It is difficult to imagine a wardrobe of a modern man without gloves, especially in the cold season. I offer a selection dedicated to warm gloves from the Chinese site Aliexpress for men, I will talk about models made from different materials. I am sure that among the presented models you will choose the suitable option for yourself, which will help create warmth and comfort in the winter.


Winter plain gloves knitted using the cross pattern technique. The advantage of the model is the presence of Touch Screen technology, which will allow you to use touch screens even when wearing gloves. The seller offers six colors. Size one. Material — acrylic + polyester. Fleece fleece inside. If you prefer a classic style of clothing, then I recommend that you take a closer look at this model.


Model of winter men’s gloves, which will be warm regardless of weather conditions. They do not blow, it is comfortable to wear gloves if you move and perform physical activity. Material — lycra + polyester. Touch sensors are located on the fingertips of the accessory, and if you need to answer the phone, you will not need to take off your gloves. The model is rubberized and waterproof, so you can not be afraid of contact with snow. The color scheme includes seven options. Dimensional grid — S, M, L, XL, XXL.


Winter men’s gloves made of artificial leather in a classic design. Complement the business and casual style of clothing. Gloves are insulated with a thick layer of fur, they are comfortable at temperatures down to -15. Wind protection is provided — there is a sealing elastic band and a strap that can be adjusted. Suitable for medium sized hands. Sewn qualitatively. The seller offers four designs to choose from.


Model of men’s woolen gloves in which you will not freeze in cold weather. Gloves are made simply, but with taste, and if the design is not the main thing for you, then you will not regret your choice. Touch sensors work without problems. The color scheme includes six shades — khaki, blue, dark gray, light gray, army green, black. Single size. Suitable for representatives with medium hands. Look neat and tidy.


Men’s insulated sports gloves. They will be a great addition to a skier’s or motorcyclist’s suit. Material — polyester. Soft and pleasant fur lined. The model is windproof, frost-resistant. According to the seller, gloves will be warm at temperatures down to -20. The Touch Screen function is provided — this will allow you to use your smartphone without taking off your gloves, even in frosty weather. The model is sold in three colors — black, gray and blue. Single size.


Genuine deerskin gloves lined with 70% wool — imitation rabbit hair. Handmade, high quality. The skin is tender and soft, the color and style correspond to the description. The pattern type is solid. On the hand look elegant and expensive, stitched neatly. Size range — 11; 11.5; 12; 12.5; 13. The seller offers detailed instructions for measuring the hand, the table is clear.


Model of men’s gloves, which are designed specifically for cyclists. They are comfortable and warm at temperatures down to -7 Celsius. The seller offers three color options. The size range is wide — S, M, L, XXL. The material is similar to faux suede. When driving a bicycle in these gloves, you will be comfortable and warm, and even if the humidity level is high, your hands will not slip off. Another plus of the gloves is that they are waterproof.


Men’s heated motorcycle gloves are the solution for those who don’t like to be late. Plug in the gloves and they will dry in no time. Fully charged within three hours. Three temperature control modes. Heating is carried out from the outside of the glove. The lining material is coral fleece. The seller offers three color options for gloves. Size range — M, L, XL.


Men’s gloves, knitted from acrylic, will not let you freeze even in harsh winter. The lining is made of fleece. There is no size grid, the seller offers one size option. The model is sold in five colors: black, gray, green, brown and pink. Gloves sit on the hand perfectly, the model is warm and comfortable. React thumb and forefinger to the screen sensor, thanks to the Touch Screen function.

Winter men’s sheepskin gloves

The material from which the gloves are made is genuine sheep leather + fur. The accessory looks expensive and presentable. Frost-resistant gloves, suitable for use at temperatures up to -20 degrees. The seller offers two color options — black and brown. Single size. Gloves fit the average male hand. The model is soft, but durable, tightened at the wrist, which provides additional protection from the wind.

Before you finally decide on the choice of model, be sure to study the reviews, see what people write about the characteristics you are interested in. So, you will minimize the likelihood of dissatisfaction with the received goods, and the gloves will meet your expectations.


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