When you feel sorry for an ordinary vacuum cleaner, and there is a lot of dust and debris, a construction (household) vacuum cleaner comes to the rescue, designed to collect construction debris, cement dust, putty residues or mixtures. Such a vacuum cleaner is a rather voluminous plastic or stainless steel tank with a powerful engine (1 kW and above) and allows you to both collect garbage directly into the tank and work with bags to collect fine dust. Separately, I will highlight construction vacuum cleaners with the function of collecting water. They are distinguished by additional protection against water (IP44/IP54), an additional scraper nozzle included. All such models are also equipped with a float valve that prevents water from entering the engine when overturned or overfilled (blocks the suction hole inside the vacuum cleaner), or an electronic lock.

Construction vacuum cleaner KARCHER KWD 1

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A good basic version of the construction / household vacuum cleaner from KARCHER. Model KWD 1 W V-12/2/18 is equipped with a practical polymer tank with a capacity of 12 liters. The diameter of the hose is standard (35 mm), additional nozzles can be used, for example, to remove dust in conjunction with a power tool. The set includes two attachments, including a brush-scraper for removing wet debris. There is a function of blowing air, which is very useful. The assembled vacuum cleaner is quite light (3.6 kg), which positively distinguishes it from its analogues. An overview of the KARCHER KWD 1 model can be viewed at the link.

Construction vacuum cleaner KARCHER WD 3S

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Construction vacuum cleaner KARCHER WD 3S is a similar model to the previous one, one of the most popular in the KARCHER line. I note a stainless steel tank of 17 liters (quite practical), a long power cord (4 meters). The vacuum cleaner assembly is slightly heavier than the KWD 1 model, but the wheels on the bottom of the body are used to move it. A filter cartridge is provided for air filtration.

Construction vacuum cleaner Dexter Power VOD1530SWC

Another popular model that can be taken for a one-time repair. This is a Dexter Power VOD1530SWC vacuum cleaner. It is notable for the engine power of 1500 W, as well as a stainless steel tank of 30 liters. The socket for power tools located on the body allows you to use the vacuum cleaner in conjunction, for example, with a hammer drill or wall chaser, ensuring clean work and high-quality cleaning.

Construction vacuum cleaner PS-1400

An unbranded budget version of a construction vacuum cleaner, which can be bought for one or two repairs. Pretty simple in design, with a 20L tank (metal). I also note a polyurethane reusable washable filter and an additional outlet for connecting power tools.

Construction vacuum cleaner Fubag WD3

The Fubag WD 3 construction vacuum cleaner is a rather compromise option with a 15 liter plastic dust collector. Lightweight, compact, quite noisy during operation. The set includes 2 types of nozzles and 2 types of dust bags, and the handle on the top of the case is used for transfer. Motor power 1200 W.

Construction vacuum cleaner Vacmaster

The popular Chinese brand Vacmaster is widely represented on Aliexpress and offers a number of models for dry and wet cleaning. If we consider the basic version of the Vacmaster VQ1220PF, then I note the low cost, a 1250 W motor and a 20 liter polymer tank. The manufacturer claims a noise level of ~ 75 dB.

Construction vacuum cleaner Bort BSS-1440-Pro

For large volumes of work, it makes sense to choose a vacuum cleaner with an enlarged debris tank. For example, Bort BSS-1440-Pro, which is equipped with a capacious stainless steel tank of 40 liters. And the engine in this model is quite powerful — 1400 watts. Of the pluses — a long hose (4 meters) and a long network cable (6 meters), so no additional extension cords are required. But the vacuum cleaner itself is convenient to use in conjunction with power tools — there is a special socket on the panel. A detailed review of the Bort BSS-1440-Pro model is at the link.

Since I bought a similar construction vacuum cleaner, I stopped using a conventional vacuum cleaner to collect a large amount of dust / dirt / mixture residues after repairs. It is with such a construction vacuum cleaner that it is necessary to collect dust generated during repairs, including fine repairs and work in conjunction with a puncher or wall chaser. Why spoil a household vacuum cleaner when there is a specialized one that does a much better job and with a higher result. Yes, and the savings on filters for a household vacuum cleaner and its resource are obvious. I note that cleaning in the car has become easier, and the ability to collect wet garbage and construction waste is periodically needed. This is a great option as a gift, especially if you don’t know what to choose, and the cost of such a tool is more than symbolic. Save this collection for yourself, recommend to your friends! You can find other tests and reviews of smart gadgets and technology, as well as selections at the links below and in my profile.


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