If you work remotely or you have to spend a lot of time at the computer, for example, you are a gamer or movie fan, then the question of buying a computer chair is an urgent and, of course, significant task. Not only productivity, but also health depends on how correctly a computer chair is selected. Plus, the chair is a durable item, which means that you should approach its choice thoroughly, and specifically for this purpose, I have prepared for you a selection of ten computer chairs that are available for purchase on the Chinese platform AliExpress.

1. CHANO WCG 808

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In the first place of our selection is an ergonomic computer chair, which provides improved support for the back and legs. Upholstery material — leatherette. Let’s move on to the description of the parameters. The width at the bottom is 60 cm, at the base of the seat — 44 cm, in the headrest area — 52 cm. The height of the stand is from 36 to 46 cm, the armrests are 30 cm, and the backrest is 80 cm. The color scale is presented in six tones. The set includes a footrest, as well as two pillows — under the head and lumbar. From myself I will add that the armrests are adjustable in height, and this, in my opinion, is a huge plus.


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The advantage of the next model is the presence of a swivel mechanism, thanks to which the chair can rotate 360 ​​° and even unfold, that is, you can relax on it, taking a lying position. There is also a lift provided. The upholstery is made of genuine perforated leather with the addition of leatherette. The filler is latex. Options. The width of the chair at the bottom is 70 cm. The height of the stand is from 45 to 53 cm, the armrests are 32 cm, and the backrest is 80 cm. The colors are presented in four tones. The model can withstand a weight of 120 kg. Comes complete with lumbar pillow, head pillow and footrest.


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Let’s move on to another interesting model of a computer chair, which provides the function of a vibrating massager (powered by USB). The filler is latex. The upholstery of the chair is made of artificial leather. The maximum weight of the operator must not exceed 150 kg. The seat is 50 cm wide. The height of the stand is 45-55 cm, the backrest is 83 cm. By the way, the backrest can tilt from 90 to 155 °. Color options — black solid color or to choose from — gray, blue, red, white trim.


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The next faux leather model is designed specifically for those who are over 180 cm tall and who have a large build. The armchair is 54 and 60 cm wide (expands in the headrest area). Stand height — from 42 to 48 cm, backrest — 90 cm. There are 4 backrest tilt modes — 90, 100, 125, 150 °. Of the advantages — class 4 gas lift and rollers of the BIFMA 5.1 standard (this design allows you to use the chair on a laminate or parquet). The set comes with an additional pillow to support the lumbar spine. At the moment, the seller offers only one color option — classic black.


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Fifth place in our selection today is a chair that will no doubt be appreciated by true gamers. Upholstery material — eco-leather. The filler is latex. Seat width at the bottom — 55 cm, in the headrest area — 65 cm. Stand height — from 40 to 53 cm, backrest — 85 cm. The backrest tilt varies from 90 to 150 cm. The maximum load capacity should not exceed 130 kg. Among the advantages of the model are several levels of backrest adjustment and optimally simple assembly.


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In the next place is a universal model of a computer chair that will appeal to both gamers and office workers. Chair width — from 45 to 64 cm. Stand height — from 33 to 45 cm, backrest — 85 cm. Load capacity — 130 kg. The seller has options both without a footrest and with a stand. The chair is durable, can withstand a full tilt back and does not crack. Vibration is built into the lumbar cushion for added comfort. Before ordering, please note that the chair is suitable for people of short stature. Available color options are black with red, blue, white, gold trim.


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The seventh line of our mini-rating is occupied by a strict model of a computer chair in restrained colors. Perfect for office design. The back is made in the form of a grid. The frame is made of metal. The headrest and armrests are adjustable, the footrest unfolds easily and effortlessly. Seat depth and width — 70 and 50 cm, respectively. From the floor to the armrest — 45-55 cm. There are three backrest tilt modes — 90 °, 120 °, 155 °. It should be noted that the model is quite fragile, so you should not exceed the maximum allowable load — 120 kg.


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On the eighth place of the selection is an armchair of pleasant design. The usual soft upholstery on the armrests of this stylish and modern model is absent. Back material — polymer mesh. Seat dimensions: depth — 55 cm, width — 45 cm. There is a swivel mechanism that can be adjusted up to 360 °. Footrest not included.

9. TMALL CH-608

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This is a classic version of a computer chair. Seat and back material — polymer mesh + eco-leather. The seat measures 50 cm deep and 50 cm wide. The height of the chair is 119-129 cm. The distance from the floor to the armrest varies from 68 to 78 cm. There is a swivel mechanism (up to 360 °). There is no footrest for this model. The rigidity of the swing is adjusted using the «lamb». There is only one color on the product page, but in my opinion, it is more than enough, because the chair actually looks very stylish.


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And in the last place of our today’s selection is a chic model of an office chair, which will effectively emphasize the status of a leader. Again, it will fit perfectly into the interior outside the office setting. The material is high quality, durable. Seat parameters: in depth and width of 70 cm, respectively. The width of the back is 50 cm. There is a 360 ° swivel mechanism and a gas lift. The seat support can be used or not, depending on your preference.

Actually, these are all models of computer chairs from the Aliexpress website that I would like to present to you today. I hope that you managed to look for the most suitable option for yourself. Share the selection with friends and acquaintances if the material presented in the article turned out to be useful to you. Don’t forget to look at my other collectionsI am sure that I have something to surprise you with.


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