Over the past few years, I have tried about three dozen wobblers
and spinners from AliExpress. There
a lot of rubbish, ranging from non-rotating spinners to non-playing wobblers.
But there are also good models that I am ready to recommend. Target fish are pike and
perch of the Karelian lakes. The checks were carried out in the middle of summer for long
week and a half trips, where a day on the water in a boat spent 10 or more

A bit of Chinese that was at hand while writing this collection

Important note. The last one and a half to two years on Ali happened
breakthrough — copies of wobblers from eminent
American, European and Japanese brands. The price tags on them are no longer $1, like
earlier, but in the region of $5-6. Not all copies are perfect, but many are very interesting.
For me personally, this is an occasion to thoroughly stock up and start the next season next
a series of experiments (I love this business). In the meantime, I’ll share what’s good
worked in recent years.

At the end of this collection I will show a few lures,
which, despite the external attractiveness, it is better to bypass. But
let’s start with the good stuff!

Top — copy of YO-ZURI L-minnow

This is the most killer option I have ever taken on Ali. And its price is only $1. For 10 years, a whole box of these wobblers has “wasted” for me. In the past, I was embarrassed by the penny models from Ali and usually dressed them in tight clothes with the thought “give me, maybe I’ll try this one,” when everything that was possible was tried. Now I put this model one of the first if it fits the current fishing conditions (color, size, depth, etc.). Pike of any size and perch grab this wobbler incredibly greedily. More than once it happened that the pike went out for other baits and did not take them, but then caught on this particular one. If you rate him on a five-point scale, then this is 4+.

Important – there are many similar models on Ali, but this one has length 7 cm and weight 8 gr. The actual depth is 0.5-0.7 meters. The best color is a natural color with an orange belly or copper with a black back (but here everyone chooses for himself). The optimal wiring for him is uniform.

deep sea

Trolling wobbler of medium size (11 cm). It plays stably, a large perch takes it confidently, and a trifle does not annoy with empty bites. The pike also does not pass by. In general, the wobbler definitely works. If it fits the parameters, you can safely add to the collection.

In terms of depth, the manufacturer promises up to 4.2 m, but, according to the sensations and underwater ridges, the boat at 4 km / h goes at 3-3.5 meters.

heavy pinwheel

An excellent heavy lure for deep-water postings and long-distance casts. Works very stably, without failures. Perch takes confidently. Pike too. The third number weighs 15 grams. and perfectly cuts off every little thing.

Of the minuses — with fast wiring, it floats to a depth of one and a half meters. Well, it twists the cord a little. It is better to put a couple of swivels.

Minnow with rattles

The penny variant. Looks like a copy of Rapala Shadow Rap or something. The perch takes, but not to say that it’s crazy (large). Pike came across only a small one. In general, a worker, but I will not put it in the forefront. Plays well, inside two rattles. It goes half a meter deep and is more suitable for uniform wiring, although you can also tweak it.

Copy of Rapala Deep Tail Dancer

Tracing paper with Rapala Deep Tail Dancer. I took under the Fishall brand. It also comes across under a couple of other brands and is noticeably cheaper, but I don’t know whether it’s exactly it or a “copy from a copy”. That’s why I’m giving a link to the one I have.

Plays nice and stable. For a 90 mm wobbler, a depth of up to 6 m is indicated. Actually, at some point, my copy remained at 6 meters, which confirms its characteristics. Large perch took well. In general, the model is definitely working.

Copy of Vibrax BlueFox

This is a copy of the famous Vibrax BlueFox, but at a price 10 times cheaper than the original. A couple of years ago, Ali had just a blockage, but then Vibrax came there and dispersed everyone. Now they occasionally come across, but without the image of a chanterelle on the petal.

The spinner itself is bomb. Turntable standard. There was a moment when we stood on the skeleton for several days, and a small perch 150-200 grams grazed right at the camp. At each evening dawn there was a couple of hours when it was possible to test on it all the contents of chests with baits according to the catch-and-release principle. The counterfeit bluefox brought fish on every cast. Well, 9 out of 10 for sure. On it it was possible to check whether the flock had departed. Although, most likely, there was not a flock, but a large plateau where the fish was constantly.

I am sincerely sorry for two things — that counterfeit goods are leaving (I think that 700-1000 rubles for a penny piece of metal is too much, although developers also need to be supported). And that there are no large sizes that would be of interest to larger fish. Dvushki and treshki are not suitable for a normal pike, if only because every little thing eats them all the time.

Multi-piece for spot casting

One of the first multi-partners to appear on Ali. They are made by the Shanghai company Hengjia. The bait plays just amazing! Even, perhaps, a bit too beautiful. Works both on a uniform wiring and on a fall. In terms of application, it is perfect for catching all kinds of windows, pits and other similar places where other wobblers or baits cannot scatter.

Due to the large size, the perch does not react to it, but the pike takes it normally. Trolling also dragged her. It is deepened by about a meter, the resistance is decent.

Another point is a lot of weight. The one that I have, and to which I put a link, weighs 27 grams with a length of 14 cm. You can find a similar one much cheaper, but it’s easier — it’s unlikely. If only a different form — under the crucian. And for such a weight, the spinning test must be appropriate.

There are a couple more wobblers that I wanted to talk about, but could not find them for sale. It looks like they won’t show up again. One of them was from Kastking, who sell good reels and cords. But for some reason, they closed the line of spinning lures altogether. It’s a pity.

However, not only good baits disappear with Ali. Dozens of others have sunk into oblivion, which were complete rubbish, but these are still for sale:

All three are quite large 11-centimeter. The ones on the left are all over Ali. They play poorly. I rinsed them for several years in Karelian lakes, but I did not see a single bite.

Those in the middle in the photo (it looks like a Rapalovsky clone) — on the contrary, they swing their tail so much that they can knock down the approaching fish (just kidding). In general, I also did not work out with them either in casting or “trailer” behind the boat. Only a crazy perch sat on the wobbler on the right once, although outwardly it seemed to be not bad.

There were also wobblers that could not swim! They “wound up” every other time and at any moment could float to the surface like a chip and not start the game even after repeated pulls. Thank God that all of them have disappeared from sale, and people are no longer fooled by non-working rubbish.

All the wobblers described above were tested at the same time of the year and in approximately the same water bodies (summer, large lakes of Karelia). I admit that in other conditions everything can turn out differently. The last example is that Rapala Team Esko lay in my chest for 10 years as a dead weight. How many did not try — only a crazy perch sat down. And this year on Onega he just broke the bank. I vacuumed everything from pike to a good perch, while the result of other baits was one and a half to two times worse.

In the end, I will repeat the good news about the mass appearance of all kinds of copies on Ali, albeit not so cheap. The assortment has expanded five times in comparison with the previous and the year before last. I have already ordered a dozen interesting models for myself, and before the beginning of summer, I will undoubtedly order more. I hope that at the end of the season there will be something to share. Well, I urge you to tell in the comments about your hit options with Ali. Especially if they are inexpensive!


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