When you try to get to the refrigerator at night in the dark, there is a chance not only to wake up the whole house, but also to fill yourself with a couple of bumps, and the little finger on your foot will not say thank you from meeting with the leg of the treacherously exposed chair. In order to prevent this from happening, and also to illuminate dark corners, pantries, shelves and cabinets, there are a large number of lamps with light and motion sensors that turn on only at night when motion is detected at a distance of several meters. Jokes aside, it’s extremely useful. In the selection I collected options for just such lamps, most of them were personally tested. By the way, a great option for an unusual gift for the New Year (also, repeatedly tested).

Battery operated LED lamp

A simple, inexpensive and reliable round battery powered lamp. Can help light up anywhere thanks to the magnetic mount and the included metal sticker. Luminaire diameter 80mm. Equipped with six fairly bright LEDs. There are two light options to choose from: warm or cool. The motion sensor (PIR) is triggered at a distance of up to 3m. The operating time from the moment of fixing the movement is 15 seconds.

Xiaomi Mijia Lamp with Bluetooth

One of the most popular models of autonomous night lamps. It consists of two elements, a support-stand, which can be fixed with the help of a complete double-sided adhesive tape in any place, and the lamp itself, powered by three AA batteries. The stand and the lamp are connected with a magnet, so the lamp can be installed at any convenient angle. In addition, passing by, you can simply remove it from the stand and take it with you, illuminating the path. From personal experience I will say that this is one of the best options, a clear response to movement (in the absence of light) at a distance of about 3m. The Bluetooth version can work with the Mi Home app and be set to turn on automatically by a timer or even participate in smart home scenarios.

Bulb with built-in sensor

With the help of this LED light bulb, you can make any lamp (with a standard E27 socket) sensory, responsive to movement and light. The lamp can be installed, for example, in a ceiling lamp in a narrow corridor, and then it will turn on automatically when a person’s movement is detected. The power of the lamps to choose from is from 5 to 9W. On the product page, there is another interesting version of the lamp — with a sound sensor, which turns on when a loud sound is detected, for example, clapping your hands.

Socket light with sensor

This version of the lamp with a motion sensor does not require additional batteries, but is connected directly to a 220V socket, which is important for the European type that we use. It is convenient to install as a dim source of night light in the bedroom or hallway, where there are sockets. Choice of two versions with warm or cold light.

Flat battery lamp for stairs and more

Lamps with a motion sensor are long and flat, this option is convenient for illuminating stairs. Due to their small width, they are also convenient to install in narrow niches, wardrobes, etc. On the product page there is a large selection of options for the length of lamps from 10 to 50 cm with LEDs in one or two lines. The luminaires are powered by a built-in battery and are magnetically attached so they can be easily removed for charging, which, in personal experience, usually requires no more than once every couple of months.

LED strip with touch block

battery version 220v version

A convenient solution to make a backlight automatically switched on when motion is detected, from 1 to 3 meters long. Waterproof LED strip (mounted on double-sided tape), made on SMD 2835 elements with warm or cold light. A sensor with a motion and light sensor is installed on the battery pack to which the tape is connected. You can fix it in the right place with double-sided tape. The declared sensor response distance is up to 5m. Suitable for organizing lighting, for example, the bottom of the bed, stairs, can be stretched along the baseboard or ceiling. Tape length options 1/2/3m. On the second link, you will find a version of the tape with 220V power supply, it has a more compact motion sensor and a tape length of up to 5m.

Battery powered ultra-thin flat light

Flat and narrow cordless luminaire with a sensor only 9mm thick. This thickness will allow you to install it even on a flat wall without the risk that it will be hooked by people passing by. Lamp length 20 or 40 cm. Choice of light: warm or cold. Battery capacity, depending on the length of 750 or 1000 mAh. The body is made of aluminium. The luminaire is equipped with a magnetic mount.

Double light fixture

Some people like warm light, some cold. Is there a model that can combine the ability to shine with one or the other option to choose from? This is the model in the link. The choice is made by a switch on the luminaire body. The sensor works at a distance of 3-6 meters. After fixing the movement, the lamp works for 25 seconds.

Rechargeable lamp with long working time

Rechargeable lamp from the Baseus Sunshine line with a PIR sensor and a declared life of up to 150 days. Equipped with a magnetic mount, so you can easily remove and take with you. On the product page, there are several housing modifications, as well as a choice of light temperature: warm / neutral. Depending on the modification, the battery capacity is 500 or 800 mAh.

I hope that the options for lamps with a motion sensor collected in the selection were interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 You can find other popular product selections and reviews on interesting things a little lower in the author’s profile. Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the shopping!


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