 6 pieces falling on the face of the nut. Rubberized handles on high-quality metal. Dimensions allow you to unscrew elements from 12 to 20 mm. The clamping mechanism works by hand.

I hope my selection will help you choose your simple and easy-to-use universal key. Do not forget that for every tricky nut there is a threaded bolt.

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