The laser level is a tool that can greatly facilitate the marking and further installation of various building materials. It can also help in solving other construction problems. The laser level, compared to the water level, saves an incredible amount of time and is very convenient to use. In the selection below, you can find 10 laser levels starting at $40.

Hilda 12 Lines

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And I would like to start the selection with a model from Hilda, which has many years of experience in the production of various power tools. This model is capable of simultaneously hitting 12 lines on the plane, which can greatly simplify the implementation of various operations in difficult conditions. Depending on the number of simultaneously turned on laser beams, on a single charge, the device can work from 8 to 13 hours continuously. The tool projects green lines. It is also worth noting the presence of an automatic self-leveling function. In general, this is a very balanced and functional model at a very reasonable price.

Hilda 16 Lines

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I will also add another laser level from Hilda. This model is capable of simultaneously projecting up to 16 lines. Most likely, you will not have to use all 16 lines at the same time, however, if this is required, then there is such an opportunity. Also, the level allows you to quickly switch between work planes. If the level is set far away from you, a remote control is included for your convenience. For some residents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the possibility of fast delivery from local warehouses may become a pole.

Deko LL5

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When choosing a reliable and functional laser level, you should also pay attention to a model called LL5 from the well-known company Deko. If I’m not mistaken, this model has a classic, like the first laser levels, design. The device is capable of simultaneously projecting up to 5 red lines. This model uses 3 AA batteries as a power source. When ordering, it is worth considering that the manufacturer claims a working beam projection range of up to 30 meters, but the actual working range without the use of additional devices is within 10 meters in normal daylight.

Deko DKLL12PB2

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The next model in the selection is also presented under the Deko brand, but this is a more modern model with improved characteristics, and as a result, with a higher price. The device is capable of reproducing up to 12 green lines on a plane. For your comfortable use, when setting the level, you can activate the self-leveling function. The device uses a built-in 4400 mAh battery as a power source, and it also supports fast charging. Like the higher model, this one can be ordered with delivery from China, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as well as many other countries.

Grosam 16 Lines

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Another laser level model that deserves attention when choosing is a device from Grosam. This model has the ability to project 16 lines in different planes and directions. It is also worth highlighting the presence of a replaceable 2200 mAh battery, so when ordering two batteries, you can ensure uninterrupted operation of the device. However, the second battery is not included in the basic kit and you need to contact the seller separately to order it. I will also add that the width of the projected lines is 2 millimeters, and their color is green.

Goxawee G5201

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Also, I think you should pay your attention to the level model from Goxawee. It is very similar to the upstream model and is basically a clone of sorts, however it is slightly cheaper and can also project up to 16 lines. The self-leveling mode works in a tilt range up to 4 degrees. When the self-leveling mode is off, the lines projected by the level flash every 3-5 seconds so that the worker does not forget that automatic leveling is inactive. And with delivery from the Russian Federation, this model can be ordered even cheaper than from China.

Firecore F94T-XG

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And then there are devices in a higher price segment, but I think if you often resort to measurements using these levels, the latest models are also worth paying attention to. So, this model from Firecore works with support for simultaneous switching on of up to 12 beams. The device has a removable 2600 mAh battery, which provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation of the tool. It is also worth noting that instead of the battery, you can install a special box with four conventional AA batteries. As for the measurement error, it is up to ± 3 mm for every 10 meters of projection. I will add that the device in a certain configuration can be ordered with delivery from the Russian Federation.

Clubiona IE16R

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The next device in the selection is a model from Clubiona, which can project up to 16 lines. The package includes a 5000 mAh battery that can power the tool for 8 hours under full load. To charge the battery, you can use a regular phone charger with a Type-C cable. The level has a high measurement accuracy. Please note that this model can be ordered with delivery from Russia. I also note that for residents of the Russian Federation the price is slightly lower than for residents of other countries.


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This is another good, in my opinion, model from Huepar. The device projects up to 12 lines in different planes and directions. The device has a battery that provides up to 7 hours of tool operation, and if necessary, instead of the battery, you can install 4 AA batteries. When powered by batteries, the tool can operate for up to two more hours. A special battery box is supplied as standard with the instrument. The rays projected by the level are very bright and even at a distance of up to 20 meters they can be seen without the use of a special detector. The error of the device is no more than ± 3 mm for every 10 meters of measurement.


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Well, the last device in this collection is represented by a model from Fukuda. This is the most expensive model on the list, and if desired, it can be ordered from a warehouse in China or the Russian Federation. The built-in 4000 mAh battery provides up to 5 hours of device operation. Level projects up to 12 lines. It should also be noted the high quality of the instrument as a whole, it has a special rubberized body and convenient control. In a set with the device, you can traditionally order a lot of auxiliary equipment.

And that’s all, thanks for reading the post to the end. You can find more interesting selections and reviews of various products in my blog site.


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