The right tool, as always, can greatly facilitate and speed up the implementation of certain tasks. To work with electronics and similar devices, it would be nice to have a special set of screwdrivers with a large number of interchangeable bits in your arsenal. It is these sets of screwdrivers that are collected in this collection. It should also be noted that some of the sets below have additional special tools for carefully opening cases of various electronics.

Kindlov 112 in 1

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This set from Kindlov has an excellent value for money, and it should also be noted that it is richly packaged. In addition to interchangeable bits, the set includes a special tool for delicately opening cases of various electronics. It should also be noted that the set includes tweezers, a vacuum suction cup and a special extension for interchangeable bits. The entire set is conveniently placed in a special plastic case. When ordering, you can choose the color of the tool, and you can also order delivery from a local warehouse located in the Russian Federation.

Pipes 63 in 1

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The following set contains 62 replacement bits and one very handy and thoughtful screwdriver. At its core, this set is an extended copy of the set from Xiaomi. All bits are placed in a special case in a retractable segment. Each bit is securely fixed in place with a magnet, it should also be noted that for convenience, each bit has the appropriate marking. The weight of the complete set with a case is 310 grams.

Kingsdun 62 in 1

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The following set can greatly facilitate the work, thanks to the presence of a special electric screwdriver. Also included are a number of interchangeable bits, tweezers, special plastic and metal blades. If desired, you can purchase a set without a special transport case, this option is much cheaper. As for the electric screwdriver itself, then, on a single charge, it is capable of unscrewing or tightening about 300 screws. It should also be noted that the electric drive of the screwdriver provides a torque of 0.25-0.35 Nm.

Moonbiffy 25 in 1

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What follows is one of the most inexpensive sets on this list. This set of screwdrivers from Moonbiffy contains 25 interchangeable bits that are fixed on a special holder in a fabric cover. The case is quite convenient, which allows you to literally carry the set in any pocket. As for the screwdriver itself, it is small in size, the handle is equipped with a special rotating tip, which is designed to facilitate work with frequent rotation. The bits in the screwdriver are securely fixed with a neodymium magnet.

Set 31 in 1

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This is followed by another inexpensive set, which includes 31 bits. I have been using this set for over 5 years now. Of course, the quality of steel bits leaves much to be desired, however, if the bits are used for their intended purpose, they will definitely last a long time. Of the minuses of the set, it is worth noting the relatively ill-conceived case. If you drop the set, then all the bits scatter, it is also inconvenient that each individual bit does not have its own seat, and over time, all the bits in the case lie mixed up. Despite all the cons, I liked the set. It has excellent value for money.


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This is followed by a very stylish set from Greenery. I really liked the design of the case, and the bit placement system in it. Each bit locks securely into place and the bits have clear and visible tip markings. When ordering, you can choose one of three options that differ from each other in bit tips. It is worth choosing the bits with which you work most often. It is also worth noting that the package includes a special metal spatula for opening various cases and tweezers with narrow paws.

Jakemy 145 in 1

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And then follows one of my favorite sets, which I have had my eye on for a relatively long time. It should be noted right away that this set has the largest set of interchangeable bits in this list. Also included is a vacuum suction cup and plastic spatulas that will serve to carefully open various electronics cases. In addition, there is a special extension for bits, which will help you out more than once during the operation of the set. It should also be noted that the case has a special closed cell in which you can store various screws or small parts. All this can be purchased at a very reasonable price.

HTM 128 in 1

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This is followed by a set from HTM, which has 128 changeable bits. The bits are placed in a special, I would even say, in a unique case. Each bit is fixed in the case with a magnet, and the set also includes tweezers and special plastic and metal spatulas. When you unfold the case, all the bits and other accessories of the set are literally at your fingertips, which is very convenient when changing bits frequently. If desired, the set can be ordered both from China and the Russian Federation.

Junefor 180/25 in 1

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This is another set with a very rich bundle. It is equipped with bits in the amount of 180 pieces, as well as all kinds of tools for the delicate opening of cases of various electronics in the amount of 25 pieces. All this comes in a convenient fabric case, where each element of the set is located in its place. The kit contains almost everything you need to work with electronics, it should also be noted that there is a special strap for removing static electricity from hands. In the description on the product page you can get complete information about the complete set of the set.

Kindlov 140 in 1

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And this collection closes with another set in a fabric case. In fact, this is a simplified version of the higher set, respectively, it is a little cheaper. It should also be noted that this set can be ordered with fast delivery from a local warehouse from the Russian Federation. Traditionally, this set contains special spatulas and other tools for delicately opening electronics cases. It is worth highlighting the presence of a special brush for cleaning electronics from dust and other contaminants. In general, this is an excellent set, balanced in terms of equipment, quality and price.

Perhaps that’s all. Thank you for reading this collection to the end. I also recommend visiting my blog sitethere you will find even more interesting publications on various topics.


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