Today’s selection is dedicated to flying objects that will be a great gift for the upcoming holidays. Agree, such toys cause joy and delight at any age. If you have long wanted to buy something that takes off / flies / soars for yourself, or you are looking for a gift for someone, then you will find my selection interesting. Here are collected toys for any age: safe for children and serious, controlled only by adults. All flying objects are now perceptible with good discounts and promotional codes.

New. Flying Ball — Illuminated UFO


This new product is becoming popular — an original ball that can be played with, like a ball that can be turned into a flat plate, as the seller calls it — UFO. In a word, a cool flying ball. The seller offers different colors. The size of the ball is 23 cm. Plus, it is equipped with LED lighting.

Flying luminous ball with manual control


A luminous ball with a body made of elastic plastic, which springs well and therefore protects the insides. The ball can take off and soar above the palm, you can play with it like a boomerang, and it will return, and you can also throw it to each other. The ball can be bought complete with a “magic wand”, which, like a control panel, can attract it to itself, repel it, and control its flight up.

Drone L900 Pro with Intelligent Flight Modes


The L900 Pro is a compact foldable quadcopter that weighs only 214 grams. The drone is equipped with brushless motors, with a 4K camera with 50x zoom, GPS, optical flow sensor. Despite the low weight, it has a 2200 mAh battery, which lasts for 28 minutes of flight. Control is carried out from the remote control, the flight range is 1.2 km.

Quadcopter V8 with wi-fi and 4K


And another cool drone in mini format is the popular V8 model with a 4K 1080P camera, with Wi-Fi to connect to the application and display real-time video footage on the smartphone screen. The installed battery with a capacity of 650mAh guarantees 15 minutes of flight, but it charges within 40 minutes. Quadcopter dimensions 11*13*4 cm. LED flashlights make the flight more spectacular, especially in the dark. Additional promotional code 2DNID2GPBXCN is valid

Syma RC Helicopter


Helicopter S107G of the world-famous brand Syma, specializing in the production of radio-controlled toys. This model is in a metal case, which is certainly more reliable than plastic, and adds extra strength in case of an accident. The device is equipped with a two-level propeller. Has a built-in gyroscope. It will look spectacular during night launches, because it has colored lights. The battery charge lasts for 30-40 minutes of flight. The helicopter is charged via a USB connection. Helicopter dimensions are 22*3.8*9.8 cm. Delivery is promised by December 20th.

Survivable drone — high-speed Predator Z51. Checked


I can’t stop praising my non-toy drone, the speedy Predator Z51. Look, I wrote a review here 2 years ago, we have been launching the plane for 2 years and it is still tenacious. Review of the non-toy drone Predator Z51. The aircraft is made of combined materials: plastic and foam, 40 cm long, with a wingspan of 66 cm. It has a built-in 450 mAh battery with a capacity. Works from one charge 20 minutes stably. Charges to full in an hour. Remote control: 2.4GHz powered by 4AA batteries.

Flying spinner — a toy for adults


The FlyNova flying spinner is a toy for adults to distract from work in the office. Spin it like a classic, it can spin, and then throw it from hand to hand, up, it can fly. This is due to the fact that a small screw was built into the spinner, which, when rotated, allows the gadget to levitate a little. In order for it to still glow, recharge, the cable is included. Product weight 20 grams, battery capacity 100 mAh. Videos are already appearing on the Internet of companies playing with FlyNova spinners

Catapult for tennis balls for playing dogs


Amuse your dog with such a nice device — a ball catapult. This device can not only keep the dog busy while the owner is not at home, but also teach it good manners. After all, the animal itself puts the ball in the hole. The kit includes everything you need to operate the unit: a charger and 3 tennis balls. Toy size 21 x 26 x 27 cm

Cool floating ball on an air cushion


I know from my own experience, an excellent outdoor game for a fun company, and not necessarily for children. Rest assured that you will definitely not disturb your neighbors. If only enthusiastic cries: goal. The «ball» on an air cushion, hovers above the floor, is protected along the contour by a bumper that softens impacts, it is safe for children’s legs and does not create noise in a collision. The ball is equipped with LED lighting. Runs on 3AA batteries. Weight 224 grams. Device size 17.5×17.5×5.5 cm.

Glowing flying ball


The luminous flying ball will delight your child and create a sense of celebration. The remote control flying ball can be played both indoors and outdoors. The flying ball is also controlled by hand, if you put your hand on it, it will fly. The ball has special sensors that do not allow it to land on the surface and avoid collisions with all sorts of obstacles. The device comes with a charging cable.

I hope my selection was helpful to you. We use many toys ourselves with pleasure, and we plan to order some, so they all ended up in this collection.

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