You always want to have every tool in its place on the desktop, in the workshop or garage. Of course, you can make wire hooks yourself, use old tin cans and plastic boxes, but ready-made options look much more attractive. I have assembled storage systems for a medium to large household tool.

RELIFE RL-001D tabletop tool holder made of stainless steel

Durable and large workplace organizer for true professionals. This item will last for many years. Dimensions 290 x 170 x 95 mm. Weight 555 g. Assembled on 6 steel stands with rubber feet. Holes of different sizes and shapes contribute to the optimal arrangement of tools. The lot has 100% positive feedback.

Plastic desktop tool holder

If you don’t have a lot of desk space and don’t need a large and heavy stand, here’s a popular inexpensive plastic organizer. Designed for a large number of oblong objects such as screwdrivers, scissors, pens, tweezers, etc. There are 4 different options in the lot.

Rack for tools needed when repairing mobile phones

In front of the holes for placing small screwdrivers and tweezers. Behind three axles for coils with solder, double-sided tape and sealant. Bottom drawer for small items. However, no one forbids using the stand for other needs. Place any other small tools, up to stationery or sewing supplies. Dimensions 197 x 170 x 160 mm. Weight 410 g.

Tool Organizer Shelf

Can be hung on the wall or placed on racks or an empty box. Made from plastic. In the middle are three niches for small things. Around the holes of different shapes and sizes, arranged in three rows. And on the front edge there are plastic hangers for suitable tools.

Universal shelf-organizer Knicknack 50081

I accidentally came across in a Russian store. It looks more interesting and costs less than the Chinese version. Made from polypropylene. Made in Russia. Quite large, dimensions 605 x 150 x 84 mm. There are more holes than in Chinese, therefore, the tool will fit more. Looks really strong.

Rack with containers for storing tools

There are many options in the lot with different sizes of containers. Somewhere you can store just a hand tool. Other options are suitable for storing fasteners and accessories. The racks have different sizes: from 26 to 52 cm. Everything is made of thick, high-quality plastic.

Toohr plastic hanging rack

Many have seen similar racks in American films when the action takes place in a garage. And also similar trading equipment is used in hardware stores. It consists of a panel with holes, where various hooks and containers are randomly mounted. In this lot, everything is budget — made of plastic. Judging by the advertising photos, it is quite durable.

toohr steel rack

There are already panels made of steel sheet with holes. The size of the panels is 45 by 45 cm. The hooks and containers in the kit are again plastic. So, perhaps this option is not much more reliable than the previous one. Among the options there is a metal hanger mounted separately and steel clamps for containers.

toohr plastic hanging rack — complete set

If you do not have experience in completing such panels, then you will not have to rack your brains. Everything is thought out for you. The panels are again plastic, and again it is promised that they are especially durable.

Size 54 by 48 cm. The kit includes a lot of hanging containers. There are hangers for wrenches, screwdrivers, files and other tools. There are 43 parts in total.

Hanging rack Black & Decker BDST73832-8 43 — complete set

And finally, a branded stand from Turkey. The set is similar to the previous one: the set includes two panels measuring 59 by 42 and a bunch of hanging containers are attached to them, as well as hangers for wrenches, screwdrivers and drills. There are hooks for heavy hand tools.

Thus, on AliExpress you can always find things that will help you clean up your house, garage or workshop. Desktop organizers cost absolutely sane money. And the price of large and heavy goods may include the cost of delivery from China, so sometimes they are cheaper in local stores. If they are there.


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