Most compact PC cases do not include any discrete graphics card. Slightly less compact allow you to install only low-profile graphics cards. The most productive of these at the moment is the Nvidia GTX 1650 D6, and it’s hard to call it truly “gaming”. However, even among compact cases there are those inside which you can assemble a really productive PC, and we will consider such today.

Mini-ITX cases often impose restrictions on the length of the video card and the height of the CPU cooler, so you should pay more attention to the corresponding parameters of the cases.

ZZAW Braveman B1

Let’s start with not the smallest, but very stylish case made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Volume — 10 liters, external dimensions — 310 x 140 x 237 mm. Almost any modern video card can be placed inside: their length should not exceed 305 mm, and their height — up to 53 mm.

The chassis is compatible with SFX and SFX-L form factor power supplies. The height of the CPU cooler is no more than 60 mm.

HZMod XQ69

Let’s move on to the narrowest mini-ITX case in this collection. This case measures 339 x 323 x 69mm and is made from Q235 galvanized steel. The height of the processor cooler is no more than 50 mm, but it is possible to use a liquid cooling system.

The maximum dimensions of a video card that will fit here: 320 x 148 x 55 mm.

Arsylid K39

The most compact case in this collection, the volume is just under 5 liters. With dimensions of 196 x 117 x 218 mm, there are strong restrictions on the dimensions of the components. In particular, the length of the video card should not exceed 185 mm, and the height — 43 mm.

The most productive graphics cards that will fit here are the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti and AMD RX 6600 XT. The height of the CPU cooler is no more than 66 mm. To build a PC in the K39 case, you will need a 1U PSU.

XTIA Xproto Mini

This case can hardly be called a case, rather it is an open stand. And although it does not protect the components from the effects of pets and children, this case does not need extra coolers — heat dissipation is excellent without it. There are optional metal mesh sidewalls in the kit, but when they are installed, the main “trick” of this case is lost.

The height of the CPU cooler is not formally limited. But if you still want to install side walls, then you will have to choose a cooler with a height of no more than 50 mm. Video cards with dimensions within 215 x 130 x 55 mm are supported.

Dark Flash DLH21

The height of this turret is 412mm, making it the tallest hull in this collection. The dimensions of the base are 175 x 239 mm. The body layout strongly resembles the sensational NZXT H1, but it costs less.

The height of the CPU cooler is limited to 134 mm, but it is also possible to install an LSS. The dimensions of the video card must not be larger than 320 x 147 x 61 mm.

Jonsplus BO 100

Unlike all other cases from the selection, this one is compatible not only with mini-ITX motherboards, but also with mini-DTX (170 x 203 mm). Case dimensions — 233 x 239 x 282 mm. The height of the CPU cooler should not be more than 158.5 mm, you can also install the coolant.

The length of the video card is significantly limited — no more than 207 mm. But the power supply for the BO 100 does not need 1U, but SFX or SFX-L.

Jonsplus T8

The T8 is available in silver, red and black. Housing dimensions with handle removed: 218 x 160 x 242 mm. Under the metal mesh in the upper part of the case is a 140 mm cooler. The case is compatible with PSU form factors SFX and ATX.

In the first case, a CPU cooler with a height of 66 mm will fit inside, and in the second, only 45 mm. The maximum length of the video card is 210 mm. If you refuse to install discrete graphics, then there will be a place to install two HDD 2.5″ or one 3.5″.

Metalfish S3

Another very compact body, its volume is 5.25 liters. On the table, it takes up very little space: the dimensions of the “sole” are 105 x 200 mm. Case height (without handle) — 250 mm. The case is completely aluminum, thickness is 2 mm, weight is 1 kg. The video card must not be longer than 195mm or thicker than 42mm.

The height of the CPU cooler is very limited — only 40 mm. To simplify the task of selection, the seller offers a suitable cooler (Z39) as an option.

Modular body Ghost S1

In the basic configuration, this is just a low mini-ITX case with a volume of 8.2 liters and dimensions of 320 x 140 x 188 mm. However, if you need to install a liquid cooling system, you can hoist an optional “expander” on top of the case, thus increasing its height by 57 mm.

In the case of air cooling, the CPU cooler can be up to 66mm high. The maximum length of the video card is 305 mm, and the height is 45 mm.

Sixge k3s v2.0

The k3s has a capacity of 6.9 liters and is essentially a slightly bloated 5 liter case, like the k39. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put a longer video card here. The extra space here is used for HDD or SSD drives.

In the case of k3s, you do not need to give up a discrete video card in order to install 5 pieces of a 2.5-inch HDD (or SSD) inside, or one full-fledged 3.5-inch HDD.

Building a compact PC is almost always more difficult than a standard build in a typical Midi Tower case. In some cases, you need to know not only the tdp of the processor and the length of the video card, but also the height of the RAM modules. So before buying a case, it is advisable to accurately determine all the other components.


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