Today’s post is about stationary audio players, sound sources in a quality home sound system.

Modern digital players have replaced CD players, now they and PC + DAC have become the main sound sources in high-quality audio systems. They play all digital content in high definition and many models have network and wireless capabilities.


Opens a selection of transport files with network capabilities from Jf. The MX-PRO model attracts with an unusual design — the entire front panel of the case is occupied by an 8″ high-resolution color touch screen. You can change the look. You can control it from the screen, remote control and mobile application.

The device is running Android OS, you can install applications. Housing made of aluminum in three colors.

The MX-Pro has the following digital signal outputs: coaxial, optical fiber, AES, I2S. 64Bit/768KHz and DSD512 files are supported.

Soundaware A1X

A1X (upgraded model) is a digital FPGA player with built-in quality DAC (AK4490) and advanced networking capabilities. There is also a headphone amplifier. For control, in addition to the remote control, you can use a mobile application.

The device has a large color screen and Russian language support in the menu. A high-quality shielded network transformer is used for power supply.

Network capabilities: Airplay, DLNA, SAMBA and so on. And, of course, Bluetooth.

The player supports audio files up to 384 kHz (PCM) and DSD64-256, and MQA support is implemented.


Serious network music player from SMSL. New model with ES9038PRO DAC and balanced outputs. Don’t forget the headphone jack.

Case dimensions: 228 x 210 x 71 mm On the front panel there is a large color screen and a universal encoder for control, there is also a remote control.

Device wireless capability: WiFi/Bluetooth(aptx)/DLNA/SAMBA(NAS)

Digital audio DSD (up to 11.2896 MHz / 1 bit) PCM (up to 384 kHz) is supported.


Another device from SMSL. SD-9 transport of digital files with digital outputs (including I2S).

The dimensions of the device are compact: 187x155x42 mm. But there is a color screen and a convenient control encoder.

There is a customizable 10-band equalizer ±12 dB.

USB supports media up to 4TB — any audio library will fit.

SMSL SD-9 has a bi-directional Bluetooth module with support for aptX and LDAC and even WiFI. The possibility of working as an external sound card for a PC is also declared.


Another «stuffed» and relatively expensive transport with networking capabilities.

D3/D3S is a digital transport supporting files up to 32bit/192kHz (PCM) and DSD64. The difference between the versions is in power supply and components, the D3S version has a high-quality Talema network transformer.

The screen of the device is 4.3 inches and there is support for the Russian language in the menu. There are silver and black colors.

Shinrico (XRK) D3S works with most file formats: FLAC, APE, WAV, M4A, AAC, WMA, MP3,
ALAC, OGG, TAK, TTA, WV, AIFF, DSD (DSD64, non-DST compression), DFF, DSF, SACD ISO. also in
implemented support for CUE and DTS files.

It supports control from the remote control and from a smartphone (Android and ios), there is support for Ethernet and UPnP / DLNA.

Aune X5S 8th

Updated DSD player with Aune X5S DAC. 8th version.

The player is relatively inexpensive, due to its compactness and lack of network capabilities. There are analog and digital outputs, including AES.

The case is made entirely of anodized aluminum Aune X5S. The dimensions are very compact 171×145×45mm. Choice of black or white. There is a small screen and a remote control.

For music carriers there is: a slot for a full-size SD card and usb A (flash drives up to 2 TB are supported).

Inside AK4490EQ DAC, audio output dynamic range up to 133.8dB. There is a Bluetooth version.


Budget digital player with DAC on ES9028Q2M (one per channel). There is a choice: a black or silver front aluminum panel and the presence of a bluetooth module (with APTX HD).

No network features, but low price.

The analog output to the amplifier is implemented on a pair of RCA connectors and a pair of XLR balanced outputs, and a 3.5 mm headphone output is not forgotten (there is AD847). There is an equalizer.

The digital output is traditionally optical and coaxial. Includes 12V 5A power supplies and remote control.


Budget and ultra compact model from BRZHIFI. On board DAC ES9038q2m. Total dimensions: 203x138x33 mm. There is a black and silver body panel.

For file media there is a USB A port with support for «flash drives» up to 128 GB, there is a special mobile application to control playback.

There is an analog RCA output (including a passive subwoofer), digital outputs and a headphone amplifier.

Universal power: either usb type C or 5-24 V on a 5.5×2.1 mm connector. Remote control included.

Eweat DMP50

The flagship Hi-end digital player DMP50 from Eweat completes the selection. DSD512 support. The analog output is fully balanced.

Top-level stuffing: 2xES9038PRO DAC, XMOS XU-216, you can put a hard drive up to 3.5″ inside.

Network Features: DLNA AIRPLAY, SAMBA and ROON. Bluetooth v 4.2 with aptX® HD.

Beautiful case with an aluminum front panel. There’s a juicy 5.5″ 1080P screen. Device dimensions: 426x300x85 mm.

I hope that the selection of stationary digital Hi-Fi players was useful and you will choose an option for your taste and budget.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to apply AliExpress coupons and discounts.


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