Thanks to the tools that were at hand at the right time, you can solve various everyday tasks, including car repairs. I suggest you familiarize yourself with a selection of tool kits that are in the highest demand among buyers on the Aliexpress website. Thus, you can avoid mistakes when choosing and will better navigate in this segment of goods. By the way, from November 25 to November 29, there will be a sale on AliExpress, at the end of the article you can find promotional codes.


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It is no coincidence that the Deko tool kit occupies the top line of our selection today, as the brand offers high quality at a fairly low cost. With the help of tools, the tasks of car repair at a semi-professional level are perfectly solved. The composition of the set includes 53 items, the appearance corresponds to the description by 100%. There are socket heads, a torque wrench with a ratchet, and, of course, other tools that motorists will definitely need.


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Compared to other tool kits from this manufacturer, this kit is the most affordable. This set consists of 101 tools. I will list several items: ratchets in the amount of two pieces, a set of socket heads, screwdrivers, box and open-end wrenches, and hexagons. When ordering goods, I recommend using express delivery, so the tools will cost an order of magnitude cheaper.

3. King Roy

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Let’s move on to another set of tools that also deserves attention. True, in comparison with the two previous options, it costs a little higher. Again, from the six available configurations, you can choose the appropriate option based on your financial capabilities. The number of tools in the sets varies from 85 to 176. One of them, for example, included a hammer, there are other tools that are no less in demand in the household. The product page provides a detailed description of each kit.

4.Value Max

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The next place is a set of tools that will serve the motorist for a long time and flawlessly. Case variations are as follows: 122, 108 and 46 tools in each of them. Common to all options is the presence of a ratchet and socket heads of different sizes. The material from which the tools are made is chrome vanadium steel (average quality). Again, there are practically no dissatisfied customers, and this says a lot.


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The fifth place in the selection is occupied by a set of good quality and performance, which I also recommend taking a closer look at. The material from which the tools are made is high-strength steel, which has undergone special processing and additional hardening of the steel. The kit includes bits, heads and adapters along with extension cords, which are difficult to do without during car repairs.

6. Unbranded tool kit

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This set is also available in several variations (on the product page you can quickly get acquainted with each of them). I propose to take a closer look at the set with open-end wrenches, which are available in large quantities here. An interesting option with a number of interchangeable bits for a screwdriver. When ordering, please pay attention to the fact that only residents of the Russian Federation can purchase this set, delivery to other countries is not carried out.

7. Car tool kit

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In seventh place in the selection is a set of a limited set of tools (in comparison with other titles), but here there is everything you need that will come in handy in case of an emergency situation on the road. The set includes 13 sockets (different diameters), replaceable bits and adapters in a wide range. The set is compact enough to fit in a glove compartment. Before using the ratchet, I advise you to first lubricate it with oil to increase the life of the tool.


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Another set from Workpro. Only here there are no longer 53, but 123 instruments. This option is in great demand among buyers, in demand both by employees of auto repair shops and ordinary motorists. All items are packaged in a durable plastic case. Material — chrome vanadium steel, there is protection against corrosion. The set includes hex and open-end wrenches, as well as ratchets in the amount of three pieces.


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In the penultimate place of our mini-rating is the budget set, which includes 168 tools. The equipment is very different from other standard models — for example, there is a measuring tape, a hacksaw with interchangeable blades, a level, an adjustable wrench, the manufacturer even put electrical tape in the set. In general, the needs of the mass consumer are taken into account. The quality is on top, the handles of the tools are made of anti-slip material.


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Next we have a set of tools that completes our selection. It can be classified as professional, the quality is on top. Material — steel. Wrenches are equipped with a ratchet mechanism (when the ratchet moves only in one direction and is blocked by a «dog»). The product page has several options for you to choose from. Delivery is available from the Russian Federation, as well as from China.

This, perhaps, is all I wanted to tell you about today. I hope that you managed to learn something important from the selection, and you have chosen the most suitable set of tools for yourself or your loved ones. Share the selection with your friends, I also invite you to look at my other reviews and articleswhere you will find a lot of interesting and entertaining material.

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