Today’s post is dedicated to modern car DVRs in the form factor of a rear-view mirror. This format of the device has some advantages: easy installation, does not interfere with the driver’s view, expands the capabilities of a standard rear-view mirror, and does not attract much attention from strangers. And if the device is supplemented with a GPS database of speed control places, then the driver will be able to avoid unnecessary fines.

Of course, there are no ideal solutions, and mirror DVRs have drawbacks: usually using a rear-view mirror becomes a little less convenient, plus such models are usually more expensive than classic windshield-mounted solutions.

Of the options for this type of DVR, the following are possible:

  • Rear camera with image display

  • WiFi module for communication with a smartphone and control via a mobile application

  • Satellite module with a base of speed control places

  • Parking mode

  • Additional mount

The selection includes the following models on the market in the Russian Federation (for a different budget and with various additional functions):

  • Navitel MR450 GPS

  • Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual

  • CARCAM Z8 WiFi

  • Vizant 955 Next

  • Roadgid Blick GPS

The prices are specified from official shops of producers.

Navitel MR450 GPS

Device price: 8990 rubles.

The selection opens with a mirror from the manufacturer Navitel (also known for navigation software). The MR450 model is equipped with a 5.5″ IPS touch screen with a resolution of 960×480. Mounting on a mirror is typical: rubber ties, the camera (SONY IMX307 sensor records 1920×1080 30 fps) has the ability to slightly adjust the shooting angle.

The kit comes with a wired rotating rear camera (Full HD recording).

The model has good equipment: there is an updated GPS camera base and a wireless module for a mobile application, as well as a parking mode with a shock sensor. Among the shortcomings: a weak lithium battery, an outdated mini-USB connector and cards up to 64 GB.

With an official purchase, a voucher is given as a gift for the annual use of the Navitel Navigator program.

Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual

Device price: 8699 rubles.

The model from Neoline combines the functions of Full HD traffic recording, a panoramic rear-view mirror, an additional rear camera with HD resolution, and a GPS camera base. The design of the X27 is somewhat different from other models, the main PTZ camera (PS5220 sensor with a viewing angle of 150°) looks under the regular rear-view mirror, and not to the side of it.

TFT Screen size 4.3″, under it are mechanical control buttons. Rear camera (1280×720) for external mounting, the image is displayed on the screen when reversing. The GPS module has a remote design.

To update the databases of speed control points, you need a PC and a card reader, there is no wireless module on board. Databases are updated every 2 weeks. The device is powered by a built-in lithium battery.


Device price: 7990 rubles.

The model from CARCAM, despite the low price, has a large IPS display with a diagonal of 9.66″ with a resolution of 1280 × 320 and a main camera (Sony Starvis IMX335 sensor) that records at a resolution of 2560 × 1440p. Moreover, the camera can be slightly extended to the side, thereby installing the registrar is possible on any car mirror. Touch control. In order not to damage the regular mirror, soft inserts are provided.

It comes with an IP67 protected rear camera with a 6m cable that records in Full HD resolution. It also helps with parking. Not forgotten parking mode with a shock sensor.

The main disadvantage of the model is that there is no GPS camera base. Although, there is a stamp of satellite coordinates on the video and WiFi with a mobile application (for settings and viewing footage).

Vizant 955 NEXT 4G

Device price: 12999 rubles.

Model 955 NEXT 4G is controlled based on Android 8.1 mobile OS (configuration 2/32 GB). This gives more options: you can use the OBD diagnostic adapter, navigator and wireless headsets. Large touch screen size 11.66″ (resolution 1920×380). Two-channel recorder: front shooting (GC2053 sensor) in Full HD resolution 25 fps, rear — 1280 × 720 25 fps. The rear camera helps with markings for safe parking.

For this model, two types of installation are available: on top of the standard mirror and instead of it. Inside WiFi and GPS module (external). There are warnings about stationary speed control places.

A feature of this model: the ADAS driver assistance system and the availability of 4G LTE networks for Internet access and remote access to the registrar. Among the shortcomings: outdated mini-usb connectors, long boot time, wireless diagnostics are not included in the basic package.

Roadgid Blick GPS WIFI

Device price: 15490 rubles.

The selection is completed by the model of the registrar for the standard mirror from Roadgid. Installation is fast. The model has a large and responsive touch screen with narrow frames and a diagonal of 9.66 ″ on the whole mirror, and the main camera (Sony imx307 sensor) retractable to the side, which records at a resolution of 1920x1080p. There is an effective night shooting mode. The rear camera (FullHD recording) can display video without blind spots in full screen while driving, and also helps when parking. You can mount it outside the car, there is protection against water.

As the name of the model implies, there are GPS modules (remote) and WIFI (for a proprietary mobile application) on board. The bases of control places and firmware are regularly updated (it will take a couple of minutes from the application).

Of the additional functions, it is worth noting: the recording mode in the parking lot, the anti-sleep function, voice prompts and ADAS driver assistance.

This model has a lot of positive feedback from drivers (for example, on the CSN website). And the price of DNS is now 12999 ₽.

The final table for the considered devices:

Navitel MR450 GPS Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual CARCAM Z8 WiFi Vizant 955 NEXT 4G Roadgid Blick GPS WIFI
video processor Mstar 8339 Msc8328p HiSilicon Hi3556V200 Spreadtrum SL8541E Mstar 8339
Main camera sensor SONY imx307 PS5220 Sony Starvis IMX335 GC2053 Sony Starvis imx307
Night mode Yes No Yes No Yes
Recording resolution 1920×1080 30 fps 1920×1080 30 fps 2560×1600 30 fps 1920×1080 25 fps 1920×1080 30 fps
Viewing angle 160° 150° 150° 150° 170°
rear camera sensor GC2053, 1920×1080, 100° 1280×720 30 fps, 100° 1920×1080 30 fps, 130° 1280×720 25 fps 1920×1080, 140°
Screen type and size IPS 5.5″ TFT 4.3″ non-touch IPS 9.66″ IPS 11.66″ IPS 9.66″
GPS camera base Yes Yes No Yes Yes
WiFi module Yes No Yes Yes Yes

I hope that the selection of modern car mirror DVRs was useful and you will choose an option for your taste and budget.

Happy and useful shopping!


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