Multi-blade razors are the most affordable and common razor option. Still, electric shavers, and even more so T-shaped machines, have much fewer fans. And thanks to advertising, everyone knows what «there is no better for a man.» But the quality of offline Gillette cartridges has declined significantly in recent years. Therefore, you have to buy machines and interchangeable cassettes in online stores. Something can be found on Ali. And although China is the leader in the amount of steel produced in the world, there are some problems with its quality. Therefore, most often blades for quality machine tools are produced in other countries.

Korean disposable machine Dorco Pace 6

I have repeatedly advised this inexpensive and high-quality machine. Unfortunately, the price has gone up a bit lately. But still remains very democratic. The machine is comfortable and light. It has 6 blades in the cartridge and has a strip with aloe vera extract and vitamin E. It shaves very cleanly. And although it is called disposable, many people have enough for months of use. Review

Machine Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Sensitive

Wilkinson Sword is currently the local brand for Schick products. I bought such a machine and a similar Schick Quattro 4. Both machines are made quite well. But this one is relatively inexpensive, and for that money you get a pen and 4 replacement cartridges. Each cartridge has 4 blades and a lubricating strip with aloe extract.

Machine Schick Quattro 4 Titanium

This machine is sold at Great Bargain. It has a large selection of original Schick products. Apparently, from the old stocks redeemed from somewhere. Therefore, it is simply ridiculous to read reviews under the lot about comparison with the original. This machine costs a little more than the similar Wilkinson Sword, but it only comes with one pen and one cartridge. But I liked the quality of the handle and the sharpness of the blades in the cartridge more. If a price difference of a few dollars is not critical, I would recommend this option. In the same store you can buy additional cartridges.

Schick Hydro 5 CONNECT

I have been using the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 for six years now. It has 5 specially shaped blades that do not touch the skin directly when shaving. Therefore, shaving may not be the cleanest, but there is no irritation. The cartridge has a tilting reservoir with lubricating gel.

The CONNECT version indicates Gillett Fusion compatibility. Moreover, with the usual Schick Hydro 5, this pen and cartridges are incompatible. If you have any old stock, keep that in mind.

Razor Schick Quattro Titanium with electric trimmer

An interesting 2 in 1 option for mustache and beard owners. First, shave your cheeks and neck with a regular machine. And then trim the beard and whiskey with a trimmer. In this item, the seller warns that he had to open the package and remove the battery, since the shipment of batteries by China air mail is prohibited.

Razor Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium with electric trimmer

Almost the same, but much cheaper and plus 2 cartridges as a gift. Forgot to mention: all Quattro Titanium cartridges have a blade on the back — a manual trimmer. Can be used to trim edges. The electric trimmer has 4 settings. Since the parcel is delivered from Turkey, there should not be any problems with sending the batteries. Communicates Energizer battery included.

Qshave Black Spider

Let’s move on to Chinese razors. At one time, this razor had a separate site where they offered to send these machines as free samples. You were only required to pay for shipping. It turned out quite inexpensively and since then the razor has gained fame. A lot of people liked the way she shaves. And it seemed to someone that it was much worse than the same Gillette. The store has 2-3 types of pens and two types of interchangeable cartridges with 5 and 6 blades. This lot contains 1 pen and one cartridge of each type. It is stated that the steel in the blades is made in Germany and the USA. The lot is quite popular — about 600 orders.

Razor BIC 3 Hybrid Extra Life

Another razor from a famous brand in a Turkish store. Includes ergonomic handle and 12 cartridges. Each cartridge contains 3 chrome-plated blades. Lubricating strip with aloe vera extract and vitamin E. The effect of a «floating head» is promised.

Biodegradable razors HAWARD D211-wheat straw

In addition to classic safety razors, the HAWARD store sells many disposable razors for medical purposes and tattoo parlors. First time I saw this.

But I was most interested in biodegradable looms made from wheat straw. Sold in large packs of 50 and 100 pieces. I think it’s a good thing not to pollute the environment. In places with a large concentration of men, it is easier to dispose of waste. Or, for example, a tourist, after the razor has become dull, may not carry it, but throw it away with a clear conscience.

Razor Gillette Fusion 5 Proglide

And finally, the most popular and at the same time the most controversial lot. Nearly 10,000 orders. The description states that this is the original Gillette, but only much cheaper than usual. But, judging by the reviews, this is a fake. Moreover, if all the reviews were negative, I would not mention this lot. But for some reason, many people like this pal. And among them, not all “have not yet unpacked, but I recommend the product.” Some people really enjoy using these razors.

By and large, Ali does not have high-quality Chinese multi-blade razors. But on the other hand, razors made in other countries are sold. Prices, most often, are not the most favorable, but on the other hand, sales and distribution of coupons often take place on this site. And in this case, it turns out to make a bargain.


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