The main difference between vertical mice and conventional mice is a more comfortable, natural hand position, which is close to that of a handshake. Most often, vertical mice are chosen by those who work in front of the monitor for many hours every day. Because of this, for many years vertical mice were presented exclusively in the «office» segment, but now you can find quite «gaming» mice in this form factor. In this selection, I propose to consider 9 models of vertical mice for different tasks and from different price segments.

Zelotes F-17

Inexpensive universal computer mouse with a sensor resolution of 2400 DPI. The mouse polling rate is 250 Hz, which is twice as high as most office rodents. The mouse is wireless, comes with a standard USB adapter, the signal reception range is about 10 meters.

The design includes a detachable wrist rest. The mouse requires 1 AA battery to operate.

Zelotes C-18

But this mouse is already really made with an eye on video games. Inside there is a Pixart PMW3325 sensor with a resolution of 10,000 DPI, which is quite suitable even for competitive shooters. Many are familiar with this sensor from the «rodents» from the popular A4 Tech Bloody series. The polling frequency is 1000 Hz.

For C-18, you can install the official utility for fine tuning, reprogramming any keys, as well as saving and loading ready-made profiles. The joystick at the top can be useful in some games, and it’s also handy to change the sound volume in Windows. Next to the joystick is a DPI mode LED.

Deluxe M618C

The similarity in design of this mouse to the Logitech MX Vertical is hard to ignore. Unlike it, the M618C has a dynamic RGB ring backlight, but it has a lower resolution sensor (1600 DPI), and the price tag is several times nicer.

So it’s not a bad wireless office mouse, and it’s also lighter than most upright mice (95g without battery).

Delux M618 Plus

More massive and advanced version of the previous manipulator. This time, reprogramming of the buttons in the official software and flexible RGB backlighting are available.

And most importantly, the sensor here is not a Chinese «noname», but quite a gaming (albeit budget) PixArt PAW3212. It can also be found in the notorious A4Tech X77 and X89 mice. Comes with a detachable wrist rest.

Deluxe Seeker

Finally, the flagship solution from Delux. This is the only commercially available mouse with an OLED display. It displays the battery level, current connection mode and DPI value. Under the thumb is an additional wheel for side scrolling.

The back panel in the form of a honeycomb is removable, so it can always be rinsed under water. The brush rest is fixed with magnetic fasteners. The RGB lighting has a «smart» mode, in which it turns on only when the user removes his hand from the manipulator.

Sensor resolution — 7200 DPI, polling rate — 1000 Hz. There is the possibility of fine-tuning in the official software with macro support. Delux Seeker can be connected to 3 devices at once and switch between them with the button at the base of the mouse. There are 3 colors to choose from.

Jelly Comb MV045

The design of this mouse is quite recognizable, but it is produced under many brands, so it does not have a recognizable name. The mouse works wirelessly via Bluetooth, or via a 2.4 GHz radio channel using a small USB adapter.

You can connect 2 devices at once and quickly switch between them. Sensor resolution adjustment range: 1000 / 1600 / 2400 DPI.

Rockstick 2

The key difference between the Rockstick 2 and other vertical mice is the configuration of the controls. Usually the scroll wheel is located near the index finger, but here it is under the thumb. Also, there are no LMB and RMB buttons familiar to us. Instead, you need to tilt the top of the mouse to the left and right, respectively.

Sensor resolution is adjustable from 400 to 2000 DPI. The main disadvantage of this manipulator is the lack of back and forward buttons.

Left-handed vertical mouse

Right-handed version

This is one of the most compact vertical mice on the market. And almost the only left-handed vertical mouse from a major brand. For owners of large brushes, it will not be very convenient, but it can be a good companion for a laptop.

Delux M618ZD boasts a built-in battery that is recharged via a Type-C connector. The 4000 DPI sensor is still the same PixArt PAW3212. Both wired connection to a PC and wireless (via Bluetooth and via a USB adapter) are supported.

Silent mouse Rapoo MV20

In order not to wake someone up on the night shift, a silent vertical mouse can come in handy: clicks on its buttons do not produce a characteristic sound. The mouse is connected via a 2.4 GHz radio channel and is powered by two AAA batteries.

Their charge should be enough for at least a season (and according to the manufacturer — up to 9 months). Otherwise, this is an ordinary office «rodent» with a sensor resolution of 1600 DPI.

Getting used to control with a vertical mouse can take a couple of days or even a week, but after that, the accuracy of the work will not be inferior to that with conventional manipulators. The impossibility of using vertical mice in shooters is nothing more than a myth, especially when it comes to mice with a high-quality sensor.


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