The kettle is one of the few kitchen appliances that we use several times a day. A good kettle should be made of harmless materials, boil quickly, be aesthetically pleasing, have additional features that a particular person needs, and, of course, be inexpensive.

Today, the selection includes 10 teapots for every taste, which can be purchased at discounts on the Aliexpress site either now or in a few days on Black Friday.

Super-budget kettle for giving, garage, hostel

The price of this model is only about 300 rubles already now.

Volume — 1.8 liters, power — 1500 watts.
Type of heating element — hidden.
A set of functions — automatic shutdown, protection against turning on without water.
Main production material: stainless steel.
I have one in the country — it has been serving faithfully for several years, although for such a price, to be honest, I did not expect it.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was that there was no filter on the spout, instead of it there were several round drain holes. Therefore, if you have hard water and scale builds up quickly on the walls, you will have to additionally use a strainer.

An excellent option for unpretentious and economical owners.

REDMOND electric kettle

If you are looking for something from a trusted brand, I recommend taking a closer look at this option.

The volume of the kettle is 1.7 liters, the power is 2200 watts.
Type of heating element — hidden.
Main material of production: high-quality stainless steel.

Features: rotation on the stand 360 degrees, automatic shutdown when boiling, overheating, lack of water, removal from the stand. According to internal tests, the controllers provide a minimum of 12,000 boiling cycles, there is also a filter in the kettle spout.

If you like the kettle, then you should not wait for Black Friday — it will only rise in price.

Smart kettle REDMOND SkyKettle with temperature control

And this is a very interesting and inexpensive option, on Black Friday you can still drop the price with an Aliexpress promo code or coupon.

The volume of the kettle is 1.7 liters, the power is 1850-2200 watts.
Type of heating element — hidden.
Main production material: heat-resistant glass.

The main feature of this kettle is the ability to control it through a mobile application (you can adjust the water temperature to the nearest degree and turn on the heating at any time), as well as change the intensity of boiling, which is important for different water hardness. There is also a function of maintaining the set temperature.

And you can also block the kettle buttons from your smartphone (protection from children), set different backlight options depending on the water temperature, find out the electricity consumption, turn off the sound indication, or use other features.

The temperature setting from the case is more meager — only the standard 40, 55, 70, 85, 100 ° C.

It also works with Alice — if you wish, you can customize it.

Smart electric kettle POLARIS with temperature control

And here is another option from another brand with the ability to control via smartphone.

Here you should not wait for Black Friday — take the seller’s coupon and use the promotional code from the product image.

The volume of the kettle is 1.7 liters, the power is 1850-2200 watts.
Type of heating element — hidden.
Main production material: heat-resistant glass.

In addition to being controlled from a smartphone (or with the help of Alice), the kettle has a convenient lid (it does not need to be opened when pouring water, and can also be completely removed to wash). There is also a LED backlight, sound indication, maintaining the selected temperature.

Another plus of this kettle is that the warranty is not a year, like others, but three years (a good indicator of reliability).

Electric glass kettle VITEK

If all these “bells and whistles” are alien to you, but you want a glass teapot and without overpayments, I recommend that you take a closer look at this option for a thousand rubles.

The volume of the kettle is 1.7 liters, the capacity is 1850.
Type of heating element — hidden.
Main production material: heat-resistant glass.

A comfortable minimum is present here — a 360-degree turn on the stand, auto-off in case of overheating and lack of water, there is even a blue backlight during operation.

Quiet boil, convenient lid. Of the shortcomings, only that there is no filter on the spout.

You can take it now, or you can wait until Black Friday and use a promotional code — the difference will not be significant.

Comfee Glass Electric Kettle

An option very similar to the previous one, and on Black Friday it will cost less, and it has a removable filter on the spout.

The volume of the kettle is 1.7 liters, the power is 1850 — 2200 watts.
Type of heating element — hidden.
Main production material: heat-resistant glass.

I have had it for several months now — it came safe and sound, in the original box, it works perfectly.

The opening angle of the lid, however, is 70 degrees, and not 90 or more, as is usually the case. But I quickly got used to pouring water into it not only from the tap, but also from the filter jug.

360-degree rotation on the stand, illumination during operation — everything is available.

It boils especially beautifully.

Xiaomi Deerma Portable (Foldable) Travel Electric Kettle

Xiaomi never ceases to amaze — we have a relatively inexpensive, compact and functional travel solution.

The volume of the kettle is 0.6 liters, the power is 600 watts.
Type of heating element — hidden.
Main production material: stainless steel, heat-resistant plastic.

The diameter of the folded model is only 12 cm, the height is 9.4 cm (19.4 cm when disassembled), the handle is also removed and hidden under the body.

Boiling time of water — only 7 minutes, works from a network of 220 V/50 HZ, plug type can also be chosen.

It can be purchased not only in Russia.

Small electric kettle SONIFER

The volume of the mini-kettle is 0.5 liters, the power is 1000 watts.
Type of heating element — hidden.
Main production material: stainless steel.

Its dimensions are only 16×9.5 cm, weight — 0.5 kg.

It boils water in three minutes.

Suitable for both travel (very durable) and for one person to work or home.

Two years warranty, there is express delivery.

Bonus includes two cups.

Universal car electric kettle

The volume of the teapot is 450 ml, dimensions are 22.5x8x8cm.
Rated voltage -75-90 W.
Boiling time — about 25 minutes
Production material: stainless steel, plastic.
Colors: black, white

Features: shockproof, low noise, suitable for 12V and 24V.

A nice gift for both the one who drives and your loved one.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro

And the last option from a well-known brand.

On Black Friday, you can buy it at a bargain price with a coupon and a promo code.

The volume of the kettle is 1.5 liters, the power is 1800 watts.
Boiling time is about 5 minutes.
Production material: stainless steel, plastic.
The kettle is equipped with an updated HD screen displaying the water temperature in real time. You can choose one of five modes (40, 50, 70, 80, 90 degrees and boiling).

Through the smartphone app, you can customize these modes more individually.

The advantages also include silent heating in the temperature maintenance mode (yes, it is also available), a Strix thermostat with a service life of up to 10 years, a two-layer body (the kettle does not heat up from the outside, it is safe), triple power protection, a two-stage shock-absorbing cover.

I hope the selection came in handy, and your kitchen will soon be decorated with a brand new kettle.

Black Friday on Aliexpress runs from November 20, 11:00 — November 25, 10:59 (warm-up), from
November 25 11:00 — November 30 10:59 — direct sale.

Just below there is a link to my Telegram channel, and if you want to always be aware of sales from Aliexpress, then drop by and join!

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