Many people are interested in the question: is it possible to revive a computer if it starts to work too slowly? Answer: Yes, you can by installing additional RAM. RAM modules differ in frequency, interface, timing and other indicators. The Aliexpress website offers many options for this category of goods, well, for my part, I have prepared an appropriate selection for you to make it easier for you to make a choice in favor of the most suitable model. By the way, now (November 25-29) there are good discounts on AliExpress, so at the end of the article I indicated a couple of promotional codes.

1.KingSton HyperX DDR4

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In the first place of our selection is an advanced level device from a well-known manufacturer. The number of contacts is 288 pin. Capacity 4GB, 8GB, 16GB. With the help of the module, the performance of your computer will increase several times. Voltage indicator — 1.2 V. Frequency — 3200 MHz.

2. Asgard Loki w2 RGB RAM

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The following model has a radiator that provides additional cooling to the equipment. If your computer starts to slow down during games, I advise you to try installing Asgard RAM. Before buying, be sure to check if the motherboard and processor support XMP, otherwise it is possible that there may be problems with the computer. Frequency — 3200 MHz. Holds the stated frequency. MSI motherboard. Timing — SL 16. Voltage indicator — 1.35 V.

3.Zenfast DDR4 RAM

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On the page with this model, the seller offers to choose the most suitable amount of memory — by the way, the choice of options is impressive. Frequency — 2666 MHz. Voltage indicator — 1.2 V. Timing — 16-16-16-39. Interface — 288 contacts. Chipset — Samsung, Micron, Hynix. Volume — 4; 8; 16; 32 GB. Supplied in branded retail packaging. Please note that the module does not support X99 motherboard.

4. CORSAIR Vengeance LPX

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The next model of RAM in the selection boasts a unique heat dissipation system that protects the microcircuits from overheating to the maximum. Timing — 16-16-18-36. Interface — 288 contacts. Frequency — 3200 MHz. Capacity — 16 GB. As a rule, no problems arise in the process of increasing productivity. However, the seller draws the attention of buyers to the fact that when you first install the RAM and boot into the BIOS of your system, the RAM can operate at a speed of 2133-2400 MHz.


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Fifth place in our mini-rating is occupied by the RAM module, which also deserves attention. It is important that the product has passed the mandatory certification. In terms of external characteristics, the board is practically no different from other models. Voltage — 1.2 V. Interface — 288 pins. Frequency — 2666 MHz. Timing — 19-19-19-43. As for the volume, there are options for 8 and 16 GB, respectively. According to the assurances of the seller, the goods are thoroughly checked before shipment.

6. JAZER memoria ram ddr4

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Thanks to the device that took the next place in our selection, problems related to the performance of your computer will be solved. Microchip loads that occur during games or during the operation of powerful programs are minimized. Voltage indicator — 1.2 V. Frequency — 3000 MHz. Interface — 288 contacts. Capacity — 8; 16 GB.


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Despite the rather budgetary cost, this model has good technical characteristics. There is a built-in radiator. The bandwidth of the device is 17000-21300 Mb / s. Frequency — 2400-2666 MHz. Interface — 288 contacts. Timing — 17-17-17-39. The voltage indicator is 1.2 V. I will add a few words about the external characteristics of the model. Even if your system unit is transparent, it will not affect its appearance in any way, since the design of the module is made in black.


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Well, the design of the next model in the selection is very different in comparison with the options presented to your attention earlier. It’s all about unique lighting. It consists of no more, no less, but 60% of the bar. You can use one of several backlight modes. The voltage indicator is 1.35 V. The cooling system is also provided by the manufacturer. Metal radiator. Interface — 288 contacts. The frequency varies from 3000 to 3600 MHz.

9.KingSpec DDR4-PC

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In the penultimate place of our mini-rating is a model from a brand little known in our country, but this does not mean that it does not deserve attention. Quality and reliability of products at the proper level. With the help of KingSpec RAM, your computer, without exaggeration, will gain a second wind. Frequency — 2666-3000 MHz. Voltage indicator — 1.2 V. Interface — 288 contacts. Unfortunately, the device does not have a cooling system. Capacity — 4; 8; 16 GB. Timing — 15-15-15-35.


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Let’s move on to the last RAM model in today’s selection with a built-in cooling radiator. The material from which the module is made is aluminum alloy. RGB lighting gives the bar a special aesthetic. Frequency — 2666 MHz. Interface — 288 contacts. Voltage — 1.2 V. Timing — 19-19-19-43. Capacity 4; 16 GB. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for this device.

For today, this is all I wanted to talk about RAM modules. I hope you managed to make the right choice in favor of the most suitable option, and now you have no questions left about this. Share the selection with friends and acquaintances, if the material presented by me turned out to be useful to you, perhaps they will find something important for themselves in these articles. Also in my profile you can see my other posts.

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