Liquid soap dispenser is a great replacement for ordinary soap. After all, it is hygienic, comfortable and stylish. This collection will consider both mechanical devices and touch-sensitive automatic devices, both freestanding and wall-mounted.

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Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Soap Dispenser

According to the link in the official store, the dispenser itself and the container for it are sold separately.

The dispenser has an infrared proximity sensor and gives out a portion of foamed soap in just 0.25 seconds. Foam effectively fights bacteria, is easily washed off and leaves no residue.

The capacity of the bottle is 300 ml, which is up to 400 hand cleaning cycles or up to 50 days of operation. You can use almost any soap diluted with water 3:7.

The device is equipped with a highly efficient micromotor with low power consumption and noise level.

Powered by 4 AA batteries, this is up to 9 months of use by the whole family.

Xiaomi Touch Soap Dispenser with USB Charging

Following the link, several models of different colors, both with a digital temperature display (indoors), and without it.

Product size: 7.5×18.7 cm, tank volume 320 ml.

Battery capacity: 1500 mAh.

This is a waterproof dispenser with fast foaming in 0.25 seconds, convenient to recharge via USB. Equipped with a powerful motor and an infrared proximity sensor.

The digital display shows temperature, charging and shutdown reminder.

The kit also includes a TYPE-C cable.

In total, we have a stylish device from a reliable brand.

Dispenser for liquid soap or antiseptic Xiaomi Deerma

Another interesting option from Xiaomi.

Safe waterproof device with built-in infrared motion sensor. Automatically dispenses disinfectant 1.4 seconds after the sensor is triggered (range up to 10 cm).

Improved design and piston pump dispense liquid soap evenly and economically. You can also use a no-rinse disinfectant lotion.

This dispenser is universal, it is installed on the sink (both in the bathroom and in the kitchen), in the hallway, on the desktop (with an antiseptic), and also has a hole in the back for wall mounting.

To add liquid soap, just open the lid here. The volume of the reservoir is 250 ml.

The device runs on AA batteries.

Touchless wall mounted liquid soap dispenser

The link is a wide variety of models with a simple and stylish body. They are perfect for placement in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in public places.

The dispensers are charged via USB, the battery capacity is 1500mAh.

The volume of the solution tank is 320 ml.

The kit also includes a cable, a wall mount bracket and a funnel.

Automatic Touch Soap Dispenser

Another USB charging option.

Its dimensions are 21.9×7 cm, the volume of the reservoir is 300 ml (enough for a month).

Battery capacity — 800 mAh (up to a month of operation without recharging).
The device has IPX5 water resistance and three adjustable volumes of liquid soap (0.6, 1 and 1.8 grams), fast foaming in 0.25 seconds, motor with low power consumption and noise.

The range of operation of the infrared sensor is 4-6 cm.

Suitable for all high foaming disinfectants.

There is also a wall mount option.

Liquid soap dispenser for sink or countertop Gnimauhz

And this is a very popular option for the kitchen.

The kit includes a stainless steel head 6.5×10.3 cm, a plastic adapter, a 1.2 meter tube and a set of diaphragms 2.6 — 4 cm.

You can put a canister of detergent under the sink and forget about the need to refuel for a long time.
Well suited for those who do not like automatic dispensers, or use liquid soap often and a lot.

Liquid soap dispenser for kitchen Mike&Jake

Another option for a sink, but here there is a closed tank — 250 ml, and soap is added from above.

Color options are black only.

The length of the models (total) is 27.5 cm, the width of the upper part is 10 cm, the lower part is 5.5 cm.

The spout rotates 360 degrees.

The dispensers look stylish but are understandably not suitable for overly active use.

Manual wall mounted liquid soap dispenser

And this is a simple wall-mounted option for the kitchen or bathroom.

The dimensions of the device are 23.5×7 cm, the tank volume is 350 ml.

There is a choice between black, gray and white models.

Elements for fixing to the wall are included in the kit (mounting plate and screws), but can also be fixed with Velcro.

It is easy to pour detergent into it, as well as remove and wash.

Mechanical liquid soap dispenser set

And this is a whole set of bathroom accessories (each item is sold separately).

The kit includes the dispenser itself, a glass, a holder for toothbrushes, a soap dish.

The height of the device is 16 cm, the width is 6.7 cm, the volume is about 300 ml.

Production material — high-strength plastic.

A good option for the bathroom, decorated in black.

Cartoon automatic liquid soap dispenser for children

And finally, here is such an original device that will teach a child to wash his hands with joy.

The range of action is up to 10 cm, the response time is 0.26 seconds.

Charging via USB, battery capacity 500 mAh (lasts up to 30 days).

Panda measures: height 20.8 cm, width 11.2 cm.

Production material — ABC-plastic.

I hope the selection came in handy, and your bathroom or kitchen will soon be decorated with the dispenser you like.

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